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Nada. Zilch.


There is nothing new or worth mentioning in the world of plastic crack.

Ramen Junkie rocks!

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Ramen Junkie knows how to kick mega pinewood derby ass!!!

That Ultra Magnus is fantastic!

You know. Somewhere in a box in the Attic of Love is my pine wood derby car that won the scout regionals in Northwood, Ohio in 1978 or so. I should drag that out and put it on the Alternators/Binaltech shelf.

Delurk! Delurk! Delurk! Delurk!


According to Scipio, apparently it is Delurking Week in the blogosphere.

Now surprisingly, my main blog gets more Transformer results than this due to the overall 7 years of content and terms that are buried in the blog and other pages from the previous hosting days.

So. In honor of Delurking Week, if you tend to lurk here, please leave a comment just to let me know you live. Leave a comment is you are a Transformers fan. I'd love to read more Transformer fan blogs and less message board conent so let me know if you exist!!!

Oh. And while I don't apologize, if you ended up here because of searching about "crack whores" and other drug-related net searches you'll be sorely disappointed.

The blog who loved Powerglide.


Not sure if the comment was from the real Michael Chain or not but I approved it anyway.

Not sure who Michael Chain is? Here's my post from last year.

And while Mr. Palochi's comment on Mr. Chain's hair in that photo, all I have to say is many of us have had the hair.

Michael Chain's Red Alert is still da bomb! And while I'm not a huge fan of the character, you gotta admit Powerglide is far more memorable due to his voice acting in the role than a lot of characters in the old TF show.



Alas, I can't get excited anymore over Transformers fiction. There's just nothing there anymore for me.

Sure the occasional Don Fiqueroa money shot art piece gets me off every now and then but otherwise it is all pretty meh.

The live action movie? I have absolutely no interest in at all.

I think I may be moving on and just haven't been able to fully admit it to myself yet.

Unclean! Unclean!

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The unholy abomination that is my transformers collection is now at 1535 figures.

Unclean! Unclean!

Sometday I'll get around to updating the actual page lists with what's in the collection.

Cybertron Recon Team and Speed Team

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Cybertron Minicons

So not only did I get them 10% off they were also 2 for 1 so I decided to yet again to do a little minicon army building today.

And hey... you can never have enough Micromasters or Minicons.

Numbers in Collection: 1530-1535

Cybertron Galvatron


Cybertron Galvatron

I was never sure if I was going to bother getting him.

Yeah. I have Galaxy Force Megatron. And quite frankly, one of this mold is enough regardless of country of origin.

Unfortunately, Giga and I ran out to a WeBeToys that Kelmeister's Brother emailed was closing and I was actually shocked to find a Galvatron.

He was only 10% off but that was enough incentive I guess. (Well... I get paid this week too.)

It did piss me off that the register chick marked a huge X over the bar code on the box. It pissed me off. She never said she was going to deface the packaging because all sales were final. There were no signs about required vendor damage to the package. It really almost made me want to say "screw that" and just walk out.

Now yes. Under normal Cybertron conditions I wouldn't have cared. But since I already have Galaxy Force Megatron out and on the shelves I would typically keep this repaint mint-in-box and just in the back. That way, when the future time comes to clean house of all this plastic crack baggage, some lucky person will get an actual mint-in-box figure. And the packaging will be mint too. Alas, this is not the case and it just upsets me. (I also have problems with creators writing signatures on comics and then people passing this off as not-damaged. It is defaced for crying out loud! It isn't unblemished anymore!)

So. Anyway. I have a Galvatron. He's actually got a surprisingly nice grey/silver/black color palette. Not your typical scheme for a Galvatron but actually more in keeping with say Devil Gigatron from Car Robots to some extent. Well... Devil Gigatron has more white.

Number in Collection: 1529

G1 Reissue Star Convoy and Micromaster Hot Rod

I ended up going in on an auction with Mr. E. He wanted the reissue Galvatron and I've always wanted a Star Convoy so now I have one.

He's kinda boxy as most later G1 figures were.

But I do like is box art!

And I only paid like $58 for him.

Numbers in Collection: 1527, 1528

There is nothing new in the world of my plastic crack addiction. At least toy-wise.

However, plasticcrack.com finally expired from the squatter that had it and I was able to quickly register it finally.

That was the original domain I had wanted for this site but had to settle for a dot-net. Since plasticcrack.net was a "freebie" domain when I got my hosting I'm not confident in it ever being fully transferred to me so I made plasticcrack.com point to plasticcrack.net and will have that forever should problems arise.

S'all about the plastic crack addiction don'tchaknow!

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