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We headed down to wait in yet another line to see what replaced the dinner that was supposed to happen and get the "goody bag" that we were told we'd get.

Well... this kind of event just isn't for me.

We quickly grabbed our bags and then realized Young Wil was turned away because he had the protoform package which I thought had the dinner.

Well... Tom and Andrew also weren't allowed in so I saw even less point in staying and we all went to Dave and Buster's.

Botcon '07 - Day 3 - The cocktail party.

Now I did head back to see how it went and basically it was an 80s cover band playing with that Stan Bush guy.

I didn't see much reason to stay so I headed out to meet up with Super King, one of the guys who posts a ton of TF pics on Flickr. Note: I had met up with Despotes earlier in the day and he went to dinner with us.

On the whole, everybody was pretty much still wiped from the previous night and all we did was sit around talking. I couldn't even stay awake for the annual "Running of the Retards" so I called it a night.


Botcon '07 - Day 3 - One of the goody bag items.

The goody bag wasn't exactly what I predicted it would be but pretty close.

A movie poster, some kind of Boston Globe trading card sheet of movie characters, and an air freshener just like movie Bumblebee has hanging from his mirror.

I immediately gave away the trading cards and the poster. The air freshener will go into the Deluxe Luxury New Beetle when I get home.

Oh. And Hasbro still hasn't topped the 2004 giveaway of the Legends of Cybertron Skywarp figure. This year was some kind of thing that is included with Lunchables. I didn't even bother to pick it up.

We headed down to wait in yet another line to see what replaced the dinner that was supposed to happen and get the "goody bag" that we were told we'd get.

Well... this kind of event just isn't for me.

We quickly grabbed our bags and then realized Young Wil was turned away because he had the protoform package which I thought had the dinner.

Well... Tom and Andrew also weren't allowed in so I saw even less point in staying and we all went to Dave and Buster's.

Botcon '07 - Day 3 - The cocktail party.

Now I did head back to see how it went and basically it was an 80s cover band playing with that Stan Bush guy.

I didn't see much reason to stay so I headed out to meet up with Super King, one of the guys who posts a ton of TF pics on Flickr. Note: I had met up with Despotes earlier in the day and he went to dinner with us.

On the whole, everybody was pretty much still wiped from the previous night and all we did was sit around talking. I couldn't even stay awake for the annual "Running of the Retards" so I called it a night.


Botcon '07 - Day 3 - One of the goody bag items.

The goody bag wasn't exactly what I predicted it would be but pretty close.

A movie poster, some kind of Boston Globe trading card sheet of movie characters, and an air freshener just like movie Bumblebee has hanging from his mirror.

I immediately gave away the trading cards and the poster. The air freshener will go into the Deluxe Luxury New Beetle when I get home.

Oh. And Hasbro still hasn't topped the 2004 giveaway of the Legends of Cybertron Skywarp figure. This year was some kind of thing that is included with Lunchables. I didn't even bother to pick it up.

So today was pretty much me walking around with 3 hours of sleep trying to get extra figures and actually trying to find something I wanted.

I'm so tired right now that all I want to do is eat and sleep.

I seriously doubt I'll be drinking tonight.


Botcon - Day 3 - N10zguy's all about 2 in the pink and one in the stink!

N10zguy waiting in line.

Botcon - Day 3 - A phenomenal custom Revoltech Shockwave

This is an art contest entry of a custom "Revoltech" Shockwave. It is beautiful.

Botcon - Day 3 - The Prime truck

The Prime truck.

Botcon - Day 3 - Chick dressed up in Inferno costume

The Inferno chick was wandering around.

OK. I was able to get some sets of the Huffer/Springer Exclusive packs.

We have to actually ship all of this from Rhode Island to Ohio so it'll be a few days before I even have the stuff.

I'll let you all know when I'm going to put them up for sale so you can snag one if you need it.

Botcon - Day 3 - This i

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Botcon '07 - Day 3 - This is probably all of my crack!

It is highly likely that this is all the crack I'll be getting.

Of the things I really wanted, I did find the Car Robots Spychanger Giftset and 2 of the Car Robots Super Spychanger clear chase figures.

Everything else is pretty much miscellaneous.


It was an incredibly fun evening but a rough morning.

I've only had about 3 hours of sleep and that was after drinking about 1 1/2 bottles of Jack Daniels and several beers last night.

I then got up and waited in line for hours to try and get more souvenir figures.

I'll talk about it later.

Must... get... food... now...

Oh. And Peter Cullen called me a "piece of shit".

But that's a story for later.

Why oh why do I always have strange encounters with Peter Cullen?

Botcon 2007 - Day 2 - Nothing quite like straight up Jack

So last night was pretty crazy but I had a helluva lot of fun.

I've really begun to enjoy Jack Daniels and I went from Jack and Coke to straight up Jack.

The night began with us getting pizzas and pretty much hanging with Tom, Mike, Greg, and Kristin.

Botcon 2007 - Day 2 - Girls stopp'n by to buy toys.

Andrew was doing some room-trading/selling so we have a few chicks stop by (above) but I don't think he sold too much.

Botcon 2007 - Day 2 -

We ended up spending a good chunk of late night time just sitting out in front of the hotel drinking and basically being incredibly retarded. Well, I was pretty much retarded and all I'll say is it was the Jack talking.

That's where we had our Peter Cullen moment.

I was taking photos of Kristen and Mike goofing around and we noticed him and a security guard coming back from somewhere.

I think he thought I was taking photos of him or something and he kind of grabbed my camera and told me that I was a pain in the ass. It was rather startling.

And then he said something about having the security guard kick my ass or something.

It was really bizarre.

I think he'd been partying and obviously didn't want his photo taken but I wasn't even thinking of doing that.

Oh well.

I'll have our reenactment video up in a few days.

So the dealer room opened and after walking around for almost 2 hours and checking out the dealers I can say that nobody has anything I am looking for.

Absolutely nothing at all.

And that of course is a very bad thing since that leaves me with money burning a hole in the wallet and often results in stupid purchases. And yes, I did two of them already, though one is not that stupid for me.


Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Waiting in line for the dealer room.

Yup. Waited in yet another line for the dealer room.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Dealer room.

There's just nothing here for me. Pretty sad.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - My haul after the dealer room opened!

So all I got was a Hasbro Pepsi Prime that's a new Botcon special and a Beast Wars Neo Break.

There's an $80 Tako Tank I may buy if the moment suits me.


More stuff at the Flickr gallery. You'll probably get better toy photos at the TF board sites. I really have no motivation to take any pics of this stuff actually in the dealer room.

Giga's looking for a liquor store right now. I need some Jack Daniels and some 2 liters of Coke badly.

Botcon - Day 2 - Hasbro


Back from Hasbro.

They did an outstanding job really, creating 10-12 stations where we'd spent 10 minutes or so and got a brief discussion covering TFs and the creation of them and so forth.

It is always great to discover concepts and such that never made it to production.

However, I saw 2 6" Titaniums that should have been made and never will. The only existing concepts are the 2 figures that are in a case.

We were there for several hours and all in all it has been the highlight of the trip.

Far more exciting than events from last night.


Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - Outside the Hasbro doors.

Outside of Hasbro.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - The new Evac repaint of Blackout.

Evac repaint of Blackout that will be made. He's awesome!

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - 6" Titanium Shockwave that will never be made.

6" Titanium Shockwave that will never be produced. I cried. I really cried. *sniff* They made frigg'n Optimal Optimus and not Shockwave. Even that makes Baby Jesus cry.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - 6" War Within Bumblebee that will never be made.

6" Titanium War Within Bumblebee that will never see the light of day.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - 6" Titanium Cosmos that will never be made.

6" Titanium Cosmos that will never be made.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - Test assembly room.

Discussing packaging and mock ups. The Hasbro inhouse tool shop where they mockup things is really nice.

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - Crazy Stephanie?

We think that this Hasbro security guard is an alternate universe parallel to Crazy Steve. We christened her Crazy Stephanie. I wish I could have caught her smiling. She totally could have been Steve's twin sister!

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - Waiting to get in.

We were in the 8am tour. Several hundred people packed into several buses and headed to Hasbro.


More at my Botcon 2007 Flickr galleries and more later when I get back to Cowtown.


Ok. Gonna take a nap maybe or go see David Kaye talk.

The dealer room opens at 4:30.

And as always, it is all about the toys!

Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Taking the blue pill!

We're up.

Time to take a blue pill this morning.

We'll be heading down to Hasbro's corporate offices.

I'm hoping it'll be something more than just cubicles and computers on desks because frankly, unless they do something special, that's what practically every corporate office would look like.

Botcon - Day 1 - The Movie




I know you want me to say something about it.

However, all I will say is that it is what it is.

And if you like what it is then so be it.

Botcon - Day 1 - The line just to by Alpha Trion

Lines. Lines. And more lines.

That's what the first day of coming to get your shit at Botcon is like.

The above pic is for the lines just waiting to get the extra figures. You had to go wait in this line after waiting for an hour in a registration line to get your box set.

Lines and lines.

Botcon - Day 1 - The translucent attendee Mirage.

The attendee extra Mirage is utterly mediocre.

Botcon - Day 1 - My haul from check-in.

So that's today's haul. I bought every toy available to me and skipped all the shit like beer classes and shirts and crap.

They are still trying to get rid of those 2005 Box Sets too!

Off to eat and then the movie.

Thursday: Arrival in Providence


Road to Botcon: Almost there!

Well we are here and checked in to the Westin.

We putz'd around Boston this morning, hitting Newbury Comics and were on our way to Cambridge when we got a call from Evebird stating his flight from Cowtown was canceled and he wouldn't be in until Friday.

Of course, that means he not only misses the movie tonight but he'll also miss the tour tomorrow so basically there's absolutely nothing else really to do for him except pick up his set and roam the dealer room. Giga has volunteered to fill in for E's shift today which is hilarious given the fact that Giga doesn't really give a shit about Transformers at all.

Anyway, we decided to just head down to Rhode Island and we checked in and are getting ready to go register.

Not much to report other than that.

Oh. And did you hear about the attendee exclusive? Ain't that the boring shit. I don't think there will be a whole lot of demand for that one at all.

Anyway. I don't know when I'll have a chance to get back on here. After they volunteer we are heading out to dinner and then the movie. I'll try to post some shit when I get back.

Nala's Botcon 2007 Gallery

From Cowtown to Beantown...


So we arrived in Boston after an uneventful flight and pretty much immediately hooked up with SpectroScott who had arrived just about the same time.

Road to Botcon: Um... is somebody going to a literal gay robot convention?

In honor of the Gay Robot Convention it looks like someone has some incredibly gay luggage (above).

What's funny is that while it was hot and humid in Cowtown in felt a thousand times worse here in Boston.

The drama began at the Budget rental car place. All I'll say is that the Budget at Logan appeared to be one of the most inefficient operations I've ever seen. It took us slightly longer than an hour to get a simple van, which was had already been reserved weeks before.

Road to Botcon: 106 degrees in Boston???

I don't know if the car was reading right or not but it said 106 degrees. It sure as hell felt like it.

We drove around and dropped SS in Medford and then proceed to go to A's house on the other side of the city.

Let's just say that the $10/day GPS system we got has totally paid for itself already today. This little thing made getting to her house a thousand times easier than trying maps or internet directions!

A and R have a beautiful house in West Roxbury.

We went out to this great little upscale restaurant named West on Centre and I had a pizza that had steak, carmelized onions, and mashed potatoes on it. I ended up pouring a little A1 steak sauce on the thing and that totally made it.

I'd basically say we closed the place talking most of the evening away.

Road to Botcon: My pretentious myspace worried girl pose.

I decided I needed a pretentious worried Myspace Girl pic. What do you think? Should I blur it a bit and add some contrast?

Road to Botcon: You can take the girl out of Ohio but you can't take Ohio out of the girl.

And one thing is certain. You can take the girl out of Ohio but you can never take Ohio out of the girl!

We'll be leaving shortly to pick up SS from the train station and then putz around until Evebird's flight gets in and then head down to Providence.

Road to Botcon: Hey baby? You go'n to Botcon?

I tried to pick up this chick to go with me to the Saturday cocktail party but she wouldn't have anything to do with gay robots. Nothing at all.

I am satisfied with the fact that while I have gained a few pounds back since March that my gut does not come out of my shirt like this babe's gunt.

Damn girl!

Ok. Gotta back up the suitcase and take some painkillers.

Yes. My back is a total mess. This is going to be a painful trip.

Very very painful.

Pre-Botcon: Fun and Excitement in Cowtown Airport

Free wireless + camera + laptop + Cowtown International (*snicker*) Airport = Pictures of 2 geeks losers waiting to go to see plastic robot toys.

We'll be boarding for Boston any second now.

Off to Botcon...Well pretty soon we'll be off to Botcon but tonight we'll be staying with friends in Boston.

Of course, I'll be taking the Laptop of Love and I've got to imagine I can find, or at least buy, wireless somewhere at the hotel or con.

And I'll be posting my pictures to a Flickr gallery too.

Time to go take The Hoont to be boarded and off to Boston!

Your teachers lied to you.


Don't believe what your teachers may have taught you.

Dachshunds do indeed like wasabi.

Update: And apparently Roll-Aids too.

The countdown to the GRB begins...


Laundry done. Check.
Ride to the airport arranged. Check.
Banking done and cash for crack ready. Check.
Bonus points ready to hand out to people wearing Megatron club shirts. Check
Urge to drink rising. Check.
Plenty of blue pills. Check.
Doctor Who "The Sound of the Drums" rewatched. Check.

I still have to pick up some over-the-counter meds, bathe The Hoont, wash the coochy, and a few other things.

My back is still pretty much killing me which is going to suck. I know why it has been hurting. I figured it out. It sucks. Hopefully the events restarting on July 5 will help it.

All in all I'm pretty much ready to go the GRB.

Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4


Well kiddos it is that time of the week again where Groovy Nala stops talking TFs and shoots the shit about the awesomeness that is Hell's Kitchen!

This episode''s challenge was all about a taste test. All pretty simple stuff like american cheese, boiled carrots, hard-boiled egg yolk, pear, lobster and such. The only two I think I'd probably have problems with was the bok choy and the venison. I imagine the texture would help to determine things like the pear and egg yolk but some of the people didn't get these.

For the fourth week in a row the guys lost the challenge and had to not only kitchen prep for both teams, they had to sample tripe, kidneys, herring, tongues, pigs feet, liver, and a few other things to "improve" their familiarity with certain tastes.

The girls were taken to eat at a restaurant called Opaque where you eat in the dark. Um... I just don't get how that could be pleasant. I'm also not into gimmicks at all.

As things go, the dinner service was pretty much the usual disaster.

I just do not see how these people miss getting into a groove of cooking the same items all the time. You'd think it would improve every episode but it doesn't. And the women have actually gotten worse!

By the end, Ramsey had Rock and Jen pick the two choices to go but they went with competitors instead of people who failed during dinner service. In a rare override of their choices, Ramsey ended up picking the two who were in fact the worst and kicked off Vinnie just like I called it last week!

OMG!!! You're not a real blond!




And it isn't the green talking!!!

Who knew.


So I'm laying here and I decided to flip through the high quality programming provided by Time Warner Cable and I stopped on Star Trek: Voyager, a show I can barely tolerate a bit more then Enterprise.

I'm wasn't paying too much attention to the crap onscreen but all of a sudden I heard this chick's voice that was really familiar.

I look up and lo and behold Sarah Silverman played a major roll in a 2-parter of Voyager back in 1996.

Who knew.

One hour away from greatness!


No! No! No! No!

Set on Earth in the near future in Detroit, the alien TRANSFORMERS are thrust into a world populated by humans and automatons.



Everybody knows that the obvious place to set the new Transformers animated series is Toledo, OH!

Why can't the creators see that?!?!?!


All the missed opportunities.

No Optimus Prime/Toledo Mud Hens caps! No Jamie Farr/Megatron LPGA Classics Tournaments! No Spike and Carly snogging in the Rudy's parking lot! No Shockwave laying waste to St. John's Jesuit!


So close to greatness.

So very very close yet so far away.

Greetings Geeks!

It is I... New Groovy Nala... here at Plasticcrack.com and/or .net psyched up and waiting to go have crumbtastic latter part of the week at the Gayest Robot Convention this side of Dairy Con!

Here I am wasting my first day of vacation in bed laying on a heating pad, suffering through The Phantom Menace again, and I says to myself... "Self. You don't have a crack list yet for the con!".

And sure enough I don't.


What to look for?


I suppose these are the longshots:

Car Robots Fire Convoy (Seibu Department Store Crystal Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger W.A.R.S. (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Eagle Killer (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Ox (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger X-Car (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Autobot Brothers (Osaka ToysLand Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Giftset
Takara ACT1 PVC Optimus Prime with Energy Ax (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT1 PVC Megatron with Energy Mace (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT3 PVC Battle-damaged Optimus Prime (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT5 PVC Ghost Starscream (Chase)
Takara ACT5 PVC Silver Alloy Optimus Prime with Maxtrix (Chase)
Takara ACT6 PVC Dirge (Chase)
Takara ACT6 PVC Metallic Galvatron (Chase)

These I may have a slightly better chance to acquire:

Takara Masterforce GoShuta
Takara Masterforce Minerva
Takara Galaxu Force Dark Fang Wolf
e-Hobby G1 Ghost Starscream
Robot Masters Black Lio Convoy

And that's about it.

If anything else catches my eye I might be tempted but on the whole, most of the dealers, especially the online stores, all pretty much have the same shit so the odds of me coming across these things aren't very high.

Hopefully that Fumihiko guy will be there. He always has the best table since it is all Japanese stuff.

I could drop a couple grand at his table easily if given the opportunity because that's just the kind of geek-loser I am.

A few early movie reviews...


From a movie review (sort of) from Ain't It Cool News...

Well when the lights went down everybody just about shit their pants. You could tell everyone was loving it except for some of the girls. I don't want to be "politically incorrect" but this movie is not for cunts or fairies. It's for REAL MEN so it's about cars, exploding, punching, Michael Bay's gorgeous sunsets, the friendship between Tyrese and Josh Duhamel, etc. Like 300, you'd have to be gay not to get hard from this movie...

Shia Lebouf is not that bad, if you liked Disturbia you will like him. Although the one character I liked was Megan Fox, TOTALLY HOT. I was like "I would jizz all over that!" and everybody agreed that I totally would. When Optimus transformed himself in front of Shia in the alley everybody in the theater just started high fiving each other, even complete strangers. I'm not exaggerating, my hands were sore before it even got to the fight in the city. TOTAL GEEKGASM.

I don't know.

I though it was funny.

Doo dee doo dee doo dee doo

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I think this may just be the best lolbot yet.

I'm starting over a new leaf as Groovy Nala

The old Evil Nala is going to go away for awhile and the new hip Groovy Nala will be around for the next few weeks.


Groovy Nala is the Gallant to that recent nasty old Evil Nala's Goofus.

I've got the next 13 days off of work.

I've got a day in Boston ahead of me.

I've got 4 days of drinking, geeks, a few guys who don't wear deodorant, and a total sausage party to experience.

The truth is that I'm a bad person, but that's changed.

I've changed

The past few days were the last of that sort of thing.

I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life.

I'm looking forward to it already.

I'm going to be just like you: the job, the family, the fucking big television, the washing machine, the car, the compact disc and electrical tin opener, good health, low cholesterol, dental insurance, mortgage, Black God Magni, starter home, leisurewear, luggage, no sit-down dinner, three-piece suite, DIY, game shows, junk food, children, walks in the park, nine to five, good at golf, washing the car, choice of sweaters, Robot Heroes, family Christmas, indexed pension, tax exemption, clearing the gutters, getting by, looking ahead, to the day you die.

It just makes the weekend better.

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Wes, Giga, and Jeremy very drunk in room trading


Solving Botcon-related boredom since 2003!


So Evebird managed to acquire a really fantastic original cel and original matching background of Ultra Magnus.

It really is great.

So great that I convinced him to let me post about it as a sneak preview here before he posts it at his full gallery.

Someday I'd like to find an equivalent Shockwave cel.


I know.

Saw this posted on Flickr...

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SS-TF Animated Joke
Originally uploaded by weibun76
Ya know... I like this.

I really like this.

It isn't real...

But he's not bad for a stylized Starscream.

Am I a hater?

I don't really think so.

Then again, villains are always heroes in their own stories aren't they?

While at times I have complaints about things and may vent them I don't think I really whine much. If I happen to venture into whining it is usually self-directed. I also try my best to vent my frustrations or general anger at something crack-related here, where it can be public but where I'm not forcing it down people's throats like most assholes are prone to do.

I can be a total dick if need be but I don't think I'm an asshole that often if at all. Rarely ever an asshole to anybody but Giga but he has to live with me so hey, he'd be the first to get the brunt of it.

I usually stay clear of geek-related message boards. I used to post big-time at the DC Comics boards and many other boards but as I've aged I've found that I don't even read those boards much anymore.

As the rather antiquated message board/BBS evolved into the blog and blog comments, I pretty much only comment and people's individual sites that I really enjoy reading and there's that personal level of communication that can occur, however minor, that just doesn't happen in public boards.

For some odd reason I found myself on a few message boards and the general dissatisfaction I have with my mistake dumping beucoup dollars down this year to merely go to Botcon without any real information about events really has snaked into my general attitude about the entire trip to Boston and Rhode Island.

I found myself doing a few normal posts but then getting snarky when it was something related to my being upset at "pre-spending" so much scratch which goes against my better judgement.


It is so easy to fall into that trap when I think about anything remotely related to this insane hobby.

And now look at me? I'm a pussy for self-bitch blogging about the fact that I left some snarky-dick-like comments at sites I normally don't step foot in!


I've managed to be a dick, an asshole, and a pussy all at the same time!

I've hit the trifecta!


I'm just too old for this shit. Way too old.

I wonder if the late 30-somethings that are into curling have these problems.

I think getting into curling would solve everything.

Well, that or cricket. Hmmm...

Extreme Curling could be fun. I saw it once on ESPN8.

Then again, I'm finding myself getting into MMA for some reason. I guess listening to all the MMA and Ultimate Fighting talk on Bubba The Love Sponge is having an effect on me this past year.

Where was I going with this post? I have no real idea anymore.

I just don't really want to be a hater I suppose.

That's my Busia Martha's ethnic depression era-influenced thinking coming through.

I need to pay closer attention to that in my daily thinking.

They don't believe me...

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So as I've mentioned before I get random emails all the time from various people commenting on the Collection of Love-Hate.

Yesterday I got an email from JohnnyDanger and man oh man he's got a sweet Diaclone/Takara G1 collection.

I'm not that into G1 but I wouldn't balk at having a Metrotitan or eventually Raiden.

Nice crack there JohhnyDanger!

Alas, he too has purged the plastic from his life.

And that is healthy. Someday I'll be healthy too.

I've never understood wanting someone's autograph.

On a drawing the person just did? Sure. But just a signature? It makes no sense to me.

With comics, if a pen marks up the cover of a comic it is damaged.

However, if the person who wrote or drew it signs their name with the same pen it somehow has more value.

Damage is damage.

And what purpose does an autograph serve?

Validation you stood in a line and the person spent 20-30 seconds to sign it?

I've never ever understand it.

Oh. Why am I bringing up autographs?

Well, I delved into the scary world of TF message boards once today so I figured I'd venture back again and there are people getting all hot and bothered at the thought having have Peter Cullen autograph figures of Optimus Prime!

Why would someone do this?

I just don't get it at all.

I'll never understand why people find value in autographs at all. Especially when said autograph basically damages the item.

Then again, I've obviously found some value in the crack haven't I?

Bad craziness.

Now having Peter Cullen signing a Megatron figure and Frank Welker signing a Prime figure has an asburdity to it that I can appreciate.

To her, it simply is another child.


So I got a solid 4 hours in on the Attic and got a ton of shit packed up.

Not remotely like you think I would but it is packed and easy to move out of the house.

Packing up the Attic of Love

I've been bringing home Dell boxes from the various pieces of hardware I get in all week. They are sturdy and work well with all of the MISB items.

Hell... I may even have a few left that'll fit my Takara TRU God Fire Convoy giftset.

I was just IM'n with Spectroscott and I realized that I always pull the same 6-7 figures out and never allow them to be packed up.

Out of 1900 frigg'n toys, there are only really 7 that I pick up often.

I can't pack my favorites!

Stampy is... well... he's Stampy. He's one of the greatest Beast Wars figures ever!

And RID Wedge is just pure unadulterated joy.

Action Master Shockwave is kind of a mascot obviously. He hangs out with Tails on my desk usually.

Robot Masters Victory Leo and Star Saber, along with their Mega S.F.C. versions are rarely outside of hands reach.


I am such the lame.

Perhaps I need to start a virtual IM 12-step program for addicts. If you are feeling depressed about your toy addiction then you can IM me and I'll keep you from slitting your wrists or drinking that bottle of drain-o.

Then again, I don't get IM'd that often.

If you feel bad, IM naladahc on AIM.

You know I'm oh so good at cheering people up!

Ok. My back is killing me. Time to go downstairs.

I'll bring more boxes tomorrow and finish up packing this weekend.

Then... the house must be cleaned! And I'm talking Tangina-level clean.

So the GRC schedule is up in PDF format.

Seems liked they dragged Peter Cullen back again.

Never again will I preregister for something like this. To dump hundreds upon hundreds of dollars months ago on airfare and registration with practically no information until less than a week before the event is preposterous.

It is all my own fault.

Thankfully we have a car rented so Giga and I can get the fuck outta there for a while.

And at least I get to see Annalisa in Boston on Wednesday.

There's something to be said for that.

Annalisa rocks!

So I think this video is pretty much like being a Transformer collector, especially for a lot of the G1 purist geeks...


S'all about the Transmorphers!


Is it me or did some of the designers at Hasbro sit down and say to themselves "Let's put the love in the non-movie movie toys!"?

I mean... Dropkick... you are damn purty!

Sure you look a bit like you belong on the Army of the Southern Cross a bit but you've got to be one of the finest new toys TF toys I've seen.

A head retool and some "stress" painting could make you a decent Kup figure too.

Hell's Kitchen: Episode 3

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And then 2 more were gone!

Yup! This week's Hell's Kitchen saw the elimination of the standard weekly person in the form of Joanna and also the elimination by "illness" of Aaron, the retarded guy who seems to have been included on the show so they could generate drama about how retarded he is. Guess they got that.

So we started out the episode with a challenge what was totally crafted for Waffle House cook Julia to shine: Breakfast for 100 Army and Navy staff!

Even though they've been bad mouthing her "short order cook" skills for the past 2 episodes, the women basically let Julia take charge and she totally pwned everybody, including the men!

The guys were totally f'd up from the moment they started and proceeded to mess up breakfast bigtime.

After Julia and the women sucessfully got all the Army people served Ramsey ordered Julia to go to the guys' side and take charge. She did and got all of the Navy breakfasts served too!

It was really nice to be able to see her shine and I honestly hope she makes it through to the very end.

The actually dinner service though was totally screwed up for both groups and there was nothing positive to come out of it.

Joanna served rancid spoiled crab in the spaghetti which pretty much guaranteed her dismissal.

Jen's ass was saved by Julia when Jen tried to pull spaghetti out of the trash and reserve it to customers. Jen at least had the balls (or is that ovaries?) to stand up at the end and say she deserved to get kicked off.

Aaron, r-tard, passed out and was rushed to the hospital. We never did find out what was really wrong with him but he joined Season 2's Larry in the slot of losers who were eliminated via being sent to the hospital.

Next Episode: Annoying Vinnie gets kicked off. I'm definitely feeling that vibe!

It's a violent eruption.



I'm sorry.

I'm so very very sorry.

Botcon just keeps getting better and better and better

No more photography before packing.


So I've decided, for the sake of speed, that I will no longer try to document the collection via 1 photograph of each item I own.

I wanted to get this done purely for insurance purposes but the added time to do this just is too much a hit on getting the attic packed up.

I'm just going to start throwing toys in bins and boxes instead.

Yes, the disorganization will continue until I buy a new house or rent a new place and have time to sort again.

One thing that has definitely hit me is 1900+ is entirely too much shit in my life.

Talk about a monkey on your back that doesn't allow you to react or be flexible.

Too much shit in my life and these Transformers contribute to the majority of it.

Hell... I've just been throwing the toys in the box and snapping pictures without a care or concern for dust, missing pieces, lighting, white point, etc.

I obviously don't care that much.

I'll just mention this to get it out of the way now so I can move on to far more important geek-related things.

2007-06-20-tfanimprime.jpgSo some Transformers: Animated promo materials have popped up and Prime appears in it.

All I have to say... and you have to understand that this is where fanboys older than 12 may have a problem with it... this series was never aimed at you.

Don't believe me?

With Hasbro totally partnered with Cartoon Network and actually producing something homegrown, the template for this kind of show has been there for years now.

The Cartoon Network history of non-Adult Swim original programming gives you all you need to know about the likely visual style of this series.

Obviously this is one image. But this one image has all the essential development ideas that the entire new series likely is going with.

You, the over 12 set, are not the target market for this series. You never were.

You, the over 12 set, are not the target market for 90% of Cartoon Network's schedule. You never have been.

That's all I'm going to say on this.

Here I am bitching about last year's Botcon dinner and as I checked up on some blogs I find one of the funniest unexpected things.


Meeting CrazySteve last year was actually one of the highlights of an otherwise awful evening for me.

Steve rocks.

And I am such a playa!


So the dinner at Botcon has been canceled and replaced with a typically sorry excuse of an event.

My god Fun Pubs... you so totally fucked up last year. Did you have to go fuck it up again?

Oh wait. Yes you did.

Party food?

You people really don't have any concept of event planning do you?

I've given you all the benefit of the doubt these past few years and honestly, no, you do not have any concept of true event planning.

I made the mistake of not avoiding the horror of last years's non-sit down casino night bullshit.

Not this year.

We've got a car rented.

We are so going to go out and find us a nice restaurant and have a dinner like adults.

I'm just too fucking old for this hobby's peripheral crap like Botcon.

I should just burn all of this.


While I'm not done with the major rooms of the house yet I've got a bit more packing done in the attic.

I've got the Robots In Disguise stuff started and hopefully I can finish that and start the later G1 stuff.

Robots In Disguise Close-Up

RID Flickr Gallery

There's only 4 more days in my self-imposed deadline to house on the market.

I'm close. But...

Well... there's so much to do and clean and the attic really is a major pain in the ass.

Holy Shit!


Custom Optimus Prime
Originally uploaded by PowerPee
Holy Shit! This is one might fine custom of IDG Stormbringer Optimus Prime!

I wish I had this kind of skill.

Well... I wish I had this kind of time to waste.

Must... find...

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I came across this over at Zaius Nation this afternoon.

I so have to find this Trilogy of Terror flick!

Doctor Who.


Oh my god!

Fucking awesome!

5 episodes in a row that just don't stop barreling forward!

And only 2 episodes of Series 3 left.


Obscure but I love it.

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lolbots... Giving me 12 seconds of joy every day.

Yes. I waste a lot of my day.


Of course this is no doubt old news to TF geeks but I figured I'd post it.

This is a fan music video by Black Lab with an attempt to redo the 80s theme and it is actually not bad.

I mean, there's not a whole helluva lot you can do with that cheesy theme anyway and it is a thousand times better than the official redone theme.

I like this for the fact that it incorporates practically every bit of footage that has previously been released in trailers.

There's a bit of Scorponok scurrying across that sand that I really like.

There's a bit of Starscream doing a 'bird of prey' capture to somebody that I think looks really good too.

Shhh. Is goth sleepy time now.

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First there was lolcats.

Then came lolbots.

And now...

There comes lolgoths!

It's a kind of art.


I was doing my morning blog reads and noticed CrazySteve did a post that referenced a very good article from the San Francisco Chronicle on collecting and collectors from a few years back.

Call them what you will -- obsessive compulsive eccentrics, materialist philosophers or pack-rat artists -- collectors' 'unruly passions' make sense of our world (San Francisco Chronicle, December 15, 2003)

Damn this article has some great quotes!!!

"Having something that nobody else owns or that very few people own or that they can't afford to own is very gratifying," says Barlow. "You're a collector first. What you're going to collect comes next."

...Acknowledging aspects of compulsion and raw competition, UCSF clinical professor of psychiatry Graeme Hanson sees collecting as a blend of acquisitiveness, intellectual curiosity, a desire to possess and organize tangible objects, the lure of immortality and "a certain amount of showing off. " Why certain people leave their childhood Barbie doll and penny collections behind and others become committed collectors, he concedes, is a psychological riddle.

...Why do they do it?

Like many collectors, Keillor initially comes up blank when asked why he got started and why watches and pens. "Collectors are always in the moment," as Schaffner says. Motive may be so fundamental, so intrinsic that it simply doesn't consciously engage a collector's attention. Focusing on objects, after all, their beauty, function and relationship to each other, may be a kind of self-sustaining process of externalized emotion. It's a kind of art.

...While the urge to acquire first-edition books, Japanese woodblock prints, baseball cards, Beanie Babies or vintage Barolos might be seen as a telling reflection of consumerist excess and licensed dysfunction, it is also a way of apprehending a bewildering world and finding one's place in it.

...Collectors throughout history have felt that same time-conquering reward. Largely pursued by privileged Medici-level cognoscenti until the 16th century, collecting expanded with what Blom calls "a spirit of Renaissance inquiry" and an emerging secular curiosity about the world. Soon enough, along with books and works of art, collectors were acquiring everything from skulls and butterflies to preserved anatomical oddities and sock monkeys.

...Collecting, hoarding's socially sanctioned cousin, may finally resist scrutiny and causal dissection as well. Whether someone collects in a public, legacy-making way, like Asian art patron Avery Brundage, or squirrels away his world-class scrimshaw for no one else to see, the process is always and specifically individual. Perhaps that's why collectors, in their singular pursuits, fascinate and unite us. Their passions, unruly or not, pry open the world and reveal some hidden order and harmony.

We all be so bad crazy.

I think I now know what I need to do at the Gay Robot Convention.

I need to have my own anti-collecting panel a la a 12-Step Program for TF Collectors.

How 'bout that?

That would at least be something new at one of these conventions.

Oh. Less than 2 weeks until the con and they still haven't announced any guests other than David Kaye.

Either this is meant to be a surprise or literally they are hoping that fanboys should be happy enough that they plopped down $25 for the movie and get a tour of Hasbro cubicles.

Saw this over that The Movie Blog where I'm a daily lurker.

I think this is the first non-trailer clip where we actually get to see some general moment-to-moment animation of how the bots move.

I'm loving Bumblebee in the background trying to apparently tell Optimus to not speak. Maybe?

A few seconds of Jazz too.

The only thing is... and it is really apparent in Bumblebee... you can totally see the motion capture process in use here.

What a great set!


TF Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

All I gotta say is that if you like Robot Heroes then you have to pick up the Wal-Mart Online Exclusive set!

Sure you are saying "But Nala... They're just repaints!" but I'm here to tell you that you MUST own them!

Throw away your original Prime and Megs because these metallic finish bad boys are the way they should be!

Translucent Mirage? He's utterly tits-awesome as we say here in the House of Love!

Cliffjumper? Well he actually is better for this mold then when originally painted as Bumblebee.

Skywarp? Well... ok. He's lame. But I'm just not a Seeker guy.

Go online now and buy the Decepticon Sneak Attack set.

Do it now!

Yes. I know. It is Wal-Mart.

And yes, they suck.

But join me in being a total crack whore addict.

You must have these guys!

TF Robot Heroes Megatron (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

The metal finish makes the Megatron.

Robot Heroes Megatron (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive) is the 1908th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Robot Heroes Mirage (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

Robot Heroes Mirage (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive) is the 1907th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Robot Heroes Skywarp (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

Robot Heroes Skywarp (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive) is the 1906th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Robot Heroes Optimus Prime (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

Wow! All I can say is the metallic finish makes this figure an 11.

Robot Heroes Optimus Prime (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive) is the 1905th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Robot Heroes Cliffjumper (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive)

Robot Heroes Cliffjumper (Wal-Mart Online Exclusive) is the 1904th Transformer that I've acquired.

Ron Moore's blog post about the ending on The Sopranos.

Either Tony was going to get whacked, or he wouldn't. "The Sopranos" would end with either the bitter little pill of the "bad" guy finally getting what he's got coming or with the vaguely false relief of family affirmed and life goes on.

Instead, Chase managed to do the unthinkable, the unbelievable and the unprecedented: he yanked us out of their lives without any resolution whatsoever. We were torn away from Tony, Carmella, AJ, Meadow, Paulie, Sil and the all the rest without any idea what happens to them tomorrow or even later that same evening. In real life, when you lose contact with someone, you seldom if ever have the satisfaction of knowing how the myriad threads of their lives resolved themselves. They are removed from your circle of knowledge and yet their lives go on unbeknownst to you in ways you can only imagine. The Sopranos are gone from our lives, but their lives go on without resolution, much like ours. None of us have tidy, revelatory endings that are the culmination of our "story arcs" and neither will they.

But I think my favorite part is...
It's poetic. It's exciting. It's perfect.

And most of all, I wish I'd thought of it first.

This is probably the best commentary I've read on that final epsiode.

Well, if the post on TFW2005 is true we finally have some voices to go with characters.

And on the whole, it isn't bad.

In fact, several of the names are actually voice actors and not celebrity voices which for me is one of the most important things that should have been considered. (Real voice actors typically get f'd over in these kinds of things!)

So obviously there's Cullen who is a voice actor and Hugo Weaver, while more of an onscreen guy, has done his share of voice acting in such films as Babe

Jess Harnell was a total shock. He portrayed the awesomely magnificent Wacko Warner in Animaniacs all those years ago and is pretty much strictly a voice actor.

Charlie Adler is a big time voice actor.

Keith David has done quite a bit of voice work.

Robert Foxworth has done some voices in recent years but is primarily a stage/screen actor.

Mark Ryan is pretty much not a voice actor.

All in all, not bad.

Not bad at all.

I'd have liked to see Welker and Corey Burton in there somewhere since they are 2 of my all-time favorites but what can ya do.

And Burton gets to be Megatron in the future animated TF show.

Review: Num num num num

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Move over Cherry Garcia® and Chunky Monkey® , there are 3 new flavors of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream that area taking over The House of Love™ and it doesn't look like they'll be leaving any time soon. Well 2 of them at least.

Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler™
You can't taste any cannabis here but man oh man you can come across a mighty big slice of peach or two as you consume entirely too many calories while eating it.

Peach cobbler is an excellent idea for an ice cream and this does in fact deliver an enjoyable experience.

My only complaint: needs more cobbler crust! I guess I'm a crusty guy.

Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream™
It is indeed the "sweet taste of liberty in your mouth" and while I'm not a fan of scooped ice cream in waffle cones, this stuff is like the old school novelty Drumstick in nice pint-sized form.

Hell... it is a thousand times better!

No complaints.

Teletran-1's 4-million Year Thaw™
I thought I would like this more but it really just tasts like total ass.

Sure Hasbro is putting out a ton of shit for the forthcoming movie but man oh man I can't believe Ben and Jerry stooped so low as to license a frigg'n ice cream.

The stupid "transform your taste buds" gimmick just is stupid. Who wants an ice cream to go from sweet tasting to metallic tasting? Nobody does.

It is oh so wrong!

This ranks up there withe the Movie Megatron Clitoral Stimulator.

Ugh. He's back.

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So I haven't been able to get to watch last Saturday's "Blink" but I came across a link to what looks like the opening bumpber for this week's forthcoming episode.


She was looking for a Doctor Who...


Hell's Kitchen: Episode 2


Well last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen didn't exactly go as I thought it would.

The guys totally f'd up the entire night and in a shocking event for this show this early on, the women not only got all of their orders out but also had to do the remaining guy's orders after Ramsey kicked all the men out of the kitchen since they kept screwing up.

I really really really cannot believe that Aaron has survived.

He's obviously out of his league here and if he's not hypoclycemic or diabetic he sure will be by the time he gets kicked off.

So it came down to Rock picking Josh and Eddie to get kicked off.

Josh is too good of a cook and just had a bad night so off Eddie went. And if I'm not mistaken he was kicked off with an expletive that made no sense in the context of the moment.

The one thing that really pissed me off is the way Fox creates the trailers for this show. They are so fully of bullshit gimmick to keep you watching that the events shown in the preview trailer don't necessarily happen in the next episode.

That's fraud in my book. Sure it is just mindless idiot box programming but one should never have to use any kind of fraud to entice potential viewers. The show needs to stand on its own merit.



I do have a loading dock now though.

You can hear me laughing to myself...


So I'm a regular lurker of John Campea's The Movie Blog and today he did an excellent post entitled "Deciding To Hate A Movie Before You See It" in which he discusses the differences between pre-hating a film versus predicting a film might be bad.

There is a difference between predicting and pre-deciding. We see the pre-deciders all the time. People who get so emotionally invested in their predictions, that no matter what happens, they will declare the movie bad. Sometimes people pre-decide they hate a film because of the subject matter... sometimes it's because of a certain actor or actress who is in the film. Sometimes it's because of a detail (Optimus Prime has a mouth, Galactus is a Storm Cloud). Sometimes it's just in spite of someone else (trust me, there are people who have already drafted their emails to me about how bad Transformers was weeks before seeing it). There are lots of reasons, and let's face it... once in a while we're all prone to it.
I think too many TF geeks are too invested in the overall hobby.

I'm far too invested in the toys but have no real care about the fiction.

The movie will be what it will be: a summer popcorn flick.

The toys are what they are: attempts to translate the film's flat virtual design aesthetic to an actual physical medium.

I'm still seeing people bitch about the movie.

It blows my mind.

If you want something to really bitch about, how about the fact that Cullen's voice isn't used on all of the TF movie Prime stuff that talks.

That one I can't figure out.




Some day. When I have time. I'll have to make up some lolbots of my own.

The Sopranos: Fin

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Well I can't say I was satisfied with the final The Sopranos last night.

I can understand why they ended it that way but it was somewhat unfulfilling.


The end.

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The final episode of The Sopranos will start in a few seconds.

That leaves me with Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Hell's Kitchen.

And now Ron Moore has announced that this is the final season of BG too.

Oh well.

When I get a new house I'll have plenty of time to start over renovating instead of wasting time in front of the idiot box.

Congratulations Kristin and Greg!

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Originally uploaded by KristinBlack
So way back in the long long ago of Botcon 2005 in a galaxy far far away (known as Texas) I was bored shitless and had nothing to really do.

A few doors down were some people that opened their room to trading and I wandered in.

It was there that my intense boredom was relieved and I met Kristin, Greg, Tom, and Andrew.

They made my trip worth it.

I spent a good portion of that weekend hanging with them, driving late night into the wilds of Texas to find alcohol, and all around surviving Gay Robot Convention.

Well last month Kristin and Greg finally tied the knot.


Gay Robot Convention roll call.


Botcon - Giga's general feeling about the con

So with only a couple of weeks left before the big GRC in Rhode Island I'm curious as to who, if any of you who read this here blog, are going to be there?

So far I know about Giga, Evebird, SpectroScott, W.H., and Woozyguy.

Anybody else?

Believe me. I can understand if you aren't going.

There's a huge part of me that kinda wishes I wasn't.

In which I comment on eBay auctions?


Wow! There's a Botcon 2005 Ratchet figure currently at $250. I didn't realize it was going for that much these days.


Um. There is no such thing as a Rare White Cybertron Vector Prime variant. Oh Sure. There's the Hasbro white Cybertron Vector Prime that was released individually mass market and also in a 2-pack with Starscream. Not exactly rare there.


There's a Car Robots Spychanger 6-Pack Giftset up for auction. I've only ever seen 1 before. It is one of the few Car Robots items I still need.

It would be sorta-kinda funny.


So. I was thinking.

Even though I have this insane toy collection and even though I have a true love-hate relationship with it you should all know by now how utterly absurd I truly view my toy addiction.

And so I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if I submitted the Disaster of Love pics to Tformers as one of their Featured Collections.

Just picture after picture of the mess that the attic has devolved is my kind of humor.

I did get a ton of Energon packed up yesterday. Even managed to get some shots too.

Giga got some more bins for me so I can continue packing today.

Painted Protoform Prime


Painted Protoform Prime
Originally uploaded by revlimit
Revlimit does it again... making Protoform Prime totally cool for the first time ever.

So most of you by now probably have figured over that I've spent the 2 years working on my house to get it on the market.

Well I'm now within 2 weeks of the goal date I set to finally get a for sale sign out front.

And with only 13 days left, the weather is really conducive in Cowtown to get a lot of work done in space formerly known as the Attic of Love™ and now known as the Attic of Disaster™.

Countdown - Day 13 - Starting on the Attic of Disaster™.

Countdown - Day 13 - Starting on the Attic of Disaster™.

Countdown - Day 13 - Starting on the Attic of Disaster™.

I haven't spent more than an hour at any given time up here for probably over a year.

I let boxes pile up and everything just become a total pit.

With 1900+ Transformers that is just asking for trouble.

Hopefully I can make some progress in the packing today.

I don't know if I'll be able to get 1 shot of each toy that I wanted to take. I'll try though.

I so need those photos for insurance purposes!

More crack!


As of this morning I will have to become a streetwalker to pay for yesterday's manic and insane purchases.

I actually had all of the most recent additions last night but I was too tired to get everything uploaded.

I've added the following this morning:

Transformers Sector 7 Arcee
Transformers Sector 7 Signal Flare
Transformers Sector 7 Hardtop
Optimash Prime
Transformers Movie Scorponok
Transformers Movie Blackout
3" Titanium Optimus Prime (Metallic Exclusive)
3" Titanium Bumblebee (Metallic Exclusive)
Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus
Robot Heroes Megatron
TF Robot Heroes Bumblebee
Robot Heroes Soundwave

I think Optimash Prime has got to be the most fun of the recent ones. He's so great and he'll be great in my new office.

Transformers Movie FrenzyThis will be the only time I ever mention this thing here. It is otherwise best left forgotten.

Barricade comes with this tiny Frenzy "thing" that folds up into the front of his car.

I debated about counting this in the collection since I typically value my PVCs and the like but I've decided against it.

I'd have to count that Scorponok PVC thingie that came with Blackout too and that would be pushing it.

Sector 7 Arcee


Transformers Sector 7 Arcee

Walk around your attic, basement, hovel, bedroom, den, office, etc. and gather up every version of the Energon Arcee mold you have.

Energon? Check! Superlink Paradron Medic? Check! Botcon Flareup? Check! Botcon Chromia? Check! Botcon other repaint? Check!

Now dump them all into the trash can or give them to a toyless child!

Sector 7 Arcee is the bestest repaint of this mold ever!

She's never look this good and the metallic blue rocks! My only complaint is that they should have done the "energon" parts in chrome instead of translucent plastic.

Transformers Sector 7 Arcee is the 1903rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Sector 7 Signal Flare

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Transformers Sector 7 Signal Flare

Wow! I think that this is the first time and Energon basic figure has been redeco'd and the "energon" parts were not done in a translucent plastic!

The solid grey makes for a far more believeable figure for this Sector 7 crap too.

Transformers Sector 7 Signal Flare is the 1902nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Sector 7 Hardtop


Transformers Sector 7 Hardtop

An excellent redeco.

Transformers Sector 7 Hardtop is the 1901st Transformer that I've acquired.

Optimash Prime


Optimash Prime

And with Optimash Prime I've hit 1900 figures!!!

I so love him! He's great! He's level 12 awesome!

Optimash Prime is the 1900th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Scorponok


Transformers Movie Scorponok

The only reason I got him was because I went with the TRU 2-Pack for $25.

He never was going to interest me.

Transformers Movie Scorponok is the 1899th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Blackout


Transformers Movie Blackout (bot mode)

He was actually the only figure I really wanted but on acquiring him there's something missing from my expected love.

He's ok. Don't get me wrong. He's actually very nice.

But... I don't know.

I think I like some of the bots in the prototype generic resin grey color.

Some details seem to get lost when it gets painted.

Transformers Movie Blackout is the 1898th Transformer that I've acquired.

3" Titanium Optimus Prime (Metallic Exclusive)

Titanium Optimus Prime is the 189tth Transformer that I've acquired.

3" Titanium Bumblebee (Metallic Exclusive)

I still think he's one of the better 3" Titaniums. I like the metallic sheen too.

Titanium Bumblebee (Metallic Exclusive) is the 1896th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus


TF Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus/p>

Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus is the 1895th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Megatron

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TF Robot Heroes Megatron

Is that a smile? Is that a look of "aghastness"?

Imagine the he never becomes the lord of lameness Galvatron and all will be right with your world.

Robot Heroes Megatron is the 1894th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Robot Heroes Bumblebee


TF Robot Heroes Bumblebee

Robot Heroes Bumblebee is the 1893rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Soundwave


TF Robot Heroes Soundwave

I likes him!

Will we get the inevitable Frenzy and Rumble? I mean, we know how much the big H loves the repaints.

Robot Heroes Soundwave is the 1892nd Transformer that I've acquired.

So much crack today.

Robot Heroes Shockwave
Robot Heroes Grimlock
Robot Heroes Starscream
Robot Heroes Optimus Prime
Robot Heroes Hot Rod
Robot Heroes Ravage
Robot Heroes Mirage
Robot Heroes Schrapnel
Transformers Movie Starscream
Transformers Movie Ironhide
Transformers Movie Barricade
Transformers Movie Optimus Prime (Robovision version)
Transformers Movie Bumblebee
Transformers Movie Wreckage
Transformers Movie Jazz


I'll get around to adding more commentary later.

It takes quite a bit of time just to get the shit up here at at Flickr.

But one thing I can say...

I love the Robot Heroes figures better than the movie figures!!!

Robot Heroes Shockwave


TF Robot Heroes Shockwave

The one I've so been waiting for!!!

I demand a Revoltech Shockwave!!!

Robot Heroes Shockwave is the 1891st Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Grimlock

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TF Robot Heroes Grimlock

Robot Heroes Optimus Prime is the 1890th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Starscream

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TF Robot Heroes Starscream

He's a thousand times better than the 3" Titanium.

No doubt we'll get repaints.

obot Heroes Optimus Prime is the 1889th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Optimus Prime


TF Robot Heroes Optimus Prime

Robot Heroes Optimus Prime is the 1888th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Hot Rod


TF Robot Heroes Hot Rod

Robot Heroes Hot Rod is the 1887th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Ravage

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TF Robot Heroes Ravage

Best version of Ravage ever!

Robot Heroes Mirage is the 1886th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Mirage

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TF Robot Heroes Mirage

I love this pose!

Robot Heroes Mirage is the 1885th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Schrapnel

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TF Robot Heroes Schrapnel

They obviously lost the name Schrapnel since they call him Insecticon on the package.

We know the truth though.

Robot Heroes Schrapnel is the 1884th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Starscream


Transformers Movie  Starscream  (alt mode)

I'm just going to come out and say it...

I hate this figure.

Transformers Movie Starscream is the 1883rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Ironhide


Transformers Movie Ironhide

Awesome alt mode!!!

Transformers Movie Ironhide is the 1882nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Barricade


Transformers Movie Barricade (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Barricade is the 1881st Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime (Robovision version)

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime is the 1880th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Bumblebee

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Transformers Movie Bumblebee (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Bumblebee is the 1879th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Wreckage


Transformers Movie Wreckage

Transformers Movie Wreckage is the 1878th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Jazz

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Transformers Movie Jazz (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Jazz is the 1877th Transformer that I've acquired.

Dirty. So very very dirty.


So I've been patiently waiting for some of the figures I ordered from HTS to arrive and the movie ones, other than Brawl, are still no place to be found.

This afternoon I drove out to Target with Evebird and JackOfAllGeeks and kinda went batshit crazy, buying a ton of crap that I really didn't know if I wanted or not.

I snagged the Robot Heroes figures that they had, as well as a main line Starscream, Ironhide, Voyager Prime, and those 3 Energon repaints.

I also got an Optimash Prime too which I want for my office at work.

I feel dirty that I let the addiction overcome me. The lack of any real crack I actually want triggered a splurge of buying.

I did put back Scorponok since I might as well get that with the Blackout 2-pack if at all. I also didn't see much point in the Leader class Prime yet since I figure I'll find plenty of him on clearance in the future.

Oh. And Evebird alerted me to the exclusive online Wal-Mat Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack figures so I ordered those.

Hopefully my HTS order of Ratchet, Jazz, Bumblebee, and Wreckage arrives soon.

Hell's Kitchen: Episode One


Let's deviate from the normal Transformers crap and the occasional Who crap and just get right down to it shall we?

Hell's Kitchen rocked!

Now I hate reality television shows but for some reason, this one has caught my attention for 3 seasons now and last night's episode was quite possibly the c*ntiest episode ever!

Yes! I said it!

We've had our share of women bitching at each other and last year, Sara was a total backstabbing bitch supreme. But man oh man these girls couldn't get any of their shit together at all. Ever. And they totally were screwing over poor Julia the Waffle House grill cook, who of course saves the day by being the only one who seems to be able to cook the quail egg appetizers correctly.

By the end of the hour, the red team composed of all of the girls lost the evening's work and one of the bitchiest women so far was let go.

And for the most part, I think those of us who reside in the House of Love agreed with the results. None of use think any of the women, with the possible exception of Melissa will go far.

I'm actually thinking of rooting for Eddie, the short little guy. I think it is worth cheering on this guy.

So. With only 1 episode left to be aired of The Sopranos and 4 episodes of Doctor Who remaining, Hell's Kitchen is pretty much the only television I've got left for the summer and autumn.

And believe me, I don't think I give shit about about Torchwood returning. It really did kind of suck balls.



Wow! Here's some bad craziness that Giga sent me.

I'm tempted to bid on it.

Variants! Ack!

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Of course TakaraTomy would have to release the Real Gear figures as variants from the Hasbro ones.


Transformers Movie Brawl


Transformers Movie Brawl (close up)

Transformers Movie Brawl is the 1875th Transformer that I've acquired.

I can haz protoculture?

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I wanted to be yelled at.


I'm not much of a daily TV watcher.

Hell. I watch about 2 shows with any regular viewing right now and even one of those only has 2 episodes left until it ends.

But tomorrow one of my little guilty pleasure shows is back on.

Yup! Hell's Kitchen returns.

Alas, they never responded to my submission to get on the show.

No kielbasa for Gordon Ramsey!

It is like on 11.


All I have to say is "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood" 2-part story are quite possibly the finest episodes of Doctor Who that I've ever seen.

And for the most part, the Doctor is barely in them!

Oy koledy! Bad crazy awesome Whoness!

Real Gear Power Up VT6


Real Gear Power Up VT6 (bot mode)

He's my favorite so far! I so love Power up!

He just looks great in every mode!!!

alt mode

Real Gear Power Up VT6 is the 1875th Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Booster X10


Real Gear Booster X10 (bird mode)

I did not know this figure existed until I saw it on the site to buy. I don't know where I've been.

He's great. I didn't but his cannon on him since I think he looks better without it.

But the name. There are only 2 names I thought of. Guess which ones?

And yes... I think we'll see some Botcon 2008 repaints of this guy!

alt mode

Real Gear Booster X10 is the 1874th Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Speed Dial 800

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Real Gear Speed Dial 800 (botmode)

Probably the only one who has something about him I don't like.

The "lens" head still bothers me.

It reminds me of this awful 14" or so action figure I had in the 70s. Some caped red/black/and yellow guy with his light in his head.

alt mode

Real Gear Speed Dial 800 is the 1873rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Zoom Out 25X

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Real Gear Zoom Out 25X (bot mode)

alt mode

Real Gear Zoom Out 25X is the 1872nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Spy Shot 6


Real Gear Spy Shot 6 (bot mode)

My god Spy Shot 6 rocks!

alt mode

Real Gear Spy Shot 6 is the 1871st Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Longview


Real Gear Longview (bot mode)

Holy crap my Real Gear figures arrived.

Longview is great! And I love his bright yellow and black!

alt mode

Real Gear Longview is the 1870th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Movie Legends Bumblebee

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TF Movie Legends Bumblebee (alt mode)

bot mode

TF Movie Legends Bumblebee is the 1869th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Movie Legends Barricade

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TF Movie Legends Barricade (alt mode)

bot mode

TF Movie Legends Barricade is the 1868th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Movie Legends Jazz

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TF Movie Legends Jazz (alt mode)

bot mode

TF Movie Legends Jazz is the 1867th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Movie Legends Ratchet

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TF Movie Legends Ratchet (alt mode)

bot mode

TF Movie Legends Ratchet is the 1866th Transformer that I've acquired.

2007 Victorian Village Yard Sale - Mary Beth found two TFs for me

So today was the Victorian Village Yard sale here in Cowtown and while I didn't have anything to sell this year, I went and hung out at P and K's house anyway.

Mary Beth stopped buy and pulled out some plastic crack she found a few doors down.

I've got her totally trained to know real TFs versus knockoffs or other brands. She knows to look for Hasbro or Takara on the legs and feet and everything. She even once dumpster dived into a 300 gallon dumpster and found an old G1 Jetfire that she gave me!

Well she found a RID Air Attack Optimus Primal and an Armada Demolisher (with the minicon even) for 10 cents!

Hell... even though I already have them I would have bought them for that! What crack addict would pass that up!

I won't count them in the collection but they'll probably end up at work in my new office. I have a shitload of shelves and nothing to put on them.

And thus it came to pass...


I am so happy that this site is not a "Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Site".

And I'm happy that I only know about Volkswagen Beetles (and some other air-cooled VWs) from the 1950s to 1979 and not Camaros.

Or else I'd have been pwned bigtime today.

No toys and no love.

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So my Gay Robot Convention confirmation arrived today.

We're confirmed for the Gay Robot Movie and the Hasbro tour, hopefully the later one.

I was sort of hoping at the very least for a "hugs and kisses from Fun Publications" but alas, I did not get that.

Oh. And get this.

I came hope to a package from Hasbro and I figured maybe it would be one of the many crack pieces on order with them.

Did I get any crack?

Hell no!

I can't believe that Hasbro's fulfillment company actually packaged up and shipped only the 2 stupid free magnets.

They had to send just this?

That's like... a major waste on so many levels.

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