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Just call me Professor IANA.


Giga got some new non-transforming plastic crack today.

The Face of Boe is in the House of Love!!!

The Face of Boe has arrived!

And the 10th Doctor, Dalek Sec, and Cyberman 3-Pack has arrived!

The Doctor, Dalek Sec, and a Cyberman

Czechvar? I barely know her!

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Ummm... Czechvar doesn't taste like shit!

So I've moved on to a Czechvar, a slightly more bitter beer than I'm used to but a thousand times better than that Miller swill I just had.

If you like a bitter lager I recommend this Czech lager.

If you are cleaning and packing up your plastic crack, I highly recommend the Czechvar with Tiny Bradshaw conducting in the background.

More eBay bad craziness.


And speaking of eBay, I have no idea what is being smoked out of the pipes by the people bidding on this Botcon 2005 FlameUp figure.

With 2 hours to go it is at $379.85!

I'm sorry but I didn't even pay that for Botcon Antagony, and she's a helluva lot cooler, larger, and rarer, than one of 3 Energon Arcee repaints from that year.

Hell... FlameUp isn't even the rarer Attendee Flame War!

Bad craziness there.

Botcon 2007 Springer (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Huffer (Botcon Exclusive)

I've got one Botcon 2007 Springer/Huffer set still available for $80 + whatever shipping is via USPS.

The last set and an Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf just went out the door to Maldroth, and DL and McBeardo should have gotten their crack already.

Email me by Friday if you want it or else it is off to the eBay.

Miller Chill - awful nasty

I can't recall the reason Giga decided to pick-up a six pack of this but all I have to say is this is an awful beer.

I'm assuming that this is Miller's attempt to cash in on people who normally enjoy Corona and Dos Equis, which are my two beers of choice during the hot summer Cowtown months.

This domestic "mexican style" beer, however, is one awful beer.

Go out, buy a case of Corona, cut up a shitload of limes, and spent the evening with friends while you all sit around bad mouthing Miller Chill and how shitastic it is.

The best I can offer you after trying this beer?

The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever


Cracked.com's The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

Some highlights?

#4 Computron

Five unpredictable, badass robots combine to form Computron, whose motto is, we shit you not, “Thorough data analysis is essential for the synthesis of successful strategy.” Right off the bat, we're disappointed in a Transformer who has a motto that isn't “I'm a giant robot who fucking loves fighting other giant robots.”

#2 Perceptor

Perceptor was designed with the sole purpose of going into battle and hanging out with Soundwave to figure out which one was more useless and outdated.

#1 Repugnus

It's still not really clear what Repugnus turns into. Some scholars claim that his secondary form is a metal crab, while still others maintain that he is just a “Monsterbot.” A third school of thought, however, suggests that Repugnus transforms from robot to “Fucking Pointless” in record time.

The Simpsons does embiggen us all.

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So a clip of decent length has popped up on YouTube of Transformers: Animated and I think I finally feel like I've seen enough to truly comment on the aesthetics of the animation model.

I mentioned before that I'm all for this new interlude of crack design. It doesn't hurt one bit that TFs should be returned to the 6-12 year-old audience and that little clip is a fine example of what that demographic will grow up considering the cartoons of their youth.

The 70s and 80s era of TV animation is long gone and some fanboys are just gonna have to live with that.

Anyway, the only thing I find unnerving, and that just goes against my personal view of what makes Prime Prime is the mouth.

I guess I'm just a face plate guy when it comes to any TF that attempts to be a G1-inspired Optimus Prime, as both this one and the movie Prime do.

The mouth just looks awkward to me.

But in 10-15 years, if this thing of ours is still trudging on as a brand, there will be people who look at old toys and say "Why doesn't Prime have a mouth?" in the same way that there are groups of guys that say "Huh? Prime as a gorilla?!?!".

At least the latter one is easier to explain.

Well... as long and you don't try to bring a lion or mastadon into it.

When you do that you need to make sure you have a case of Corona and a shitload of limes cut and several hours to waste.

So I was going through the referrer logs this morning and came across some traffic from a site where someone has posted a review of The Crack.

Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog. The guy also likes to talk about the Dr. Who robots and other science fiction TV shows, but for the most part is on topic with the transformers toys. Goes to all the Botcons and other transformers trading events, too. How do you know he's legit? Will be able to legitimately explain why some of the G1 toys sucked ass. A lot of information on the toys here that's not found anywhere else either. Mostly I stare at pictures he took of the rarer and more valuable transformers he got, and you will too.
I think what totally caused me to start laughing was just the line "Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog."

Some day I'll go into how much I love the power of the English definite article "the".

Though I'm not sure when I've ever legitimately explained why G1 toys suck ass.

In my opinion, so many of them, especially the post-Diaclone remakes, suck so much self-expanatory ass that I don't need to even mention them. Yet people love 'em!

Thanks plsburydoughboy. Glad you like the photos too.

And in other stats-related news, a lot of people are hotlinking my pics even though my htaccess redirects these to a a lolcat.

Don't these people look at the final result???

I think I may have to go back to redirecting to the explicit pr0n images to see if that stops it.

Custom painted Scorponok


Originally uploaded by pairadocs
Someday, when I've finally got a new house and can find some time to waste on skills development I'd really like to just learn to do basic repainting.

Sure I've got all these custom kitbashes in my head but we all know those'll never see the light of day.

But with Hasbro's rather lackluster paint decos striving for realism in the movie line, some fans, like pairadocs here, just do a little bit of repainting and make some of these figures really desirable.

It is like Revlimit doing minor work on some of the Classics and making them look a thousand times more detailed than the final Hasbro release.

The simple things are sometimes far more effective, and impressive, than say kitbashes and true custom figures.

Someday.... I'll learns me some shit.

The Pulse sent me this. I had forgotten how funny SNL was in the past. This has got to be one of their best commercials ever.

I randomly clicked on a few others and came across one for actions figures from the film Philadephia that's great too.

I was even more surprised at the surprise appearance by G1 G2 Starscream!

So TFormers has a gallery out there of that Menasor repaint of Titanium Rodimus Prime.

I think The B's got me one in San Diego.

It is funny that I'll have one of these that I really didn't want all that badly and yet I've never seen the G1 Ultra Magnus Titanium anywhere.

That kind of disappeared into nothingness. I don't even know if it appeared on the shelves here in Cowtown.

Actually, come to think of it, I have still yet to see that damn Legends of Cybertron Menasor repaint of Optimus Prime either.

Anyway, look at gallery, it becomes pretty apparent to me that the Rodimus Prime mold just doesn't work for anything but Rodimus.

Leaving off the flames might have helped but I don't it would have helped much.

It just looks like a black Rodimus Prime. If this was Takara I'd say it was some kind of Lucky Draw attire.

Perhaps they should have made the character Dark Rodimus or something. You could have written a character bio that works a bit better.

Oh well. I still think he looks nice.

Alas, he looks like just a dark Rodimus Prime.

Photo Review: Botcon 2006 Buzzsaw

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Botcon 2006 Buzzsaw

Galaxy Force EZ Starscream (Telemag Exclusive)

Galaxy Force EZ Master Megatron (Telemag Exclusive)

Galaxy Force EZ Convoy (Telemag Exclusive)

So way way back decades ago I realized that my plastic fetish was really too boring to the people who frequented my personal blog, naladahc.com.

I've actually been a blogger from before the term "blog" was coined. I used to type up html journal entries as early as 1995 on a host an ex set up for me. Creepy to think I've had a website or sites in some form for 12 years now. Creepier to even think I used to spend hours wasting the nights away learning to compile IRC clients on UNIX back in 1990 and wasting the time on what would become EFNet and the now long gone Cleveland FreeNet.

Where was I going with this? I'm meandering.


Yeah. I was putz'n around waiting for a meeting to start today and realized that Plasticcrack.net's 3rd birthday as separate entity from naladahc.com recently passed.

I had been writing about my addiction and collection as early as 2001 or so but it was July 12, 2004 that I toyed with the idea of splitting off the TF shit on its own so as to not bore Kelmeister, Max Power, Chuck, and the rest.

Originally I was thinking of more of a place where people could buy, sell, and trade amongst each other without all the crazy eBay prices and shit.

While I'd used the term "plastic crack" for my toys for what seems like forever, originally the new site was going to be called "Rough Trades" since it would be for older toys, no doubt in less than mint collection.

Well... I killed that really quick when I realized that while I thought the play on words was funny, it would more than likely turn up as pr0n due to the fact that rough trade is also a slang term in the homo world for blue-collar guys looking for sex or something. Funny in an absurd way that I normally would like but definitely not what I needed to be confused with. There was a brief period where I thought about atticoflove.com but that could change of course if I was to move, though the "of love" moniker has been in use for every place I've or many of my friends have lived since 1989 at the original House of Love. (Note: Yes. A shitload of sex went on there back in our early college days!)

So I went with the addiction-themed route instead and Plasticcrack.net was born as a separate entity from naladahc.com, along with a few other topic blogs that will remain nameless, though I'm fairly certain one of you may have commented at the one in the past.

I originally had to get the .net because the .com was being cybersquatted on. When it became free I picked that up as well, along with the always important to remember theyrejustfuckingtoys.com.

Thanks to all of my loser geek brethen who waste time here commenting and such.

Not really being able to tolerate message boards, you all are pretty much my connection to the geekness these days. (Though since the GRC I've shockingly been posting every now and then over at the Collectors' Club board of all places. No doubt because it is small and for the most part I can remember people's names and personalities easily.)

Oh. And a shout out to all you lurkers too! I see you in my stats so I know you are all there.

Anyway, happy belated birthday Plastic Crack. I how I utterly hate you some days.

F you HasbroToyShop


So every damn thing I wanted at SDCC is now on sale online at Hasbro!

All the stress and f'n trauma I but my friends through in San Diego to get this shit and I didn't even have to.

And what's worse, the cryptic prior message I got didn't even tell me if they scored everything on the list or not so I can't even buy crap online because they may have already bought it!!!


R.I.P. Camera. Plastic 52 (10/52)

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R.I.P. Camera. Plastic 52 (10/52)
Originally uploaded by ELTMAN
Eltman's camera broke and he took this with his cell camera.

It would really have been funny if the pallbearers had been Spectro, Spyglass, Viewfinder, Spy Shot 6, and Zoom Out 25X.

And you know what's missing from our collective Transformer collections???

We so need a Transformer hearse!

Car Robotos 2001 Osaka Toysland Exclusive Autobot Brothers

Photo Review: Botcon 2005 Ironhide


Botcon 2005 Ironhide

Photo Review: Botcon 2005 Richochet


Botcon 2005 Richochet

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Dreadwing


Botcon 2007 Dreadwing

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Dirge

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Botcon 2007 Dirge

Photo Review: Botcon 2006 Dinobot

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Botcon 2006 Dinobot

Photo Review: Botcon 2006 Rattrap

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Botcon 2006 Rattrap

Photo Review: Botcon 2006 Rhinox


Botcon 2006 Rhinox

Botcon 2006 Optimus Primal

Photo Review: Botcon 2005 Ratchet


Botcon 2005 Ratchet

This shit has to be cleaned up today!


I have to have this totally cleaned up by end of day today.

OK. I've got to get the south part of the Attic of Love Disaster cleaned up today.

The last large size G1 guys need to be packed up, all of my computer area needs to be cleaned and wiped down, all old bills and shit need to be sorted and pitched, and the weird shelf I bought from Juice's sister needs to be taken out to the trash for disposal.

I don't care if my back is killing me.

I'm not going to get messed up on painkillers to do this.

I'm going to become one with the pain.

I'm going to pwn the pain!

And when the pain has passed, only I, and a clean attic, will remain!

Little Cat, Big Cat.

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"Little Cat, Big Cat"

Damn! I really love these guys!

Photo Review: Botcon 2006 Cheetor

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Botcon 2006 Cheetor

So I'm laying here in the Bed of Love™ on a Sunday morning watching the idiot box and flipped on Strange Days from 1995.

Yea. I know. Twelve years late to watch this.

Anyway, Angela Bassett is just awesome in this! Amazingly awesome.

I always thought she was hot and strong, but in this flick she is is hot and strong and intense!

She's like 49 now but man... I'm not usually the MILF type but oh la la!

Giga walks in and says "She'd make a great Mercy" and he's totally dead on right.

Mercy Graves
is Lex Luthor's personal bodyguard in Superman: The Animated Series and when done right, she's a fantastic strong female character, both strong and sexy and totally in control.

I'm watching this movie now and thinking how great the gods-awful Superman Returns could have been if they had used the modern comics and animated series as source material instead of the tired old Richard Donner 70s shit.

Finally! I get to see pics!


So Hasbro wouldn't let pictures be taken at the TF-centric Botcon panel last month but there's all kinds of pics coming out of the TF panel at SDCC?

That's some bullshit there oh crack dealers 'o Rhode Island! I'm tempted to declare shenanigans!

Thanks to TFormers there I can finally see some of the stuff that I missed because I was stuck in line trying to ship my toys.

The Transformers: Animated toys are going to be awesome fun. I'm totally loving reading the fanboys out there whining and bitching about this whole new series.

Yup! Hasbro totally hates you and purposefully create this new line and show just to piss you all off!

TF:A Bumblebee is awesome!

I'm hoping that this is Power Glide.

Oh. And Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker?

Damn! Fill up my syringe there baby. Daddy needs another hit of that love!

OK. I'm late for a party.

Hello Kitty Humiliation System

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Now starting at a lowly $99,100.


So remember that woman trying to sell off those Transformers for $1,000,000?

Well I got this email, supposedly from her today, telling me auction is back up.

Apparently, it was yanked by eBay because of Megatron and the stupid "needs the orange tip" stuff.

Anyway, it is now starting a mere lowly $99,100.

I don't think she's ever going to sell this thing as a whole collection. I don't care if half of it goes to charity or whatever.

They are just toys.

And although some of you may get all hot and bothered by them and your panties will get all moist and bunched up... at the end of the day they are just toys.

Botcon 2006 Attendee Exclusive Tigatron

I finally freed last year's Botcon attendee exclusive Unit 2, the pre-Beast Wars form of Tigatron out of his bag.

Now I own a shit load of Transformers. I've owned, seen, or fondled some of the most beautiful pieces of plastic crack to some of ugliest pieces of shit ever made by Takara or Hasbro.

And all I have to say is I'm extremely sorry that it took me almost a year to open him up.

Unit 2 here has got to be one of the finest repaint/retools of a Transformer that I've ever had the privilege of owning.

Fun Pubs managed to take a tiny Cybertron basic mold and imbue it with such beauty.

Transformers Collectors' Club Landquake

Transformers Collectors' Club Skyfall

Rev's custom Breakdown


Breakdown progress
Originally uploaded by revlimit
I was happy to see Rev posted some progress shots of his custom Alternator Breakdwown.

I kind of of wish Takara had finished their plans on these guys.

If I recall right BT-16 was supposed to be Wildrider.

Alas, the line when to Binaltech Asterisk and then morphed into Vagina Players.

I may been to buy some people's custom Alts just to keep that part of the collection interesting.

Needed more Kodos.

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The Simpsons Movie was great!

I even won a donut in Studio 35's trivia contest before the film started.

And after 20 years, we now know the state that Springfield is in!!!

Geeking with Chuck


So Chuck posted some photos from San Diego and I'm blatantly hotlinking to them and posting them here, even though they are too wide for my template!

Here's Chuck getting David Prowse's autograph in front of the Hasbro booth when he should be flexing those lawyer's build cobras and beating down all those bitches to buy me con toys all while screaming at the top of his lungs "Nala needs a new Hot Rod!!!". :-)

Proof that there is at least one thing in the universe that has been repainted and sold more times than the G2 Spychangers.

What's crazy? I would totally buy this Carmen Mirandarth, put it on a pedestal with a diffused spotlight shing down on it, and put it in its own room.

That is some f'd up shit there but I find I'm strangely drawn to it.

Things definitely aren't sounding that good from SDCC on the Mister and Missus B front either.

Hey. We're both already exhausted, but it's been good so far. WAY too many people this year. Thursday is usually kind of a calm day, but we could hardly walk on the exhibit hall today. We got everything but the Hasbro stuff as far as exclusives go. Long story, but Hasbro has been an unbelievably frustrating clusterfuck. I finally fought to get a ticket just to get in line this afternoon, but the ticket isn't good until tomorrow. Mattel stuff got got today, though. I got all the rest of my stuff (except Hasbro stuff, naturally) on preview night, so from here on I just get to enjoy the con panels.
Now I have zero first hand experience with any of this but it doesn't seem like Hasbro improves from year to year.

HasbroToyShop continues to offer more con exclusive shit but don't seem to possess the organization or infrastructure to do this kind of event.

My hopes of getting stuff are pretty much dashed now.

I prepaid with the B's even for my requests and others.


Steee-rike One!

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Well, one strike for crack acquisition at SDCC. Chuck emailed...

The line for their exclusives is out of control and by reservation only. Since we weren't there to get a number, we can't get in line. Hope someone else can do better for you.
Here's hoping Mister and Missus B score.

1. Collect underpants.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am sick of this rain. Please make it stop.

And while your at it, please let whatever diminutive and industrious folk myth creatures that happen to be free come to the House of Love and finish packing and cleaning. That "For Sale" sign just isn't hitting the front yard fast enough. (Note: I'm not partial to the ethnicity of said folk myth creatures. Pixies. Gnomes. Judoon. Whatever will do.)

Raiders of The Lost Attic of Love


G4 has a 2-hour live show from the San Diego Comic Con going on.

They have a live bit with Spielberg and everybody in the new Indiana Jones film, including Shia LaBeouf,

The thing that truly is awesome though... Karen Allen is in it reprising her role of Marion from Raiders of The Lost Ark !!! That confirms my initial thoughts that she's Shia's characters mother and since the film takes place in the 50s, he was most likely conceived around the time of Raiders.

Neil Gaiman was just on too.

The thing I hate about the G4 coverage though is the idiot hosts they get. These 2 were on last year and I swear so much of the info they spout during their attempts to be "hip" and "cool" is so incorrect it makes me want to scream.

Anyway, Simpsons Movie starts tomorrow.

Plasticcrack.com salutes TFU.info!


I was very glad to see that TFU.info, one of the most worthwhile practical TF sites in existence, got updated today.

I'm assuming that Ant who runs the site is the same Ant that hoop mentioned last week and who has commented here a couple of times.

Well all I want to say is thanks!

TFU.info has proven to be one of the most valuable resources in existence for me and if people don't thank you then they should. In loads!

I may have almost 2000 roboplasticos (I'm stealing this from Crazy Steve) but I'm a geek that doesn't have time or to memorize stuff like this or that missile and so forth.

TFU.info has saved me countless hours when it came to assembling the right stuff with the right bot.

No doubt, due to the shitastic job I've done of just putting loose figures in this or that box, I'll have to resort to TFU.info in the future after I've purchased the House of Love IV to display the collection again.

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Thrust


Botcon 2007 Thrust

Botcon 2007 Thundercracker

The Attic be'n cleaned up!

So I got almost 4 hours in on the attic today. It is looking better than it did on July 6.

I've given up on trying to throw shit out since all that's doing is slowing me down.

I've just decided to just pack everything up in boxes and that'll be the way it has to be, future buys be damned!

Theoretically, since the attic has no main heating or cooling it can't be considered a livable room in the house.

I've always made due with electric heaters and a window AC unit but the fact it can't count towards livable space may actually be a rationale why "there's boxes stored up here".

And of course, in those boxes, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of transforming robots!

Ok. Gotsta go shower. It was just hot enough up here today and I was moving enough shit to end up smelling like sweaty balls. And nobody... except maybe your own personal ball washer... wants to smell like sweaty balls!

Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway

Prime looks like Captain America...




I want these special edition Transformers Bearbricks.

I don't normally go for these types of things, or minimates, etc. but since these are likely the only ones I might as well get them.

I actually like the Megatron one.

Of course, years from now when someone is selling this on the net they'll take a pic of him while they are undressed and the world will see all their business reflected in his shiny chromey goodness.

I love when you see inappropriate stuff reflected in eBay pics and such.

Don't get me started on amateur web cam pics/video either. I love looking into people's private lives to see that pic of grandma on the wall staring down at them while they look at pr0n online.

Yay Homo sapiens sapiens!

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) (alt mode)

Talk about your pain in the ass figures to find.

But I've acquired him, and that completes the standard and chase Takara Super Spychangers!

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) is the 1976th Transformer that I've acquired.

Rubber ducky, you're the one...


Rubber ducky, you're the one...
Originally uploaded by revlimit
This is just...



So I'm on my way back to from from the daily lunch time poop'n of The Hoont and I managed to see some of the most awesome locals in the wild.

In less than 2 minutes I saw a strange apparently flamingly gay early 20s black gay man with a paper crown on his head prancing down Hudson St., a 300+ pound woman consuming an entire bucket of KFC while waiting on the bus near Dodridge, and a guy that looked suspiciously like Randy "Macho Man" Savage having an argument with someone on a pay phone.

The thing is, this kind of shit is totally normal for when I visit the Tenderloin and all but I never see this much local action in 2 minutes here in Clintonville!

T'aint Transformers, t'aint Who


There's just something inherently awesome in a Doctor Who novel titled The Taint!

Sure I had envisioned using Taint as a name for a custom Micromaster some day but of course, it isn't a perfect world. His partner was Scranus too.

My proxies in San Diego...


Ok. I Paypal'd my monies to Mister and Missus B in San Diego.

Here's hoping they can come through for me on Alternator Rodimus, Titanium Menasor, and the My Little Pony Exclusive!

And I've also got feelers out to Chuck too so if all 3 score there may be extra toys to disperse!

You know something?

I'd say that about 70% of you who comment here have IP addresses that spamhaus.org has on various blacklists due to spamming activity.

Those comments get shunted into the junk mail folder and I have to manually approve them, even though they don't contain links or the usual spamtastic keywords.

Just though you'd like to know.

Where's Joanna Lumley's Doctor!?!?!



I came across this over at Walking Through Destiny's Garden today.

You've got all of the 10 real Doctors and then the 3 on the left from non-canon stuff such as The Curse of Fatal Death, The Scream of the Shalka, and the 2 Dr. Who movies from the early 60s.

The artist, Lee Sullivan, has done some TF shit too.

Behold! The Master Sword!


Stampy basks in the awesomness of the Master Sword

I broke down today and opened my God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword Giftset to take out the Master Sword.

I mean, there's swords and all and then there's the incredibly insane awesomeness that is the God Master Sword!!!

Making its only reappearance since Transformers Headmasters, the Master Sword is summoned by God Fire Convoy in the last moments of Car Robots/Robots In Disguise to defeat Devil Gigatron/Galvatron.

Car Robots Super God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword GiftsetTakara only released it in the special translucent Toys R Us Japan giftset and they even retooled the original Fortress Maximus Master Sword so that it has a long handle that allows more normal bots to wield it.

Of course, Stampy has a problem holding it up.

Then again, the sword is also about 7 times his height!!!

So I went out on the great internets and started reading recent commenter El Wang's blog and was immediately impressed with his most recent post about collecting.

Of course, my own personal bipolar love-hate mentality with collecting is well known but I've never put the whole "collecting thing" into such a great focused post like he did.

Collecting--being a "collector" (so much stigma in that word...)--it's not a hobby. It's a passion--sometimes, a curse. Yes, we know that that piece of plastic, molded in some other fashion, would not command nearly the price it does in its current form. We acknowledge that the price is entirely unreasonable. You know what?

We're gonna buy it anyway.

Sometimes, we'll even buy it twice!
The simple truth is that--in terms of the commercial aspect of it--we've moved beyond the need to justify it to ourselves. Collecting is often human desire at its most basic--see, want, have. We understand that the price, that the waste of money, is unreasonable. We've addressed that issue. If it is unreasonable, we simply do not reason.

We will complain, as well. We will buy things we hate, just because they are necessary for completion. We will bitch about them endlessly, we will curse their makers for shoddy product, and we will eat it up just the same. We have mastered an ability few can--we channel fanaticism, we bring it to bear in a controlled, focused manner. We simply, all else aside, will complete that goal which we've set for ourselves.

You will mock us at times, you will insult us, and we will not respond. Why? Not because we think we are above you, and not to avoid conflict, but because every time you belittle our hobby, our curse, we secretly agree with you. We will not admit it, not even to ourselves, and so we will say nothing, we will ignore your distractions. We have focus to envy the most talented athletes.

His post truly a thing of beauty. Read it.

Holy crap? 1000?

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Wow! I happened to look at the TF Flickr group where I usually post my shots to and this pic of Mirage is the 1000th image I submitted to that group.

Now as of this evening I've posted 4,361 pics to my Flickr account so what's really creepy is that more than 1/4 have gone to the TF group and I can't even begin to imagine the TF shots I didn't post there since I try to avoid similar setups. Then again, most of my stuff is purely for documentation purposes of The Crack and all look like mediocre product shots.

I noticed that Ramen Junkie's next in line at 505!

Bad f'n craziness is all I gotta say.

Now I gotta go back to cleaning the attic.

Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf


Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf (alt mode)

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Huffer


Botcon 2007 Huffer (alt mode close-up)

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Springer


Botcon 2007 Springer (face close-up)

More crap.

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So far this week I received another 2 spammings to get me talk about shitty unlicensed cheaply made TF t-shirts and today I received a new one to whore TF ringtones.

Oh internets... the shit people will do to make a buck.

I finally got to have amaebi!


So Marcie decided that since I didn't celebrate my birthday last March with the usual group sushi-gang bang at Haiku that we'd go out for sushi.

We went to Sushiko up in the northern part of Cowtown and it was fantastic! Definitely a place we'll go again. Not even remotely as pretentious as Haiku and the sushi was much better.

With over a decade of sushi consumption to my credit, I finally broke down and got a piece of the amaebi that I've wanted to try for ages. It is fantastic!!!

Is it worth $4.95 per shrimp? No.

But it is worth trying at least once if you have never had it? Definitely!

Oh. And what does this have to do with plastic crack?

Well since I was up in parts of town that I don't frequent I made her go to the Target up there to look for fugly movie Arcee.

I so gots to have that hideously beautiful thing!

He make robots purty.


So the other day Giga was looking at custom toys and found Jin Saotome's custom/kitbash TFs and I was literally blown away at the guy's simple alterations in color or decor that make or break a figure.

What' he's done to the lackluster movie figures is nothing short of miraculous.

And... a ton of them are up on eBay as I type.

Alas, he totally pwned me on this custom Jazz, which was going to be a possible thing I did for Botcon 2008 if I got my shit together.

OK. It should be obvious to readers of the Crack that I'm not one of those, as the kids call 'em, diehard "Geewunners".

Sure, my plastic fetish started with The Cousin's G1 Shockwave and has pretty much continued unabated for the past 23 years, but on the whole, the so-called Generation One era takes up only a fraction of this. I suppose those people who feel they have to include Diaclone and Microchange in there can extend that original 7 year period but I feel that's pushing it.

Anyway, while I do need to get my hands on one of the new Transformers Identification Guides, there's a serious lack of anybody really doing anything about Beast Machines to the present.

It is always G1 this or G1 that and then following mildy by Beast Wars.

No doubt this is partially due to the expanse of time but 20+ year old toys, while they can be fun, aren't the end all and be all of this geekdom.

Maybe when time permits, the House of Love III is sold and the House of Love IV is fully occupied it may have some merit for me to use the opportunity to have to pull out all the toys from Car Robots to the present and do consistent proper (and unique) photography, documenting the shit and maybe putting it all in a Wiki off of this site.

Hell, I'd love to even acquire the IP of tfu.info and use that as a starting point as a comphrehensive site about TF toy data!

Now I know you are saying "Nala... what the hell is this shit that's spewing out of your mouth fingers?" and you'd probably be right.

But if I need to pull the damn toys out of the bins and boxes, and I need to clean all the dust off anyway, why not waste hours of my life scanning in the instructions (if not available via Hasbro), doing technical documentation photos as well as my typical ones that I'm known for (when I care enough to light properly).

I don't know.

I guess knowing that I am so far behind on my database makes the data collector in me want to not only get that data accurate, but take it to 11 if I can.

Then again, I probably should just leave the figures in the bins and boxes and sell the shit on eBay by the pound, stop wasting valuable creative time blogging about gay robots, and focus my life on things that matter!

Such is the love-hate relationship I have with my lame ass plastic fetish.



I am 100% positive it is shit like this and general eBay scalpers that explains why certain mass market retails never seem to have exclusive toys on their shelves. Most recently Alternators Rumble and Ravage.

I hope Wal-Mart puts it online.

I... am the CHAMPion...


So I found out today that I passed the test.

I now can add Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional along with my other various degrees, certifications, pieces of paper with titles on them, etc.

Oh. And I was reading the fine print on the framed certification and apparently this now gives me the right to walk into your house and take any Transformers that I want to add to my own collection no questions asked.

Do you know anyone with a Black God Magnus?

I'm willing to give this a shot even though it is on NBC which means it may not survive a whole season.


Are any of you even remotely old enough to remember the original?

The best part about the show?

So I get George Takei this week on Stern and next week the Iron Shiek will be in to play Anal Ring Toss against Artie, who is current title holder as Lord of the Anal Rings.

Have I told you lately I love Sirius?


So I saw that Legion Clubhouse acquired what appears to be a sneak peak teaser from season 2 of Legion of Super-Heroes.

Looks like they are throwing a ton of old Legion-esque things into it, going so far as to age the characters as well by a few years.

Lightning Lad now sports a stereotypical "bad ass goatee" and apparently has been working out his upper body.

Superboyman gets a strange make over but I'm assuming the image is showing the future clone that is very much a nod to the Kon-El Superboy.

The only thing I can say I'm not thrilled about is the mention of Imperiex, a one-shot incredibly lame-ass excuse for a massice DC Comics crossover series called "Our Worlds At War". Then again, they just may be using the name.

I suppose the best part of the teaser is pretty simple: Reep Daggle, Chameleon Boy!

Here's hoping we get a classic origina Reep but who knows!

The Doctor's new Assistant?

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Unbeknowst to the Doctor, after the episode "Birthday of the Daleks", Dalek Sec secretly does an emergency temporal shift and accidentally crossed The Void into one of the Transformers universes.

Alas, the Matrix seemed to be a little stronger than Dalekenium and Sec was not able to exterminate much of anything.

Evolution of Prime


Evolution of Prime
Originally uploaded by ELTMAN
Eltman did a great job on this one.

So. Remember that silly $1,000,000 G1 toy ebay auction?

I can't tell based on the history if it was legitimately purchased or not. That person listed has to have been a joke. I mean, the last item they purchased was tanning lotion.

It just can't have been real bid but they aren't listed on the declined page.

Bad craziness.

If he can be a target, I may even be a target too!

He wants to steal my Black Fire Convoy. I know it.

He who possesses Black Fire Convoy possesses ultimate power!

I think he's after my Kielbasa King title too!

I am almost an embarrasment to myself.


I saw this on Hoop's site yesterday and I just have to post it all over because it is the shit.

http://view.break.com/323537 - Watch more free videos

I can't state it better than Hoop... "All of us just collectively got served."

Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway


Transformers Collectrors Club Breakaway

This guy arrived today.

Like his brothers, he'll stay in the bag until I get them all or decide to sell them off.

I wonder if Evebird has dumped his already. I don't think they ever stay in his possession for longer then 48 hours.

Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway is the 1975th Transformer that I've acquired.

I wish 1975 had been a bit more exciting.

Hell's Kitchen: And then there were 5


Well kids it is Tuesday.

And that means we're down to 5 people on Satan's favorite cooking show Hell's Kitchen.

Last week Fran Dresher Melissa was kicked off evening everything up to 3 guys and 3 gals.

The challenge was actually kind of cool. The red team (XXs) and the blue team (XYs) had to use left over items to come up with something unique in 30 minutes. The guys came up with all kinds of crazy shit but the girls, after wasting 20 minutes arguing about it, ended up with some of the most mundane shit they possible could have done.

I think this is the first time the guys actually won a challenge which resulted in them going to a paint ball place to shot at Ramsay. What's funny is that Ramsay totally kicked all three of their asses in paintball. I just don't get that.

The night's service focused on each team having to come up with their own menus. Bonnie tried to dominate the girl's menu, ignoring Julia's request to do a good steak because "steak is a restaurant cop-out".

When presenting the menus, Ramsay asked Julia what she contributed and she said nothing. When asked what she'd put on the menu, she mentioned the steak and Ramsay, much to Bonnie's chagrin, said change the menu to include the steak!

Brad totally dominated the guy's menu and while it seemed to be ok, once service started it took a long time for diners to be interested in it.

The highlight of the evening?

Julia totally owning the night when the steak became the most ordered and most popular item available. It didn't hurt that not a single one was ever returned.

As usual, Josh f'd up a ton of lamb and Ramsay went off on his ass all night.

Surprisingly, even though the chicks couldn't communicate or cooperate, they managed to get out all tickets. Same with the guys.

Ramsay acknowledged my favorite Julia, the Waffle House cook, for suggesting the steak and pretty much applauded her.

During elimination, it got hot and heavy with Brad thinly attacking Rock who surprisingly, and very openly, called him out on it.

Brad got the shaft though.

I so want Rock to be kicked off. He annoys the shit out of me.

Maybe next week.

I want it to come down to Julia versus Jen at the final.

A Waffle House cook and a pastry chef would a helluva lot better than executive chefs and crap.

In other news, I'm renaming my band The Trembling Glue-Sniffing Teenagers. Our first single will hopefully be up on iTunes sometime next month.

Ferris Bueller's Day off is indeed a film to take to heart.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this when I was 16.

Finally... no more repeats!

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George is back!

I love when George is back on the show!

Life is good.

So I wasn't going to respond to a comment from this morning but after talking to the legal team they felt that I should clearly address the issues brought up.

Commenter Jhiaxus took offense at my comments regarding my acquisition of the recent Target exclusive blue repaint of the Energon Arcee mold.

I will attempt to address his concerns on a case by case basis.

Why would I want to get ridf of a bunch of toys I Like, and who are you to tell me to do so. ...What gives you the right? Who died and made you the final word?

After I left grad school in the 90s, I was legally contracted with Kenner to a position called Critic Unbiased by New Toys. In this role I reviewed each and every Kenner product and was heavily involved in the Star Wars brand.

I, and several others, replaced Mrs. Anita Vida after she passed away.

My contract was continued when Kenner was acquired and I renegotiated this contract in 1996 to be the Critic Unbiased by New Transformers. This was actually a welcome change since I didn't have to move with the Cincinnati team to Rhode Island and I also did not have to review product across the entire company line. I was asked to focus purely on the Transformers brand then in what is now called the Beast era.

Are you even REMOTELY aware how much it cost me to get The Botcon bikes and Paradron? And Im to throw it all away?
Yes. All Transformer fans are required to throw away all toys deemed unworthy by a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers. This is why we are considered unbiased by the professional toy associations. Our reviews are based on incredible amounts of user information and demographic analysis that we keep on all past and current toys.

I imagine you paid pretty much the going rate for those figures at the time of purchase.

If you would look at the End User License on your Transformers that is included with every purchase, you will see you are required to properly dispose of your Transformers based on our opinions.

Due to the possible use of lead and heavy metals, as well as barium and plastics in all children's toys, it is recommended with due diligence on your part, that you seek a professional toxic recycler. Please do not dispose of these toys in your regular city or county refuse.

I liked every version used of this mold. Including Arcee. I don't care if its been done seven time. (Eight counting Elita-1) I dont see how this is irony in any way.
Irony threatens authoritative models of discourse and there will be absolutely none of that here at Plasticcrack.com or our affiliated sites. It was clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions you were instructed to read prior to posting your comment.
This is actually the second use of the mold domestically. Overpriced Botcon exclusives with remolded and foreign releases are beside the point. This is only the second official time rank and file domestic consumers have had access to this splendid little mold.
As a consumer, it was clearly within your rights of acquisition to pursue and purchase any form of said Transformer toy be they an original import release or a domestic release at whatever price you felt was adequate.

This site, as well as our affiliated sites, is not aimed, as you put it, at the "rank and file domestic consumer" but at the elite of the collectible robot toy collectors. The acquisition of children's toys should only be performed by trained professionals. This should never be tried at home and especially by amateurs. Toy collecting is a dangerous and often brutal hobby best left to a select group of properly trained professionals.

Yes the Target Arcee IS a great repaint and I use it as Chromia.
The figure is clearly labeled Arcee. Any attempt on your part to use it as Chromia is clearly a violation of the trust that Hasbro places in you. If the figure is labeled Arcee then it is clearly not Chromia. Any attempt to portray said figure as a G1 Sunbow-only appearing character is clearly illegal.
But what Authority gives you the right to proclaim some very nice repaints trash
As I clearly stated earlier, My primary sovereignty in this matter comes from my contract with Kenner and then this was then absorbed into Hasbro.

Also, in 1987, I was voted Kielbasa King of the Toledo Ohio Polish Village festival. This elevation to royal status brought with it certain inalienable rights and privileges that can be applied at any time.

These sovereign rights, as well as my contractual obligations as a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers, give me the authority to make proclamations in favor of a given toy at any given moment in time. These rights are not to be questioned and doing so requires breaking the End User License and agreement that went into affect when a toy was purchased.

But I wouldnt say bestest. Its equally as good as anything before, but nowhere near to the extent where I would have to discard my collection.
I am using my power as a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers and with the authority vested in me as Kielbasa King 1987 to declare your collection void and I am revoking your right to purchase any Transformers (domestic or import), any licensed or unlicensed Transformers product, GoBots, and any other form of transformable toy.
By the way, Arcee there is NOT associated with Sector Seven. There is no S7 symbol on her anywhere. Her bio states no involvement with anyone but Autobots. It is merely sold alongside Sector Seven characters.
Your previous statement that you are using this figure illegally as Chromia in your now invalidated collection contradicts what her bio says. This is a clear and obvious breach of faith that was placed in you when you purchased this toy and it is obvious that you yourself are not aware of this important toy's role in the greater scheme of the Transformers brand.

As stated previously, I hereby revoke your acquisition rights and invalidate any previous purchases you may have made.

Please place your invalid toys in their original packaging and send them to our corporate offices.


Robot Heroes Optimus Prime (with matrix)

This is a nice sculpt.

I just wish he'd come with something other than the Transformers lamest bad guy.

Robot Heroes Optimus Prime (with matrix) is the 1974th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Unicron


Robot Heroes Unicron

He's like doing a creepy Burger King sneaking pose.

Robot Heroes Unicron is the 1973rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium Movie Optimus Prime (vehicle)

This is a sharp little Prime in vehicle mode.

It is probably the best of the Titanium movie 3-pack.

3" Titanium Movie Optimus Prime (vehicle) is the 1972nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium Movie Protoform Optimus Prime

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Titanium Movie Protoform Optimus Prime

Quite frankly I like this Protoform Optimus a hell of a lot better then the earth-mode one.

His detail is sharp and while he really doesn't look like an OP I think he works better in this form.

3" Titanium Movie Protoform Optimus Prime is the 1971st Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium Movie Optimus Prime

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Titanium Movie Optimus Prime

3" Titanium Movie Optimus Primeis the 1970th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Swindle


Transformers Movie Swindle

He doesn't appear in the movie but is a drone from the video game.

I love his car mode a lot.

Transformers Movie Swindle is the 1968th Transformer that I've acquired.


Transformers Movie Ratchet


Transformers Movie Ratchet (alt mode)

I kind of regret buying him at full price.

I've deviated from my policy of buying the larger-sized movie figures at full retail and I feel dirty.

I'm really looking forward to the G1 homage repaint. It'll be so much nicer.

Transformers Movie Ratchet is the 1967th Transformer that I've acquired.

So the collection is pretty much packed up with only the Botcon shit and the recent little guys needing to be binned up.

The biggest concern I have is the fact that all the real life important work I've done the past 18 months meant that the crack became a very low priority. (And that's the way it should be.)

But... I'm realizing that if I hadn't split this site off of my other site and done the stupid "minimum 1 picture per figure" I would have absolutely no f'n idea what the hell I own.

My spreadsheet stops somewhere around Cybertron Breakdown GTS back in August of 2006.

That was when I hit 1665. I'm at 1966 now so there are really about 300 figures that I only know I bought because of this damn blog and my photo,

Hopefully, when I buy the House of Love IV I'll have some geek time to pull each figure out, document what I want to pitch, and do the proper data collection I stopped doing last year.

An accurate data repository is the life blood of everything including stupid toy collections. My inner anthropologist screams at me to resolve this data gap but the practical side of me has pretty much won out.

When I have time I'm going to continue working on the database architecture of a toy asset management system that I've envisioned. I'll be building the first version in OpenOffice Base and it'll be pretty TF-centric. That'll solve my immediate need.

I'm then hoping to try to actually collaborate with Giga on a web-based/SQL-driven toy asset management product that other people can use to track their shit. Who knows, it might even become a reality.

There's gotta be a lot of the Geekae out there that need a solid but simple tool to track their wastes of money.

Plus, I have absolutely no intention of buying a new house that requires the back breaking repair work that I've done on this one.

I'll need a project of some kind to keep me busy.

Picking up Hoont poop doesn't cut it.

On the Wii...

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The Internet's Most Pointless Website... on the Wii

So I was over Kelmeister's house today. She and the husband recently got a Wii and were showing off the features of having it WiFi connected and sure enough, the Wii web browser does a top notch job of displaying The Internet's Most Pointless Website™.

While a Wii would only be a novelty here since we aren't gamers I can definitely say it is a pretty cool gaming system.

It is just fun.

I can't say I've seen fun games on the other systems.

Sector 7 Skyblast (secret energon weapon activated)

This iteration of Skyblast is everything I could ever want in a Transformer.

Sector 7 Skyblast


Sector 7 Skyblast (close-up)

There comes a time in a man's geek life when he sees his cracky hopes and dreams are shattered into a thousand fragments.

This is not one of those times.

I cannot convey to you all the intense joy I had in finally finding this new iteration of Skyblast. It helps that I was heading my way out of Chicago when I found him too so I had the time to appreciate the awesomeness that he is.

Sector 7 Skyblast is the 1966th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Jazz

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Robot Heroes Jazz

Robot Heroes Jazz is the 1965th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Thundercracker

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Robot Heroes Thundercracker

Robot Heroes Thundercracker is the 1964th Transformer that I've acquired.

The Birthday Party of the Daleks


Picked this up from Hoop's site.

This is brilliant!




So I'm sitting here in O'Hare bored look'n at Flicker (like ya do) and I came across some old shit that I had taken at toy shows past.

I had totally forgot about some of this.

You remember Ken, closeted boyfriend of Barbie right?

Did you know that in the 60's he had a "buddy" named Allan?

Ken's "boyfriend" Allen

It even says all of Ken's clothes fit him.

Er... yeah... OK.

Chicago - Terminal G


So another 2 1/2 hours before I board.

So I remain bored.

My batteries in the camera are dead. I can't seem to find what I did with my extras. Hopefully I didn't leave them in the hotel room.

I feel like total shit.

All I did since Tuesday night was either sit on my ass in class, lay in bed watching awful television while pointlessly telling you all, or eating.

And not eating healthy either.

I swear I had Cold Stone Creamery like 4 times.

That is so totally dairy crack that it isn't funny.

Thankfully we have none near us in Cowtown.

All I want to do is go home, rub down the Hoont and The Ziggy, and crawl into bed for the night.

Tomorrow I have to get back to work on the attic.

Since I haven't seen Giga on AIM at all this past few nights I'm hoping he made a dent on the first floor so I can wrap up some painting and focus on the attic.

I gotta call the realtor this weekend too.

Chicago - Crack whore Score!

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So I finished up the test around 1:30. I have no idea how I did.

I know for certain that I did not answer 6 out of the 119. I could of made up some shit but I really reached a point where I just didn't care.

You only need to get 85 correct and I think I at least did that out of the ones I answered.

So I had time to kill before heading to the 'port and went to Subway and then figured I'd walk through Target again.

Chicago - And thus it starts...

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And thus I am shutting down the digital crack, going to take a pee, and will be taking this 2 hour certification test.

I have no idea if I can possibly pass this thing.

Chicago - Can I just go home now?


Ugh! 12 hours left in Chicago.

I so want to go home.

I'm sick of reading this material and trying to cram study for a certification test that I really don't care that much about.

I'm far more concerned about the information I've received and the contacts I've made.

That's where the success of this trip really shines.

What sucks is that some of the people want to take the test early to get the hell out of here.

That means I could be sitting in O'Hare for hours and hours since my flight doesn't leave until after 6pm.

In other news, the... and I use this term lightly... "restaurant" here in the hotel is just the king of mediocrity. I ate dinner there last night and I totally regret not going to Chipotle again.

While trying to read my material and eat I had to listen to this military recruiter guy feed all kinds of bullshit to three 18-year olds.

Now I have absolutely nothing against the military but you all should know by now how much I hate marketing and marketing tactics. Hearing marketing platitudes spouted anywhere just drives me to want to skewer the manipulator.

This recruiter was obviously chosen because of his age and appearance but what was just awful about it was the way he was putting things into a skewed perspective, going so far as to use hip-hop slang and more or less was telling them that if they signed up the odds of them going to the Middle East were practically nil.

Such bullshit.

Troop deployment and soldiers being sent back to Iraq again and again after their tours are up has been so f'd up in this clusterfuck invasion that even these 3 kids have to know that this recruiter is spouting some major shit.

From the reports I've read, most of the branches have major issues with enlisting new soldiers and the Army is the branch that has been hit worse.

It was pretty sad that he had to resort to basically saying "you won't go to the Middle East if you enlist" when anybody should know that once you sign your life to the military you will go where they tell you when they tell you!

There was a brief time when I considered a career in the military but I would have likely been kicked out. It is virtually impossible for me to blindly follow any authority that has not earned my respect and that doesn't quite fit into the military way of doing things.

Oh well. I just wish people wouldn't lie or tell skewed possibilities to sell something, regardless of what they are trying to sell.

So I came back from the training session earlier and apparently the housekeeping staff cleaned the room.

Chicago - The housekeeper totally arranged my shit.

I was kind of shocked at the level of organization that the housekeeper did to my bathroom shit.

When I walked into the bathroom everything was all organized. I was actually rather shocked since I really didn't expect her to arrange such things in this perfect order nor did I ever think to put away such funny things as the tube of Preparation H.

Oh. A word of warning to you all.

When going to brush your teeth at 5am, make sure the lights are bright enough and you don't confuse your travel toothpaste with a tube of Preparation H.

You will not happy.

Just call me Asset McStudyHisAssoff


So my 2nd day of training has come to an end and I've sat through enough about initiating asset life cycles, leasing/purchasing strategies, and disposal management. I'm beat.

What really sucks is the chairs in these meeting rooms are some of the most Grade-D level chairs I've ever sat my fat ass in. Damn my back is killing me and the naproxen doesn't do shit.

So I've got to read and try to retain this 109 page course book so I can somehow pass the certification test tomorrow.

Joy. I don't know how they expect anyone to pass these kinds of test with 16 hours of conversational babbling and a basic quick reading of a guide.

Insane bad craziness!

What sucks is that it'll be my last night in this king-size Sleep Number Comfort bed. I've kinda grown accustom to it.

I was thinking though.

Loser that I am, I need to start thinking about the awesome lameness that will be the 2000th Transformer that I purchase.

It is only 37 figures away! Hell... that's a decent Micromaster score or even the missing minicons I need.

So... I open this conversation to you all.

What do you think the 2000th figure should be?

The Second Annual MySpace Haircut Awards are great!

I think may favorite may just be the response to Jay there.

Jay's hair is so unbelievably stupid, even the world of comic books could offer nothing close to the abomination occuring on his head. But if he did have a super hero alter-ego, we assume its origins would involve Boy George mating with a Magic Coral Garden.


And would somebody please take a firehose to those people that hang outside the NBC Today Show windows trying to get on camera! It would really be appreciated.

"Fan buzz: Flesh out those 'bots"


There's a filler article in today's USA Today about the Transformers film and the lack of characterization of the actual Transformers themselves.

"I would totally love to see more robot interaction. Most of those characters don't get any development time at all," says Yzquierdo, who has seen the film six times. "With a sequel, they have the opportunity to develop more with the Transformer characters and push that as far as it can go."

Producers say they understand.

"The honest answer is if we're lucky enough to make another one, we would push to get more underneath the skin of these guys," says di Bonaventura, though he believes the humans were important to draw in those not familiar with the robot mythology.

One guy ready for more action is Optimus Prime himself, voiced by Peter Cullen. "(Producer) Don Murphy mentioned to me, 'Only because of the tremendous expense to animate Optimus Prime, he'll be in just a certain amount of things.' But he said, 'Next time, if the movie is a success, you're gonna be in it a ton.' "

Producer Tom DeSanto says some special-effects techniques developed for the film can be used in a sequel.

"It's not like we need to go out and have that expense again of 'How does Optimus Prime transform?' with 10,000 moving parts," he says. "So in the future that expense doesn't have to be prohibitive."

Di Bonaventura cautions, however: "We always think that, and then find out it's not true. These things are always going to be very expensive, and we'll always want them to do more."

It still blows my mind that di Bonaventure still trots out that "humans were important" line.

Just f'n come about and state the truth man!

It is far cheaper to shoot live action than it is to create the effects shots.

I totally understand that.

Most fans probably understand that too.

The whole thing about humans and such just insults the fans that have kept this goddamn brand alive for 2 decades.

Ok. I gotta go rant on my other blogs now.

Yes. I'm bored at the moment.

I just realized something.


The area has been developed a lot in the past 3 years but I'm fairly certain that OTFCC 2004 was held somewhere within the vicinity. This strip mall with the Target and all was definitely a recent addition.

Two other things I realized?

There's a lot of total shit on television such as The Next Best Thing.

And Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream + Fresh Bananas does not suck.

Chicago - The hotel is in line with a runway.

So around 5pm O'Hare must open a different runway.

All of a sudden at that time jets start flying over the hotel to land.

It is really trippy.

On the whole, the Radisson is pretty well insulated against sound.

I'd go so far as to say it probably was designed to be quieter because of the airport.

We need more of these!


2007_07_11_daiatlus.jpgTakaraTomy Wonder Festival Dai Atlus!!!

I would be perfectly happy if Japan would just keep producing non-transforming articulated versions of a ton of G1 characters.

I'd so buy a Victory Saber, Road Caesar, Star Convoy, and any other later G1 characters they'd make.

The size is just perfect to fill up shelf space and they are so much easier to deal with than actual mainline Transformers.

You know you can't survive without a super-articulated Grandus!

That is, if such a thing could actually exist.

Stuff. With drawings and text.


Since those of you who comment here are pretty much the only TF geeks I communicate with I'm curious about something.

Am I unusual in the fact that I just don't give a shit about TF comics?

Do any of you read them?

Chicago - We call it Sir-Loin-A-Lot

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I'm not apologizing but if you read this site you'll have to deal with these pointless Chicago posts.

Outside of the conference and training classes I'm attending I literally have absolutely nothing to do but watch TV or blog.

Not having easy transportation is a problem but there's no way I can get reimbursed for renting a vehicle since it has nothing to do with the point of my being here.

The IAITAM CHAMP training class I'm here for is really fantastic and I've already got a list of things I want to explore with my company when I get back to Cowtown.

The instructor is blunt and to the point and really makes me realize that I can do a lot more in this new job.

Hopefully some of what I learn can be applied in Cowtown and go over well.

I suppose since the place had "dog" in the name I should have ordered hot dogs.

Surprisingly I wasn't in a dog mood so I went with a gyro, fries, and a small greek salad at Gold Coast Dogs and I have a feeling I'll be paying for it for the next for days.

This has been one of the single worst meals I think I've ever eaten in my life.

That was one of the greasiest and blandest gyros I've ever had with the greasiest fries and the lamest greek salad ever.

Just awful.

It is just sitting there in my gut and I honestly think I'll be ill later today as I try to digest this mess.


I think I'm done with food until maybe lunch or dinner tomorrow.

In less than a day here I've already eaten more crap than I would normally ever eat at home.

I wish I had a small refrigerator here. At least I could actually buy some basic groceries at Target.

Chicago Trip - Yay! I found a Target!So this being the Midwest, I figured there had to be a strip mall around here so after looking at the lackluster menu, I ventured out and just on the other side of an 8 lane highway I found a Target, a Chipotle, and IHOP, and a ton of other small restaurants!

Alas, Target did not have the 2 sets of Robot Heroes I needed or the Sector 7 Skyblast but I did get Beef Jerky and soda so life's all good.

All I've got is my laptop and television to keep me company tonight.

Wow. I didn't notice it before but Uriah Faber has a body reminiscent of The Cousin when he was still wrestling. Damn.

Of course The Cousin didn't do MMA but I can imagine this'd be his body if he did. It is like The Cousin x 2.

Bad craziness.

I don't know why I'm posting this shit here but I arrived in Chicago in a horrible thunderstorm with plenty of lightning.

The Radisson is kinda of a meh hotel as far as hotels go with long creepy corridors. And of course, I'm in a room way far from the lobby.

But the bed?

Oh the bed!!!

Radisson Chicago O'Hare - This is a bed!!!

King sized for my pleasure!

One of the things I'm looking for in the future House of Love IV is a master bedroom truly big enough for a king bed with plenty of space.

At least my home for the next 4 days and 3 nights has a massive bed.

I'm wondering how many people have gang banged in it?

I need to go find me a 6 pack of Corona.

Well... that. Or a gang bang.

Now that's a purty Primal!


Derrick Wyatt, an animator and illustrator whose blog I lurk on occasionally, seems to be working on the new Transformers: Animated series.

At least that's what I assume his last post refers to.

But what's really interesting is some drawings he just posted from way back when and his Beast Machines Optimus Primal is insanely the bomb!!!

I would love to see Beast Machines done in 2-D animation if he did the designs!

Oh. And there's these early 20-somethings in the seats across from me talking Transformers. That damn f'n movie now means I can't go anywhere without hearing TF talk.

These guys aren't geeks though. I'm assuming they go to Otterbein based on their shirts. And man oh man they are talking such shit.

Goddamn sumbitch cats!


While I was in Boston and Rhode Island one of the goddamn cats decided to use my gym bag as a fucking litter box!!!

I went to go pack my shoes and stuff up so I could run in Chicago and everything is ruined!

The gym clothes and my gloves totally smell like cat piss.

My shoes totally smell like cat piss!

My MP3 player totally smells like cat piss!!!

The clothes are in the laundry and I'll imagine they'll clean up but the shoes are probably a lost cause.


Goddamn sumbitch cats!

Is K-9 bigger on the inside?

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Crack for the masses.

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Well I sent out all the emails with the prices of the toys and such.

I based the priorities as best as possible on the emails and blog comments you all posted.

Please don't be mad at me if you didn't get an email. There was only so much stuff I could get.

Next year if we go we'll do a Primus package for Giga and have twice as many chances to get extra stuff.

If I decide to sell my personal stuff I'll use the next names on the list too in case you are still looking for stuff.

Quote of the Day

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"The fewer toy robots you had as a kid, the fonder your half baked memories are of toy robots"

Courtesy of the battle hardened ruler of the Kingdom of Macrocrania.

BWNeo Break, Longrack, and Stampy (alt modes)

And the giraffe says to the penguin "Hey. You look pretty cool. Howsabout we transform?"

And the penquin replies "Sure!"

*insert transforming sound here*

Max Power sent me an email with this a link to "A Letter to Optimus Prime From His GEICO Auto Insurance Agent".

Mr. Prime, I am going to remind you again: Your policy with GEICO only reimburses you for accidents that occur while you are engaged in the reasonable use of your truck and trailer. As I told you when you originally purchased the policy, GEICO does not offer Megatron coverage, Starscream coverage, Soundwave coverage, Decepticon coverage, or Energon-blast coverage. Those are just not the types of damages we would expect from reasonable use.

To sum up, GEICO has been unable to reimburse you for any repairs, but due to the high number of accidents you have been a party to this month, combined with the many accidents you have had in the preceding five months, your premium has increased to $235,567.50 per month. While that may seem like a lot, I remind you that it is a savings of $137 over Progressive and $98 over State Farm.

You know your world is fuck'd up when your friends, such as Kelmeister and Max Power, who have absolutely no vested interest in transforming gay robots, start sending you links throughout the day to gay robot content.

Then again, perhaps they are just bored at work and love me.

She's an extraordinary girl.


Ok. So the crack. I have to leave for Chicago on business the remainder of the week but I believe the following is where it stands.

Please correct me if I'm wrong:

DL - (1) Spinger/Huffer 2-pack
Hoop - (1) Springer
McBeardo - (1) Spring/Huffer 2-pack
Maldroth (1) Spring/Huffer 2-pack and (1) Alpha/Trion/Weird Wolf 2-pack

Does anybody want the Huffer from the 2-pack that I'm breaking for Hoop?

Once I confirm who wants what I'll email you all the prices to see if you want them. Believe me. I'm not adding much. Just enough to cover what it cost to ship the stuff to Cowtown here + whatever it is to you address via USPS.

And then I read...

Oh Jesus fuck shitfucker man! I'm not grasping at anything, meanwhile it is clear that you have been grasping at your dick over the fucking transformers so long you are shooting dry and now messaging me about what fucking make believe robot I liked nearly a fucking quarter of a century ago.

You're the same god damned age as I am. It would be one thing if I were arguing with a 9 year old whose life is SUPPOSED to involve a fucking cartoon, but get some fucking perspective, man. I'm in Iraq dodging rocket propelled grenades while shooting people and you think I give a fuck about what robot YOU think is cool?



Hoop gets all the fun comments on his blog.

I think it must be a Livejournal thing.

What's funny is that I thought the same thing about Jazz picking a Pontiac as obsequity did.

But I just chalked it up to me making shit up in my head.

Vector Sigma...


Botcon 2007 Vector Sigma

Oh yes. I also now own a hollow yellow ball that has a stand.

Someday... I'll tell you the importance of this in Splintered.

Botcon 2007 Mirage (Botcon Attendee Exclusive)

If he had been done clear with just maybe translucent blue wheels and some minor translucent paint apps like the two chase Super Spychangers I would totally love him

But really, he's rather lame.

Botcon 2007 Mirage is the 1963rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Huffer

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Botcon 2007 Huffer (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Huffer is the 1962nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf


Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf (Botcon Exclusive)

I think he'll remain in the bag.


I love the colors and all but there's nothing to get me worked up about this one.

I'd rather have found the Galaxy Force Exclusive Dark Fang Wolf.

Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf is the 1960th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Dreadwing

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Botcon 2007 Dreadwing (Botcon Exclusive)

He gets a grade of A.

For boring as shit.

Botcon 2007 Dreadwing is the 1959th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Thrust


Botcon 2007 Thrust (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Thrust is the 1958th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Thundercracker


Botcon 2007 Thundercracker (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Thundercracker is the 1957th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Bugbite


Botcon 2007 Bugbite (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Bugbite is the 1955th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Dirge

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Botcon 2007 Dirge (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Dirge is the 1955th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Galaxy Force Megatron, Convoy, Starscream (Legends)

I only paid $10 for these and they are really rather cool!

When Takara does translucent they just know how to do it!

Takara Galaxy Force Legends Megatron, Convoy and Starscream are the 1952nd, 1953rd, and 1954th Transformers that I've acquired.

Car Robots Spychangers Giftset


Car Robots Spychangers Giftset

Yeah yeah yeah! I know. You're saying "What the fuck!?! More goddamn spychangers!?!?! You are sucka f'n loser!!!"

The Spychangers became sort of a niche for me and I've been trying to track down every single iteration of them.

Yes. It is lame. But then again how many years past 10 are you and you are reading this goddamn post!

When one has too many f'n toys one starts these stupid niche collections within the greater lamer collection!

This giftset has been a major pain in the ass to acquire. It is only the 5th I've seen and I've lost every ebay auction by less than $1 for the previous ones! Sniper bullshit!

The Car Robots Spychangers Giftset bots are the 1946th, 1947th, 1948th, 1949th, 1950th, and 1952st Transformers that I've acquired.

Micron Densetsu Speed Team Minicons


Micron Densetsu Speed Team Minicons

You can never have enough minicons.

Especially at $1 a pop!

Micron Densetsu Speed Team Minicons are the 1943rd, 1944th, and 1945th Transformers that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Neo Longrack


Beast Wars Neo Longrack (close-up)

If you've got Stampy and you have to have Break then you have to have Longrack!

Beast Wars Neo Longrack is the 1942nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Neo Break

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Beast Wars Neo Break

If you've got Stampy then you have to have Break!

Beast Wars Neo Break is the 1941st Transformer that I've acquired.

Car Robots Super Spychanger X-Car (Chase)

My god he and Ox (in chase form) have been a real pain in the ass to track down.

I still can't find a Counter Arrow chase figure!!!

Car Robots Super Spychanger X-Car (Chase) is the 1940th Transformer that I've acquired.

Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox (Chase)

Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox (Chase) is the 1939th Transformer that I've acquired.

Pepsi Optimus Prime


Hasbro Pepsi Optimus Prime

I bought him because he was being sold.

Pepsi Optimus Prime is the 1938th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Roots

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Botcon 2007 "Roots" (Botcon Exclusive)

Apparently after all this time they can't decide on Alpha Trion's minicon's name.

Since I loved the original Roots name in Galaxy Force I'm just gonna call it that.

Botcon 2007 Roots is the 1937th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion


Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion (Botcon Exclusive)

He really is love.

Anybody who disagrees has got to be a total wanker.

After 20+ years we finally got him!

Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion is the 1936th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Springer (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Springer is the 1935th Transformer that I've acquired.

I love you magic brown fairy man!

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The (plastic) crack fairy stopped by today...

While I was being all worky today the magic brown fairy stopped by with my stash!

Needs more snarf.

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Kelmeister sent me this.

For amateur geeking they went all out.

The beast opens its maw for IP...

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So DC Comics appears to be dipping its feet into the inevitable waters of online publishing.

While I only briefly interned at Marvel back in the late 80s, I can't say I know much about comics publishing in 2007.

However, I have been working in the publishing industry for over a decade and I can tell you that traditional comics as a mass-market periodical format is pretty much breathing the last breaths of its long and illustrious life. This is actually the state of most, if not all, mass market printed periodicals.

Their fate has been sealed for about 8 years now and the death throes of print publishing are wailing. I give comics, and most other traditional daily, weekly, and monthly printed publications 5-7 years before they truly have to transition themselves to new business models.

The 2 main comics powerhouses, Marvel and DC, are already doing it but not in the way you may think.

The continued production of their stable of characters is now really all about maintaining copyrights while they attempt to transform themselves into "media" companies. There's a reason why Marvel has so many comics properties in film development. Not to mention both companies deals with Hasbro and Mattel for toys and others for video games.

The traditional superhero comic that is 22 pages and comes out monthly is wounded beast that is slowly bleeding to death.

The thing is... Zudacomics.com seems less like a means to transform the business model than an easy way for Time Warner to try and acquire more intellectual property.

I'd be a bit scared about submitting material to this site based off the fact that more corporations, including the big comic companies, really don't give a shit about the creators and are far more concerned with maximizing their profits. This definitely doesn't have the scent of anything really positive for the creator except perhaps a paycheck.

But that's business. And a paycheck is better than no paycheck.

Traditional comics is a dying business with a mostly late 20s to 40 year old demographic.

The next 10 years will be so interesting to watch.

The 90s, with the awful glut of comics shit and loser "collectible" speculation, will definitely go down as the last decade where printed comics material had a significant impact.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

You know the worst thing about having Bay, Orci, and Kurtzman do a Transformers film with no real story and with the TFs basically co-starring in it?

Having to read fanboys on message boards creating missing story details or motivations where none actually exist in the story!

There is no relationship between Megatron and Starscream! They share less than 25 odd words between themselves and less than 15 seconds on actual time onscreen together!!!

I've actually read somebody explaining all kinds of shit about Barricade!

This is the bad craziness that happens in fanboys when you don't show the shit on screen!

We start making total shit up out of thin air!!!



Ever since this goddamn movie started I've been inundated with viral emails asking me to go to websites of unlicensed TF products or to just blog about shit to drive traffic to these websites.

What's amazingly funny is how most of these are essentially crafted vermin emails that offer me absolutely nothing but ask me to post about their crap and giving links that will be picked up by Google and Yahoo and such.

I've probably had about 15 emails so far this week.

While one marketing firm representing Radio Shack was probably the top of the list, the rest have all been unlicensed poorly drawn crappy tshirts sites trying to make a buck off of advertising or their rather low-quality products.

What's amazing is not a single email offered me any form of compensation.

Not a single dime or freebie.

At least when the marketing firm hawking the anniversary version of the original movie came a calling they gave me a free copy of the DVD to link to their ad.

This is 'Merica folks! Nothing is free. Everything has a price.

One of the longest and yet most observationally accurate blog posts on Doctor Who fandom I think I've ever read.

I'm guilty of a few of these responses. I think the majority of all kinds of geeks are.

What's really funny is that while I read it, I easily was switching out a word here or there and was ending up with a Transformers fandom post, or a Star Wars fandom post, or a *fill in the blank* fandom post.

That's what is really really sad.

The behavior of a fan of anything is pretty much predictable over time.

Very very sad.

But eh... whattaya gonna do?

Mostly packed.


So all of the loose crack is totally binned and ready to go to the storage unit. The larger loose figures such as the Maximii, Trypticon, Metroplex, etc. still need to find enclosure.

All the boxed and carded stuff is in an assortment of boxes I've gathered up over the past few weeks.

I think I'm coming in at 25 18gallon bins and approximately 25 boxes of crack.

After Giga gets new tires I may be able to get some of those bins to storage tomorrow.

Even with the AC on it is really getting hot up here.

I think I'll call it a day and start again tomorrow.

I'm going to be throwing out a lot of my late teen and college life tomorrow. Basically I'm now sorting items that have been in the attic closet for 4 years and obviously, if I never opened them, it can be thrown out.

I even found one of my OSU diplomas too. I have no idea where the other one is or any of my high school shit. I'm not too concerned about any of that though.

That's retarded there boy!

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I happened to be searching for some totally useless information in the depths of plasticcrack.com and I came across this post when I hit 800 figures back on November 11, 2004.

In less than three years I have doubled that amount of crack in the attic.

That's some really f'd up shit there.

And to think I didn't sell a single pint of plasma for any of them!

Sector 7 Clocker


Transformers Sector 7 Clocker

I totally love this color palette!!!

Of course, I was a fan of this tiny little mold from day one and purplish-blue and grey just happens to be the colors of a certain favorite fictional one-eyed overly logical total dick that I love.

In fact, I'm going so far as to rechristen this Clocker done up in Shockwave colors as... what else... Shocker!

Sector 7 Clocker is the 1934th Transformer that I've acquired.

Sector 7 Strongarm

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Transformers Sector 7 Strongarm (close-up)

He's not bad. His paint deco is much more suited to him than the previous Energon versions.

I suppose he most closely resembles the 2005 Botcon Exclusive Fallback repaint.

Sector 7 Strongarm is the 1933rd Transformer that I've acquired.

I just happened to look up recent search stats that resulted in this site.

137 transformers crack
64 crack transformers
62 transformers blog
42 sector 7 transformers
40 ultimate bumblebee
37 plastic crack
27 plasticcrack
24 transformers sector 7
19 transformers hentai
19 masterpiece megatron
14 plastic crack blog
12 transformers movie frenzy
10 huge black tits


That last one is what I get for having jokingly done this post back in October 2006.

Of course the top 2 make sense given that there's a new TF video game out and people no doubt don't want to pay to have to license it.

What's funny about that?

I am so not a gamer!!!

Bringing order to chaos.

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Tackling the Attic of Love:  A disaster

Like the Borg Queen my task tonight and tomorrow is to try to bring some form of order to chaos.

That order will pretty much consist of all the loose plastic crack placed into plastic bins and all of the boxed crack into the variety of boxes I've gathered over the weeks.

After 4 hours...

The marathon begins...

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OK. It is 4pm Friday.

To make up for the loss of 6 days of work on the house I'm going to start a marathon session in a few minutes that'll take me to Sunday.

The Attic must be packed up and cleaned!

The bathroom must be scrubbed and possibly... quite possibly... recaulked!

I'm losing 4 days next week to business in Chicago.


I need to add a bit more pudge...


Naladahc, Simpsons-styleThere's no setting on the Simpsons Avatar creator for slightly greying.

Actually, the Simpons Movie website is incredibly well designed.

Yes, it is a Flash site but that works with the fact it is an animated film and not against it like so much use of Flash.

I think I need to bring this into Photoshop and make my other adjustments.

The avatar creator didn't have a "slightly greying" setting nor did it have "aging and soft" as a body type.

Monday? Balls!


Well the con crack won't arrive until Monday the 9th.


Pssst...Mr Awesome...

Normally I would have just deleted your comment but since this is the 5th one like it this week I'll leave it for posterity. Plus, you totally had to go ahead and trigger my annoyance clit didn't you? Just had to rub it this morning didn't you?

I have almost 2000 fucking toys from Japan and the US and I've been into this geek ass shit for a long fucking time.

Do you think I don't know that Blackarachnia's Japanese name is Black Widow?!?!?

And while we're at it, Cheetor is known as Cheetas and Rattrap is known as Rattle. Tarantuala is Tarans and Ravage is X-9 Jaguar!

Dude! If you are going to waste time telling me I'm wrong about something at least bring your A-game! I'd have even settled for your C-game if you hadn't included the "nice try though" line.

Even the ambiguous references for Black Widow on Wikipedia would have provided you with the info you need.

Or if you wish to take your geek to 11, this will help you.


Professor Yana



I'm being a total dick today instead of overlooking the 5th factually incorrect comment like this that has been posted this week.

If I have mistakenly labeled something please reference your sources in your comment. I will accept MLA style references and citations and go so far as to accept the styles of the American Chemical Society and The Royal Society of Chemistry.

And while I may be a dick at this moment, I will gladly acknowledge my mistakes if factually incorrect so don't take it personally. When it comes down to it we all know they're just fucking toys.

The Doo Dah Parade

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Want to see the awesome lameness that is the Doo Dah?

Call me Simba, the Line King.

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Hey kids... there's me standing in my first line!

In fact, that was exactly a week ago this very minute (4:20)!

Maybe they'll post more pics of me standing in other lines!

Excitement! That's my middle name!

An Instrument of Non-Appearance?

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So if what I'm reading is in fact correct, that Ernie Peytrangelo guy never even showed up for Botcon.

When your 17th tier barely-tied-to-your-event guest doesn't even bother to show up then you know your already pretty lame guest list totally sucks.

How is it that these smaller cons, especially the Canadian ones, seem to always get multiple guests and voice actors but the official Botcon seems to get lackluster ones?

Now mind you, I still think last year's voice actors were fantastic since two of them were brand new for me to listen to.

And new voice actors that have never done the con circuit will always be A-list for me, regardless of which shows they worked on.

But when all is said and done I still think last year's con had a helluva lot more to offer than this year's con did.

And yes, I know having the movie showing and the Hasbro tour were great but those things are not likely to happen again so I've got to compare the cons to previous years.

Hell. Iaconone's guest list from last year was more impressive.

Oh well.

I really only go for the physical crack anyway.

Hey. Does anybody know if there will ever be an IaconTwo???



<Really lame advert/kids thing in the Dispatch

So with all the lame ass TF bruhaha around the country due to the movie the Columbus Dispatch obviously found it necessary to do a transforming paper airplane.

What caught my eye was their attempt to get around the licensed terms.

Transfats? Autobutts? Neocons?

All I can say is the expression of the stupid kid on the left is priceless!

This is the best "stupid" expression in the world!

I think I need to clean that up and use that as an icon somewhere.

Kelmeister sent me this link to a news report about that iPhone craziness.

The beauty of the report?

The chick who falls under my "Ebay Vermin/Whore" category getting totally pwned on camera!

I never thought I'd say this but thanks Apple and AT&T for the policy of only 1 phone per customer.

I can't say that I'm thrilled with the news that Catherine Tate will return as the Doctor's new companion in Series 4.

BBC reports...

She will join David Tennant for the complete 13-week run of the new series of Doctor Who, which is due to begin filming in Cardiff later this month.

Freema Agyeman, who played the Doctor's companion Martha Jones in the third series, will return mid-series.

Kylie Minogue will also be starring in this year's Christmas special.

Tate will be returning to her role as Donna, the runaway bride who found herself transported into the Tardis as she prepared for her wedding on Christmas Eve.

Agyeman, 28, is to play Martha Jones in three episodes of spin-off show Torchwood, which producers have said will "expand" her character.

Donna was a completely irritating character and hopefully they'll tone her down.

I don't see why Martha had to leave. If Davies would just get his over his hardon for the stupid ass "companion loves the Doctor" shit we'd all be much better off.

I can't say I'm thrilled at all.

At least Martha will appear in Torchwood, not that I have high hopes for series 2. Man that show was total shit.

It has been several days now and I have yet to receive a tracking number for the two boxes I shipped from the con.

There was a shitload of money in them boxes!


I need to go find the receipt at lunch and call them.

Well I wondered if it would happen and Transformers finally got enough negative reviews in to drop below 60% to make it "rotten" over at RottenTomatoes.com.

What's amazing is that most reviews I've gone through seem to be pretty black and white.

What is blowing my mind away is the 96% ranking for Ratatouille which I still need to see.

I've yet to see a Pixar film that I couldn't watch multiple times.

I've recently watched Cars again several times and I constantly see things that I missed previously. They just know how to craft every element of a film.

Evan Almighty has a 23%. It must be pretty bad.

The Doo Dah


2007 Doo Dah Parade - Columbus Ohio -

What a crappy holiday.

It was really overcast all morning and at least we made it through the Doo Dah Parade and most of the cook out before the torrential downpour began.

And man oh man did it rain.

Super mega bad craziness.

Anyway, Doo Dah was fun!

Nala's 2007 Doo Dah Flickr Gallery

My memory of what exactly triggered me to go into a 10 minute Doctor Who ramble while outside of the Westin Hotel Providence is a little fuzzy. I think Tom's presence probably started this.

However, with that said, here you go, Nala in all his now-pudgy glory:

Now it is a little long (almost 10 minutes) and long-winded as well. Not to mention totally pointless.

If you don't want to have Series 3 of Doctor Who spoiled for you then don't watch it.

If you want to see me in my Jack Daniels-fueled retarded geekiness and don't give a shit about Doctor Who then by all means enjoy.


I so need to get my shit back together after today!

Happy Independence Day!


Thanks to all of you who helped overthrow those invading aliens 11 years ago today.

I said it back in June and now the producer Sam Register has said it.

This show is for seven-year-old boys. There are a lot of rabid Transformer fans, and those same fans are on the crew and writing the show. But these Transformers are for seven year olds, for kids. My feeling is that if you're old enough to write a post on a Transformers message board, you're too old for this show. But that doesn't mean those fans won't like it. We got the same sort of reaction when we launched Teen Titans. People were very passionate in how they felt about it. The reality is, give the show a chance, but remember that you have sons and little brothers who are getting introduced to the Transformers for the first time, and this is the best way to do that.

Why is it that geekdom has such a problem with change?

I know there's a good research paper in there about the overall behavioral characteristics of geeks when it comes to their obsession. Change being one of those areas so hard for your typical Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers, *fill in the blank* geek to deal with.

I love the fact that the producer of a show can say "This show is for seven-year-old boys." and yet all of these 20 and 30-something fans will continue to feel cheated and deprived of some unspoken privilege that they feel they are entitled to.

Fuck it!

I'm gonna enjoy this shit like it's 1984! (Well... in my case... 1977!)

Sure the animation style doesn't appeal to my aging bitter and jaded 30-something expectations.

It isn't supposed to!

But man... that list of voice actors should make TF geekdom hard.

Yeah it is aimed at kids and that's what it should be!

We aren't entitled to anything here. The kids of today are! This new world of future geeking belongs to my neices and nephews!

So for all you haters out there I'm going to do something I rarely do. I'm going to demand that you take the blue pill on this one.

You need to see the big picture here. And that picture is a continuum of Transformer product from 1984 to beyond that you can get your Megatron club-shirted arms, hands, and fingers all over and suck it all up and love it!

Me? I'll be at the bar at Botcon 2008 drink'n Jack & Cokes and finger'n my TF Animated Shockwave figures!

My god geeks! I can feel the excitement building already!!!!

A Quickie Botcon 2007 Recap


The coffin lid can be closed on Botcon 2007 now with absolutely no indication of where 2008 will be held.

All in all, this was my 4th Botcon (if you include 2004's OTFCC) and this year it transfigured into something far healthier than in previous years.

2007 marks the year it went from being an excuse to go buy more useless robots to going to hang out with people I've met.

That small difference of it going from being a warped paraphilia to a social event completely changes the entire function of going to the GRC for me and my perception of it all.

Unfortunately, the gulf between myself and those I'll just refer to as "special" fans who still cannot seem accept that these things are just toys has widened even more.

But that was always going to happen now wasn't it?

That's all she wrote for now.


Well all of the rest of the shit I bought is in two huge boxes that I shipped out from the Botcon dealer's floor.

Hopefully they'll be here Thursday or Friday.

I think the following is generally accurate for the amount of money wasted this past week:

1 Con Box Set + Mirage
3 Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf sets (2 to sell to those who need it)
5 Hugger/Springer sets (4 to sell to those who need it)
1 e-Hobby Sunstorm
1 e-Hobby Kiss Play Cassette set
1 Super Spychanger Ox Clear Chase
1 Super Spychanger X-Car Clear Chase
1 full box unopened Car Robots Super Spychangers
1 Takara Beast Wars II Break
1 Botcon 2001 Tigatron exclusive
1 Takara Beast Wars II Longrack
1 set Takara Micromaster "Berserk" White Six-Wing
1 Takara Spychangers Giftset
1 Hasbro Pepsi Prime (no idea why I got this)
1 Vector Sigma Ball (no idea why I got this)
1 set Takara Galaxy Force translucent Legends figures
1 loose Takara Osake Toysland Exclusive clear Mach Alert

Takara Super Spychangers (unopened box)

I may open them. I can at least "feel up" the black inner blind packed figures for Counter Arrow. He's an easy shape to feel out.

These unopened Super Spychangers are the 1921st through 1932nd Transformers that I've acquired.

Botcon 2001 "Beast Wars" Tigatron Exclusive

Beast Wars Tigatron (Botcon 2001 Exclusive) is the 1920th Transformer that I've acquired.

Osaka Toysland 2000 Exclusive Mach Alert

One of my favorite toy redecos ever.

Now i have to find loose version of his two brothers.

Car Robots Mach Alert (Osaka Toysland 2000 Exclusive)i s the 1919th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Micromasters "Berserker" Six-Wing (White Chase version)

I don't know why but I love these guys! So much better than the all black or all red chase versions.

Takara Micromasters Six-Wing is the 1913th through 1918th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm


Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm

Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm is the 1912th Transformer that I've acquired.

e-Hobby Kiss Play Rossana, Sundor, and Grit Cassettes

e-Hobby Kiss Play Rossana, Sundor, and Grit are the 1909th through 1911thTransformers that I've acquired.

Back to working on the House.

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So I've started on stinky dirty Botcon laundry and am going to go upstairs to continue tackling the Attic of Disaster.

I had hoped to have everything done by the weekend since I'll be in Chicago on business most of next week but that's unlikely.

I just want everything ready to get the house for sale.

Why must it take so long?!?!?

A great "What the fuck" auction


As I post , this auction has 45 minutes to go.

All of the Botcon exclusive toys at $1000

I'm sorry. It is that kind of bad craziness that can't be justified.

And believe me, I've dropped a shitload of cash on toys before.

Finally. Home.


We finally got home around 1:30am or so.

Just an awful end to what was otherwise a really good vacation and time with the geek masses.

I need a White Castle coffee and I need to go get a certain small black and tan short-haired no doubt extremely pissed off dachshund out of the canine impound

Holy shit!

We've been stuck here for 7 1/2 hours and a jet has finally pulled up!!!

Botcon aftermath - Holy Shit! I think we have a plane!!!

I'm thinking we may get back to Cowtown by 12:30am and lucky if we're home by 1:30am or so.

We left Providence a little after 1pm.

Botcon aftermath - Giga after 7 1/2 hours in Logan airport

Peter... hold my ears...


This is for Kristin, Mike, Greg, and Tom...

Thanks for a great Botcon!

Please save me Six-Wing!!! Logan Airport sucks balls!!!

Oh my god I am so frigg'n sick of Logan Airport!!!!


We've been here waiting for 6 hours and we have probably 2 more hours to go if we're lucky and we even get a plane!


It sucks so much ballage that I've basically been opening up hundred dollar figures, transforming them, and taking pictures since I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!!!


Takara Micromaster Six-Wing (White Berserker Chase)

The white chase "berserker" version of the Takara Micromasters Six-Wing is really pretty.

He's not just white.

Each little bot's autobot symbols are dark and the combiner parts are trimmed in silver or gold.

I've always overlooked these chase guys, especially the red one, but this guy just totally works with the silver and gold trim.

I loves him.

I loves him lots now.

He's keeping me sane here.

Wendy's closed. Dunkin' Donuts closed.

We are stuck.


So I'm still sitting here in A terminal of Logan in Boston.

Our flight has been delayed 4 hours. We'll likely get back to Cowtown around midnight.


You are so sucked!

Thankfully I have the Laptop of Love and Time Wasting and bought an $8 dollar day pass for the airport's wireless. At least I can putz around! Even gots me a whole outlet to jack into I has!

I had to carry on the last items I bought before leaving the con so I'm being the lame and taking photos while all these people are watching.

Botcon - airport aftermath - My new Osaka Toysland Mach Alert exclusive

I am so happy I found a loose Osaka Toysland Exclusive translucent Mach Alert for only $10. The set usually goes for $130 or so and I've never once seen the set separated. I've never opened mine.

This is the way translucent can be done yet still offer something cool. He's clear, mimicking the stage where he goes from regular mode to super mode in the anime. It is gimmicky and all but Takara left enough of the parts colored to really make him unique looking.

Botcon - airport aftermath - This box holds the potential to have the last chase figure I need.

I got an amazing deal at one of the Japanese guys' tables on an unopened box of Super Spychangers. These are the bastard figures that are blind backed in either a colored version or a clear chase version.

I managed to find the chase Ox and chase X-Killer and this box, however unlikely, holds the possible missing chase Counter Arrow that I need!

You may recall last November's "Super Spychanger Loser Drama Rampage" video from the last time I had an unopened case.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Botcon 2001 Tigatron

I've been eye'n the old Botcon exclusives from years past for a long time now and have managed to slowly acquire some of them.

I got an excellent deal on this Botcon 2001 Tigatron. He was only $100.

I really thought he'd be more bright white. He's more of a subdued pearly white.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Botcon 2001 Tigatron

3H did a fantastic job on the box art. Does anybody know if they hired Mainframe to render an image of Ravage in the white color deco for the box? Maybe it is just altered in Photoshop but that would be a major pain in the ass to go from black to white without it being noticeable.

I didn't see a single Takara standard Beast Wars Tigatron this year which sucked.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Kiss Player Cassettes outside the box

I also snagged the e-Hobby Kiss Player cassettes too today. The pastel chrome really makes this trippily different from anything in the mainstream lines.



We are so bored.

The stream I found of the final episode of last night's Doctor Who won't work under MS Vista so we're fuck'd on that front.


You know you'd buy it!

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According to what I'm reading at TFormers...

May see some common vehicles like steam rollers, garbage trucks, etc. in the Animated Series...
Um. Hello? Zamboni transformer needed in Attic of Disaster right now!

Transformer Movie spoilers...


With the movie coming out in a lot of places tomorrow I figured it wouldn't hurt to finally talk about it.

*likely spoilers ahead*

Hey geeks!

The GRC is done and Giga and I are stuck here in Logan with a delayed flight. We won't even get the hell out of Boston until 7! Balls!

Anyway, enough of that shit.

Today was another fuck'd up day of waiting in goddamn lines!!!

I screwed up bigtime last night by not getting the boxes of crack wrapped up so I had to ship this morning. Thankfully, it didn't cost as much as Evebird's shit but I waited in line forever, missing the start of the Hasbro panel.

So no. I can't say anything about that panel at all but of course there's probably enough shit out there by now that this backwater blog could never beat.

I heard that you couldn't take photos but from the geek chatter the new animated series should kick arse! And Corey Burton will be doing Shockwave again!!!

Hasbro also did not display any new figures after the panel so I really have nothing to go on but what the geek sites post.

Anyway, I just want to go home and sleep and go pick up what must be an extremely pissed off Hoont tomorrow morning.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - Super King, Nala, and Despotes

It was great to meet up with Super King and Despotes who both post a lot of shit with me on Flikr.

I'm the old fat one in the center. I hadn't realized how much weight I've put on since I stopped going to the gym and slacking. I'm starting to really look like my dad. Those jowls have to be gone by Labor Day! Enough of this fat ass slacking over the past few months!!! Compare this photo from this one from last year's Botcon but ignore the glazed Giger.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - It is great the kids have a place to play!

It is really awesome that Hasbro provides a ton of toys for kids to play with in the play pit. This time it was merged more with the dealer floor and not hidden away in a corner.

As usual, I picked up a ton of shit that I could carry onto the plane today and all at pretty good prices.

I snagged an e-Hobby Sunstorm, the e-Hobby Kiss Player cassettes, a super cheap loose Car Robots Osaka Toysland Exclusive Mach Alert, a complete white chase Takara Six-Wing, and Botcon 2001 Tigatron Exclusive, and an unopened box of Takara Super Spychangers in the hopes of it having the 1 I'm missing.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - Yay for super expensive bright yellow repaints!

Now I'm not a Seeker guy. I just don't get the jets at all like some of these guys (and a few of these chicks) do. Their collective jiz over all of the seekers in the boxed set just doesn't make much sense to me in light of last year's set but to each their own.

But there's just something mega attractive about the e-Hobby Sunstorm. I don't know why I bought it but I like it.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - The cassette box is creepy.

I also snagged an e-Hobby Kiss Player cassette 3-pack and I never saw the packaging until today.

If those 3 Kiss Player girls are not fellating that microphone (above) then I don't think I've watched enough multiple girl pr0n action!

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