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Dare I say it... I feel a renewed sense of lame geek vigor now that I'm back from the GRC.


Thanks to WaterMelonEatingBoy for making a surprise visit on Sunday!

It was great to meet fellow bloggers Mr. Terrific, Teresa, and Ramen Junkie. And it is always a pleasure to see The Evil King of Macrocrania.

I got the chance to hang out and drink with the crew from About Heroes. Here's to Dan, Spider-Ben, and EvilOmar! I hope Omar can feel his balls once again.

W and A, while only coming down Saturday, seemed to have a good time too.

Props to Spectroscott and NeoSpark. And I could never forget WoozyGuy's fantastic Casino Night dancing.

JKNotRowling, a total non-TF person, had a very good time losing his virginity. I think that even Brandy had a good time at her GRC deflowing this year!

And Botcon for me would never be the same without Tom, Mike, Greg, and Kristin. If it wasn't for them I doubt I'd ever have gone to another con past 2005.

And of course, thanks to Giga, who now has the personal pleasure of witnessing me constantly saying "Tell me again why I spent $420 on 4 transparent toys that I already own in some other form or color?!?!?!"

And thank you to all those wonderful toy dealers who bought up all the Animated figures at stores around Cincinnati and then marked them up 200-300% then sold them to little walk-in kids who really wanted them. Yes. There is indeed a special place in Hell reserved for you. And I'll open the door when ya get there!

Botcon 2008: The Complete Haul of Crap


This is what you end up buying when the things on your needs list aren't able to be easily met.

However, the Jacksons weren't exactly staying put in the wallet.

Botcon 2008: The complete haul!

The crap includes:

An Awesome Raydeen PVC
Transformers Visualworks book
E-Hobby Ghost Starscream
2008 Winterfest Arcee Exclusive
The Botcon 2008 Boxed Set
The Botcon 2008 add-on souvenier figures
Silver Alloy Convoy PVC
Exclusive Crazy Steve Botcon 2008 WTF?!? Tetrajet Skywarp
Galaxy Force Dark Fang Wolf exclusive
Beast Wars Neo Heinlad
E-Hobby Translucent Hot Rod
TF Movie Bumblebee (Stealth Version)
E-Hobby Twincast and Flip-Sides
Takara Exclusive Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy
Takara Exclusive Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream
Brave Maximus Weapons kit
Sewing Stars Exclusive Buttons


Botcon: And then it was over.


I'm home.

And all I can say is I am major tired.

Botcon itself, as usual, was so-so meh.

Everything around Botcon however was utterly fantastic.

You don't go to Botcon for the toys.

You don't go to Botcon for the guests.

You go to Botcon for you are your geek friends being screamingly retarded on pitcher after pitcher after pitcher of Killians!

And... to top it off?

Mister Terrific won 1st place in the diorama contest last night!

More later after I decompress.

GRC: Day 1


Bad crazy day.

Have met up with Mr. Terrific and Teresa. Going to dinner.

I'm only down $330 from the dealer room.

No idea if I'll be able to get anything for anyone. Sorry.

Here's what I snagged so far.

Current Haul

Yeah. I dropped the cash down on the Wonderfest Arcee.

But I got Heinlad!!!

GRC: Day 0 Recap


Have I mentioned lines before?

GRC 08: Lines

Yeah. There are lines.

GRC 08: Mre lines

And more lines.

GRC 08: Earth-3 Convoy

Now it wasn't as bad as last year.

However, FP never ever seems to learn a lesson and change the way they do things. The fact that they are all paper-based and not electronic completely makes this laughable.

So much could be solved with a little investment. Oh well.

Thankfully I brought plenty of cash. The cash line at least seemed to move. The add-ons were over $200 with tax. Ugh!


So far, my only horribly doy moment was realizing that I gave out the wrong area code when I gave out Giga's cell! It is 614 folks! I'm so sorry!


Let's see... I finally ran into Zeta Convoy late last night with the his gf. Mike too. MrDeuce and the others were driving in from Louisville and got in much later.

It is really good to see those guys. I really only see them once a year but it is worth it.

I also ran into Crazy Steve and chatted briefly. He's still working on those Tetrajets!!!


Hot Rod is the only toy I really like.

And from what I hear, I seriously doubt that I'll be able to get another set.


Is this green 2-day old baby poo or guacamole? You make the call.

GRC 08: Worst quacamole ever!

Worst Mexican food ever!


GRC 2008

I'll try to post some of the stupidity if it occurs.

And all the pics will go to my Flickr Botcon Gallery!



E-Hobby is doing a repaint of Omega Supreme as a the generic Guardian Sentinel!!!

Now this I will buy!!!

Countdown to The GRC: Day Zero

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So this is it.

I gotta take the Hoont the get boarded, rake up some more magnolia blossoms, clean out the car, and finish packing.

We should be on the road by 1:30 or so.

View Larger Map

I'm so happy this is a quick drive!

If you don't hear from me before... then see ya from the Gayest Robot Convention you can possibly imagine!

So I noticed that the Allspark message board has a post announcing that the Botcon custom class figure turned out to be the retooled Transformers Collectors Club Nightbeat figure.

I guess that's kind of cool.


There's a part of me... the part that pays that extra $40 a year to belong to that mostly useless club... which is kind of angry.

I mean... don't you think you should actually produce the figure for purchase by club members before using it for something like this?

I mean.... yeah... that's great and all for the people that paid to be in the class but I don't know...

When it really comes down to it I just don't give a shit.

I think that part of me that wants to save that $40 a year pretty much knows I will now.

Countdown to The GRC: 1 day

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It is so nice to begin a vacation on a nice sunny day and just get up without the alarm and not feel like I really have to do anything other than pull my crap together for the con and run a few errands.

And no... I'm not going to work on Project 5 until Tuesday at the earliest. I'm in no mood to ruin a generally good mood heading into Botcon by getting covered in dust for hours.


I saw that the TF SDCC exclusive this year will be another repaint of the Classics Prime mold, this time as the done-to-death Nemesis Prime deco.

So we get the same general idea done at Botcon and then again, only blacker, for SDCC.

Definitely time to retire the mold. I can accept the original, the Magnus, and even the Botcon repaint. And of course, the Henkei one isn't really for the American audience. But 5 of the same thing is 1 too much!

Speaking of the mold, the custom Ultra Magnus armor to Classics Magnus is really nice.

It still amazes me people will bitch about it and still go on and on about the use of a white Prime.

Be happy somebody is making something that will alter the figure... and selling it!

If you aren't going to kitbash and customize the shit out of it yourself then quit yer bitch'n!


Countdown to The GRC: 2 days


Ugh! My last day of work before what I guess you could say amounts to my only vacation this year.

It is kind of sad when Botcon becomes your vacation, as it has the past 2 or so years now.

I miss my once or twice yearly jaunts to San Francisco that used to happen quite a lot prior to 2004.

Hmmm... San Francisco or Cincinnati, OH? San Francisco or Providence, RI? San Francisco or Lexington, KY? San Francisco or Podunk Suburb Of Dallas, TX?

Yeah. Nothing quite compares to my favoritest city in 'Murica.

I've sent out emails to everyone that I knew was going to be there. Hopefully ya got 'em.

Note: I am not the keeper of the phone. I don't own one nor do I plan to in any capacity for a long time. That's Giga's number!

In other news, I'm actually super excited about something now that is Con-related.

I can't wait to get my hands on my super rare Botcon 2008 exclusive Tetrajet and exclusive poem "I Only Feel Alive at Botcon (and that is why I want to die)" figure and ancillary item. (Perhaps he'll do a personal reading too!)

Man... talk about quite possibly the single best custom tshirt caption that sickly captures my general feelings of toy collecting and GRC conventioneering.

Leave it to Esteban Loco to sum it up perfectly for me.


What's really sad is what a bad turn I've taken from Botcon 2006, and even Botcon 2007 due to the events of the last 6-8 months.

Injuring my back really but me into a downward spiral overall health-wise, not to mention mentally.

I looked back at Botcon 2006 pictures and I've put on over 50lbs since then.

Not good.

Not good at all.

I've got to get back to my gym routine and get my back solid and strong or else I'm going to be even more miserable in my 40s.


And since I gave all my fat clothes to Goodwill in 2005 I really don't have anything that fits right any more.

I am definitely the poster child for how 6 months of no exercise and bad diet can undo years of hard work.

Still... even 50 lbs heavier... I'm a lot lighter than some of those Botcon geeks.

And I smell better too!

Come and and smell me. I dare you.

Ok. I've emailed our cell phone # out.

I'm suffering from frazzled brain old age due to the toy show and the house work and I think I got every body.

I know I lost Mr. Terrific's email but hopefully mine'll get forwarded like I requested.

Hmmm.... I gotta go home and rake up decaying magnolia leaves before I start spackling.


So we set up at Vets Memorial again to do the "toy and comic dealer" thing even though we really are "toy collectors trying to get rid of shit".

Nothing in our booth was new but was purely the stuff from the same bins we returned with last time.

I made one kid extremely happy with a boatload of Energon toys and gave away a few Tiny Tin Spychangers.

I'm always happy when kids get really excited about TFs.

There's some miscellaneous pics at my Flickr set.

I only bought Micronauts and an old Colonial Viper from the 70s. More on that later.

The real news, and something I'll be depressed about (for no logical reason) is that my comics all sold.

Of course, they sold for for 5 cents for every dollar spent on them over the past 30 years... but 95% or more of them are out of my my basement, my garage, and my life.

The 90s and 00s stuff didn't bother me... it was the stuff from my childhood that hurts.

More later. I'm tired.

2008 Columbus Toy Show - Setup



Yup kids.

It is that time of the year again.

We spent the evening hauling bins and bins of shit to Vets Memorial to sell tomorrow at the toy show.

Everything I have is exactly what didn't sell 2 shows ago and also including 10 long boxes of DC comics.

Let's see what Transformers won't sell again.

Yeah. That means you.

If you want to at least hook up and briefly meet at the con email me your cell # and I'll return ours.


I kinda of wish I'd made up those Gay Robot Convention Conventioneer tshirts now.

Ok. This photo of Earth-3 Convoy definitely makes the figure look like it is lickable and less than sellable.

I mean... s'kinda sad with FP can't do "make your panties moist" photos of their own stuff to get the conventioneer rabble truly excited.


Speaking of FP. Did you read the news about their threatening legal action against Chinese ebay sellers with all the stolen toys?

If you really want something funny, try rereading the supposed letter but think of the voice in the video here.

They just not better pull this shit on the toys I wanted to dump out of the box! Not that they are likely to get much out of me in the next year anyway.


Just give the old darkside a try

So. While there's something photoshoppy about this, the smaller Energon Galvatron mold that was barely released in 'Murica is a likely Botcon add-on.

If this is real, the head retool works, but the blue translucent parts would have worked so much better for me if they were tranlsucent red.


Let's face it.

How often do you seem me get excited about a repaint?

Not very.

But man oh man... there's something about this yellow Mudflap that says "You will buy me and you will lick me all over and you will love me because of my intense insane yellowness and the rest of the world will hate us but you and I will make happy gay robot love with Botcon Hot Rod" or something like that.

Yay for Mark 1!


Whilst out yesterday picking up the remainder of the crack shelves in Lancaster, the G found me the shortpacked Iron Man Mark I figure I wanted.

Yay! I got the Mark 1 Iron Man

Now I read Iron Man in the early 80s, but like all Marvel Comics I lost interest by the late 80s and just find it hard to read any of them anymore.

So honestly, when it was announced and Iron Man flick was in the works I was pretty much ho-hum about it. Though truthfully, I was more excited about this than certain recent Michael Bay films.

I knew that this was likely going to be a good film from the moment the first stills leaked and voila... the original grey Iron Man suit was in it.

I mean, they could have glossed over much of the character's history, including the evolution of the armor, and it would be standard sci-fi.

But no... they actually adapted the Tony Stark story to modern times and have given us him creating the armor in stages.

Kirby - Iron Man Mark 1There was always something simple yet cool about Jack Kirby's original design which really only ever appeared in Iron Man's first appearance in 1963.

And the fact they included this in the film just shows a love that I didn't expect.

Now sure, this film could be a disaster like Daredevil, Elecktra, or Ghost Rider, but I'm thinking that it'll be several levels about those.

I can hope can't I?

And could Tony Stark have been better cast?

I think not.



This is inevitable here.


eBay Australia to only permit payment via PayPal (Wikinews)

I'm not much for the Ebays of the world anymore but I do understand their necessity for toy addicts.

But for Ebay, even just Ebay Australia, to basically force payment via their fully owned subsidiary Paypal seems a bit of bad form.

Of course, corporations typically can't be trusted to do anything really trustworthy when it comes to profit generation anymore.


Aussies will have to 1) pay a fee to post an auction, 2) take a % hit when it sells, 3) take a hit when the Paypal transaction occurs, and then quite possibly 4) a % for volume traders.

Now I only bring Australian Ebay up because you know damn well 'Merican Ebay would gladly force all their users to use Paypal just like this if they could.

And quite frankly, I imagine something like this will happen in the future regardless of US anti-trust laws and such.

I'm wondering how many years Ebay has left in it.

The need for greed/profit will always trump everything else in business, especially those businesses that managed to start out relatively benign on the internets and succeed.



It has been so very very long since I've had crack on display I'm all excited and... dare I say it... almost giddy... that I've got display shelves!!!

Shelf test.

I've had to just start grabbing recent shit to throw up to see how it'll all work.

It won't be exactly what I want.

But it'll do.

TetraJets = TetraBallsAwesome


Crazy Steve's Tetra Jets

The one and only Evil King Macrocranios, aka my favorite Transformer blogger Crazy Steve, has been doing these little non-transformable custom G1 Cybertronian Tetrajets.

They're great!

I'm hoping he does one in Sunstorm colors just because so many people hate Sunstorm and therefore Sunstorm deserves the Tetrajet mode that he'd have had if he was a really character anyway so as to piss them off even more.

Pissing off Transformer fans isn't only Hasbro's job! It should be all of our jobs!

Well. I can thankfully say one of the major dilemmas in regards to crack addiction display drama has been solved.

Shelves have been found!!!

Things were looking grim to find shelving that would totally meet my sensibility, be made of real wood, and yet be affordable. The shelves also had to look "adult" and not be cheaper than the toys that were to be displayed on them.

I fully expected to end up paying $1500+ for shelving.

And then, today, Giga found almost exactly what I needed and wanted on CLEARANCE at Office Max of all places.

The slightly beat up display model was only $37 and the other two boxed ones were only $50.

The only other remaining ones were located in Lancaster, OH so they are on hold and he'll snag them Tuesday.

They should be perfect for crack shelves and I saved so much money that it can be spent in the other bedroom, or on the landscaping, or one of a hundred other projects!!!

Thanks G!!!

Transformers Movie Bumblebee (Target Cylinder Exlusive)

Well. I guess I'll be keeping him.

This slightly repainted Transformers Movie Bumblebee is the 2035th Transformer that I've acquired.

Is this worth $110?


Encore Series Omega Supreme


Is the Encore Omega Supreme worth it?

My internal monologue still doesn't know.

The new face is nice but not worth it.

Having a "new" toy with fully working electronics is worth it.

Not having Floppy Claw Syndrome™ is worth it.

But really... if I were to buy him... I should really get rid of my G1 versions.

I mean... that has to happen in the new space.

If something goes in then something must go out.

Transformers Animated: The Elite Guard


The Good

Thankfully, this is a robot-centric episode light on the humans.

Ultra Magnus - Oy koledy! He's fantastic! And he wields Mjolnir and the the Dinobots cower in front of him!

It is like the writers have taken 22 years of G1 Ultra Magnus joking and turned it around.

Though in my opinion, God Magnus pretty much did that already in Car Robots!


Damn I gotsta have me a Jazz now!


"Prime" is a rank.

I love the fact that Optimus is not leader of the Autobots but merely leader of a squad of them. That's so much better.

The Bad

Sentinel Prime is such a tool. I hated him when he appeared in flashback and I hated him here.

Then again, it is obvious he's a tool so you can realize that Optimus isn't so much of a tool. Though Optimus is a lame ass character too.

Calling all geeks...


Is this different???

There I was walking through Target yesterday and I found these totally different packages on the Deluxe Movie figures.

The cylinder packaging, with the figure in bot mode, is really fantastic. I love it.

However, can anybody tell me if it is different from the previous mainstream release?

He looks a lot bluer but I never opened that one so I can't tell.

If you know... tell me.

I'll take this back if it is the same. I do not have a package variant fetish.

Of course, you probably know that I'm an enormous Howard Stern Show fan.

I listen to the show daily on Sirius and also subscribe to Howard TV where I often get my fix of what I miss when I can't hear the show.

Well... the one day (Thursday) when I don't listen some of the most crazy bad shit goes down between Artie Lange and his assistant Teddy.

A verbal tiff becomes an on air fist fight, then Artie accused Howard of being the trigger, and then Artie quits!

Bad craziness!

That explains why when I tuned in after work on Thursday there was a slightly unusual replay of Monday's show and not the Thursday one. Howard apparently won't let the show be heard again and obviously we'll never see the televised footage.

But... thankfully... I got to hear the blow up on YouTube.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Artie's become a vital part of the show for the past 7 years. I can't imagine the show without him.


Battlestar Galactica: Six Of One

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Damn! Mighty fine! Mighty fine indeed!


Doctor Who: Partners In Crime


Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 1

Yes he's back. Back again. The Doctor's back. Tell a friend!

It is with great joy and happiness that The Doctor is back on the air!


Wow! It is like 22 days until the ゲイロボット大会.

In addition to the usual suspects, I know Ramen Junkie, Mister Terrific, Crazy Steve, and now Teresa will be there from around these parts of the internets.

While there's no major excitement for the con itself in me yet, I'm pretty certain I'll be finding time to make sweet sweet robot love to Earth-3 Hot Rod.


Yeah. Outta all the Botcon stuff he's definitely my favorite so far!

I mean... he's got the whole black deco thing going on but theres a little bit of heaven there in with the contast of that purple flame application.

He's love!

Love I tell you!

You can't deny it!

See. I do need a scriptwriter.


Ugh. Had to post on YouTube. The other way isn't working.

(Actually, the real video is 100MB bigger but I just said screw it and used this crappier even more pointless one.)


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With any luck, a flash movie will appear above here. I've been trying to encode my own Flash video and serve it.

I need a scriptwriter.

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Yeah. The site was major hosed again.

This time something different. Haven't quite figured out why changing my htaccess file to prevent people from stealing my images impacted the root level.


As always.



Hey dzieci!

How's it hanging?


Not much going on here.

I paint.

Paint lots.

And/or bitch about painting.

Hung blinds today. Bought cheap ones to save money to put towards decent shelves.

What was that?

There's something retarded afoot?

You don't say.

I feel like grill'n tonight!

It is time to bless my ugly back yard with some grilled flesh.

An end in sight...

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"Brass Mesh"? More like "Brass Meh"!

Ultra Magnus just wants this project done!

Still not sure...

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P4 - Day 11 - The "Brass Mesh" test.

I'm still not sure about the "Brass Mesh" yet.

It is more orange-gold and I wanted more brown-gold if that makes any sense.

I'll need to make a final decision in an hour or so.

So much crap.


So while I spent the day priming and painting, Giga unloaded our offsite storage unit of all of the toys and comics.

Mind you... the garage is already packed with Transformers and the basement has many boxes too.

Toys from Storage, Part 1

Toys from Storage, Part 3

Somehow he got it all locked up in the garage.

Someday, I hope to actually be able to use that garage to park the car in.

Battlestar Galactica

And in one episode... the seeds of the inevitable are sown.

Man oh man it was so great having new BG on again. Even though I can barely stay awake past 9:00pm anymore I'll make a Friday night effort to make sure I catch fresh BG from the flotsam that is television.


Less than 90 minutes.


In less than 90 minutes the final season of the best drama series this side of my beloved Snots Landing begins.

Battlestar Galactica is back.

And hopefully, it'll go out in a blaze of television glory!

New BG! New Doctor! New Sarah Jane! And even new Hells's Kitchen too!

Here I am barely watching more than an hour or two of television a week and now all of my favorite shit is all back on!!!

Slowly but surely.

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P4 - Day 10 - Primed.

On Day 10 the priming began.

In a few days I may actually be done with the primary work and can move the contents of the other bedroom into this one and get that redone.

I figure I'll have a crack vault back sometime in mid-May if all goes well.

The replastering and rebuilding of the corners has been worth it. The ceiling work? Not so much.

I'm leaning towards this insanely bright deep rich yellow-orange called Rise and Shine.

But then I also like this Grape Calvary color.

And then there are these two more earthy natural ones I've come back to over the past 6 months called Pony Tail (the lighter) and Sauteed Mushroom (the darker).

Picking paint colors... and the associated "names"... has literally got to be gayer than collecting toy robots.



Things are finally looking up.

Tara Strong has been announced as the next GRC guest!

Two new people.

Say it ain't so!!!

I'm actually looking forward to a voice actor panel again.

Now I just gotta find a life-size blow up doll of Toot Braunstein for her to sign.


It'll be my very first autograph ever at a con.

And I would so loves me some Foxxy action too!

That'd make me mega happy.

Prepare for Extermination


Prepare for Extermination.

This Botcon... SwineTrekkie asks if you are indeed "Prepared For Extermination?"...

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