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Yeah. It is cool and all but...

Is it now $345 worth of cool?

Even me. Nala. Who spent a whole lotta cash on this wouldn't drop that kind of money on a new hat!

A couple of new hats maybe.

But like 8/10 of a new hat?


(Though I regret not snagging that last year but I never got a chance!)

Hahahah! He does indeed have a new hat!


Now I wondered exactly how Hasbro would deal with the unique style of Animated when it came to repaints.

Let's face it... some of these characters just can't be anything but their true characters without really blowing the collecting adult's imagination. (Of course, the target audience won't mind one bit!)

So there's that striped Bumblebee, and now 3 of the Lockdowns. There's urine Ratchet and more of a new/retooled Prowl. And of course what could easily be endless repaints of Starscream except for the female version.

Hydrodive Bumblebee???

We've gotten used to repaints but this is the first time I can really think of the "accessory" gimmick being used in modern times. It is like they looked at all the stupid ass gimmick versions of Batman and Superman figures and decided it would be easy to just repackage the same shit with a gimmick accessory.

Yes Mr. Smithers. She does indeed have a new hat.

Even if nobody else sings along...


And the robogods looked down from their icy heavens and bestowed upon The 'Crack some hopefully working templates.

I so want to make sweet sweet robot love to you.


Very soon.

We'll be making the robot with two backs.

The dangers of lame robot thoughts.


So if we are getting a brand new Universe 2.0 Inferno I'm wondering if they'll do the right thing and repaint Sidewipe as Red Alert to go with him.

I mean... they always were a strange sorta gay tag team duo.

And if you are gonna repaint something then at least repaint something that makes sense.

Ok. Now I'm mad.


There was more damage from the various falling robots than I had originally noticed.

The "nose" off my Exclusive Crazy Steve Botcon 2008 WTF?!? Tetrajet Skywarp appears to have broke off.


That's like one of my best acquisitions for 2008!!!

I'm so sorry oh Evil King Macrocranios! :-(



I am getting old.

I just can't seem to see how to get Magnus' damn upper limbs transformed right to go into vehicle mode.

I just can't get the top part of this mother f'er into alt mode!



DeceptiBotPoopyPants (on message board): So, when is a special edition a special edition?

AutoConBasementLivr (reply): When it is this shit?

DeceptiBotPoopyPants: Word!


Sometimes I really love Hasbro! I love 'em as much as I love Obama and McCain!

So we'll take a horribly shitty figure that was part of a 2-pack for $20, put it out again as a "special edition"., but now we'll charge you $15 for 1 shitty figure instead of $20 for 2. (And we'll do this same to this shitty Megatron from the 2-pack, but at least we'll paint him like that Movie Wreckage figure.)

Oy koledy!


While I find this all immensely funny-ha-ha I gotta say, thank f'n god Hasbro finally got around to borrowing an idea from Takara! The packaging for these at least separates these "special editions" from the regular lines.

I've always been a fan of when Takara/e-Hobby did the one-color boxes to signify something was a low run exclusive or somesuch. It saves a little bit of money but it really separates the thing from the rest!

Now Evebird also sent me the link to the Classics Mirage repaint as Drag Strip for these releases. Yeah. I'll be a loser and buy that. Lord knows I need yet another repaint of the Mirage mold!

But happy funtime yellow?

Oh yeah baby! Me make love to you long time!

Nala: Wicked Warden of the Plastic Robots


I went a little batshit crazy at yesterday. I won't ruin the surprise but I bought a little of the old crack to go with my new theme that I think I mentioned a few months back.

Unfortunately, most of my shit is on preorder so you'll have to suck it up and wait for the boxes to arrive just like me and The Hoont.

Not that any of this is good for my wallet.

I wish I could got one of those damn Alternator Aveos!

Such hard decisions to make.


So... I had a quandry...

Do I label the new guys "Universe 2.0" or just keep the fandom generated "Classics" as my line for these guys?

There was a time I'd have been extremely nitpicky about this sorta of gay ass shit.


Hell... I'm sticking with Classics!

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