Transformer Movie spoilers...


With the movie coming out in a lot of places tomorrow I figured it wouldn't hurt to finally talk about it.

*likely spoilers ahead*

I was actually kind of offended when Prime called Jazz a "jive ass nigga". I know the film is PG-13 but that was kind of uncalled for. Michael Bay is trying so hard to appeal to an urban hip-hop youth crowd here. However, it did help explain why they called him Jazz, it being a strange contraction of Jive and Ass.

I totally understand why Megatron has a vagina now. When Prime shoved that energon tower into it right after Shockwave knocked Megatron down it really did show how much Hasbro made the toy show accurate.

Could someone explain to me why it is so important to constantly put that old cliche Unicron into everything? Did he really need to make an appearance at the end?!?! Grrrr!

I'm sorry. Megan Fox pushing her tits on Bumblebee's windshield right after Rachet accidentally broke that fire hydrant was totally wrong. Kids are going to go see this!

Did Jazz really have to reformat? Hasbro never even mentioned a toy with the new look.

That Tyrese guy yells "Bring it!" but never once while watching the movie did I really feel it was "brought". I suppose it is just me.


"Jive ass nigga"? Kidding, right?

Hey! You obviously chose to keep reading. Live with it! :-)

I'm not complaining about the spoilers, just the comment Prime made. Does Jazz smoke Newports as well?


This post is actually a continuation of something we where doing at the con regarding those who couldn't see or missed the movie.

We just kept making up spoilers so as to not possible spoil anything.

And yes. He was smoking Newports. He started with Kools though.

April Fool's Day was 3 months ago.

And when Prime died just like in the cartoon and went totally gray... The whole theater sobbed like little girls.

LOL! OMG, that post explains so much. I totally did not remember Prime saying that. Though, around various boards people have been referencing him in, er, a similar way. Yay for made up spoilers. I can only imagine what half the people y'all "spoiled" went into the movie expecting.

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