Beast Wars Tigatron (Botcon 2001 Exclusive)


Botcon 2001 "Beast Wars" Tigatron Exclusive

Beast Wars Tigatron (Botcon 2001 Exclusive) is the 1920th Transformer that I've acquired.


Definitely cool.
He's on my "to get" list - when I can fit him into the budget.
One of these days ....

no kidding, same here..
there seems to be no trace of him anymore on EBay though :(

Nuh uh. . . Ravage was hard enough to get my hands on. Too rich for my blood.

I got one today! :)
Um,would anyone of you pay $152.50 for this?
I don't think I'll be getting the Ravage (don't like the idea of getting a repaint) though, so what the heck...

Actually, this is the repaint of the Ravage.

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