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Saturday Evening...

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Sorry. I didn't have much time to blog or post more pics today.

Spent the day in panels. Didn't buy much other than some Jusco Spychangers and such.

I'm waiting until tomorrow to offer $300 for the Takara Toys R Us Exclusive Super God Fire Convoy with Master Sword giftset I want.

Those who've been reading for a long time know that giftset, next to Black Fire Convoy, is one of my most wanted items ever.

I may just be leaving with one.

And coincidentally, it is the only one here.

Will and Drew from the Cowlands came in as walk-ins today and many thanks go to them for taking my big boxes back to Cowtown this evening. The back of Jeremy's SUV would have been totally packed with no visibility. Thanks again guys.

We're off to the dinner in a few minutes.

It'll be interesting to see how some of the fandamentalists clean up.

At least I hope they brought better clothes. If everyone dresses a bit better it'll make the evening feel a little less toyish and slightly more adult.

Yes. That is a good thing in my book.

Anyway... if I can't post later I'll try tomorrow.

No doubt all those TF boards are totally up to date with everything.

Botcon - Saturday Morning Quickie


Ok. I've absconded with Giga's laptop to try and get some pics uploaded and such.

Thursday nights alcohol debauchery didn't do well for our sleep and I'm afraid that Giga and I didn't make it to the movie on Friday. Sleep was the much preferred option.

Arrving very drunk in Tom's room for trading

It amazes me how this silly world of toys is really sick for no other reason than "because it can be".

On the whole, I'm a board lurker and rarely ever comment. Hell. That's what I have this site for.

But there are these strange sick animosities between these different kinds of people who collected frigg'n toys. Maybe it is because I'm on the older side of the spectrum here. I'm not quite sure.

I'm told that most of these groups of people I'm seeing are all from different cliques of message boards and such and that so and so hates this person and blah blah blah. It is all quite amusing.

I'd have to say that if you are inherently anti-social and do not live on TF message boards than Botcon on the whole is probably not for you.

I'm lucky to have found a few of the more absurd and I suppose what I'd call "non-affliated" people to hang around with. Wit helps too.

Last night a ton of football jocks and assorted jockish guys arrived at the hotel so I'm assuming they are here for the U of Kentucky football game. I sat at a table next to many of them while near the bar and talk about your culture clash.

On one side you had very loud poorly dressed drinking jocks and on the other side you had mostly load poorly dressed geeks. The geeks seemed to be oblivious to the jocks but the opposite was not true. It was like high school all over again. If they could have, the jocks would have isolated the weakest geeks and totally picked on them. They did so in their discussions that much is for certain.

Some more photos are up at Flickr. More later.

*ugh* A guy just walked by me in that Megatron club shirt I totally loathe. I think that's my que to skeddable and go purge myself. This is the second one I've seen this morning.

Unclean! Unclean! Unclean!

A brief Botcon update.


Ok. Unfortunately, Giga's laptop is really slow and it would take forever to upload the many pics just from the past 2 days. The video is totally out of the question so all of you will have to wait until I return to Cowtown. Sorry. We even had to buy wireless access. That is insane!

However, a brief update.

Today was the first day of the show. I kinda went overboard at the dealer room already as you can see from my purchases below.

My current Botcon haul.

Yeah. Insane.

Got a Star Saber even!

Frowny will be happy with his loose set of exclusives. These things are totally hot and are totally sold out. I don't even know if they had enough Tigatrons, Megatrons, and Waspinators for the people who came and had the Primus package. Severely underestimated on FP's part.

The figures are totally fantastic.

We spent last night completely cocktailed and were quite drunk, running from room to room for trading. Major bad craziness there and the videos should not be pretty.

More when I can.

Ok. You're on notice!


You're on notice!


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I swear there is some form of supernatural conspiracy that keeps making me forget to get the damn mortgage payment in the mail before I leave for Lexington.

In 3 1/2 years of owning the House of Love I've never forgotten or misplaced a payment but no matter how many times I leave this one out and ready to go to the Post Office I forget it.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me on this one.

And of course, at this very moment, it has totally disappeared so I now have to try and find it.


Very plasticky. Very cracky.

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It being Botcon time and all I think I'll do my next few days of postings over at Plastic Crack Dot Net,

Check out my other site for fun and excitement over there.

It'll be a geekstravaganza.

Slowly but surely...


Suitcase is almost packed. I still need to clean the aquariums out and other miscellaneous stuff but otherwise I'm in good shape.

I suppose I should look at my PVCs one final time to weed out the crappy Hasbro ones from my display ones and replace those with the Takara ones.

I don't expect to get a lot of new stuff this week.

However, if a Black Fire Convoy or a Super God Fire Convoy Japanese TRU set should rear their ugly heads...

Ok. This does irk me.


According to this Allspark article, will be selling their "Iacon One" sets at Botcon.

Now they don't refer to Iacon One but of course, it is exactly the same thing. It may just be shrink-wrapped in a baggie and not in the "cylinder package", but this actually kind of miffed me.

Sure they probably need to make money off this but this was something unique and special for the Iacon One show.

To just resell them at Botcon kind of makes having them at Iacon One totally pointless.

Almost there...

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The Cowtown to Botcon Trip!

Only 5 or so hours of work and I'm on vacation! Then Thursday morning it is down to Lexington.

Lori wants to watch The Hoont so I'm going to cancel having him boarded. That'll definitely relive the horribly stress he feels at being sent to the kennel and also not being around me. He's quite the dependent dog when I'm remotely in the vicinity.

I'm so happy that Botcon is less than 200 miles away. My max is about 3 hours or so in a car (either driving or riding) and that's just about at the upper level of what I can tolerate.

Almost there...

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The Cowtown to Botcon Trip!

Only 5 or so hours of work and I'm on vacation! Then Thursday morning it is down to Lexington.

Lori wants to watch The Hoont so I'm going to cancel having him boarded. That'll definitely relive the horribly stress he feels at being sent to the kennel and also not being around me. He's quite the dependent dog when I'm remotely in the vicinity.

I'm so happy that Botcon is less than 200 miles away. My max is about 3 hours or so in a car (either driving or riding) and that's just about at the upper level of what I can tolerate.

Turn off the juice, boy!

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Boy, boy, crazy boy,
Get cool, boy!
Got a rocket in your pocket,
Keep coolly cool, boy!
Don't get hot,
'Cause man, you got
Some high times ahead.
Take it slow and Daddy-O,
You can live it up and die in bed!

Boy, boy, crazy boy!
Stay loose, boy!
Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it.
Turn off the juice, boy!
Go man, go,
But not like a yo-yo schoolboy.
Just play it cool, boy,
Real cool!


Botcon in 2 days.

Play it cool.

Real cool.

(Well. As cool as lame geeky adults who waste money on toys for themselves can be.)

God is in the details.


Kiss Player Hot Rod

See that?

That's a fishing rod "accessory" that transforms from KISS Player Hot Rod's exhaust pipes. (from fantofan)

That my friends, loyal readers, and TF addicts, is why Takara kicks ass!!!

God is in the details.

Takara knows this. It usually escapes Hasbro where the collectors are concerned.

Preparations are getting there.

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Das Hoont 2Well the Hoont's boarding reservations are confirmed so he gets dropped off at 7:30am on Thursday prior to us being picked up by Jeremy.

Since we'll be sharing a room with Evebird I've gone ahead and cancelled the Hyatt reservations for later this week.

That means there's a new room open at the Hyatt for any Botcon attenders.

Classics Mirage has grown on me.


Ya know... I didn't really like the look of Classics Mirage when I first saw him but with the recent pics posted on Allspark I gotta say he's grown on me.

The "lanky thin" look of his bot mode has a certain appeal to me.

It is different but still Transformers.

And let's face it... he does look like a modern version of G1 Mirage.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal & Megatron 2-Pack

So I was busy out of town and hadn't read my email that Evebird was going to buy me one of these with the 2 for 1 at Toys R Us this weekend.

So. I ended up getting 2 sets. One will replace my originals on the Beast Wars shelves and the others are MIB keepers for a few years.

These are the 1686th through 1689th Transformers I've ever purchased.

Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

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Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

While I like the redeco I hadn't planned on buying it.

However, I wanted to get the maximum out of the Buy 2 Get 1 free sale at Toys R Us.

He'll be staying in the box.

This is the 1685th Transformer I've ever purchased.

TFU Spychanger Mirage (Family Dollar

This is the 1684th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Microtron is in da Attic of Love!

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Micronauts Microntron

He's not a Transformer but quite frankly, this little guy probably means more to me than the whole Attic of Love combined.

After almost 30 years I was able to acquire a complete Microtron figure. He's missing his stickers and his electronics don't work but he's beautiful.

His white only has a tinge of yellowing.

6" Titantium "War Within" Thundercracker



This is the 1683rd Transformer that Nala has purchased!

6" Titanium "War Within" Jetfire



This is the 1682nd Transformer that Nala has purchased!

Takara PVC Devestator


Takara PVC Devestator

Note: This is the 1681st Transformer that Nala has purchased!

Takara PVC Thrust


Takara PVC Thrust

Note: This is the 1680th Transformer that Nala has purchased!

Takara PVC Ramjet


Takara PVC Ramjet

Note: This is the 1679th Transformer that Nala has purchased!

G1 Micromaster Countdown

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G1 Micromaster Countdown

What are the odds of me ever finding just a loose Micromaster Countdown?

I already have a complete Countdown with full base and I just love this guy!

And he was only a $1!

Note: This is the 1678th Transformer that Nala has purchased!

Car Robots Baldigus (Gift Set)

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Car Robots Baldigus

He's complete but opened. I finally got a show accurate Car Robots Baldigus! Woot! Screw you Hasbro Ruination!

Note: Thes are the 1673-1677th Transformers that Nala has purchased!

Willpower. I have some.

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I walked into TRU today and was shocked to find a ton of new stuff.

However, with that said, and being true to my new goals, I only walked about with what I absolutely wanted which was a 6" Titanium Jetfire and 6" Titanium Thundercracker.

I even passed (for the moment) on the Hasbro 2-Pack of the retooled Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron.

I passed on repaints of the new Optimus Primal, Beast Megatron, Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, and Galaxy Force Vector Prime.

Did you hear that?

I passed on figures I don't own.

That's like an amazing thing for me.

Normally I would have bought every single one of them because my completist crack addiction would demand it!

But nope.

Not today.

Yes. There's a new Nala in town.

Your "What the fuck?!?!" auction of the day!


Evebird passed along this insanity.

An Alternator Swerve sold for $202.50 a few days back.

That's insane.

I should throw mine up if I could get that much from it. It could pay for a good chunk of Botcon.



There's nothing more balls sucky than having Sirius return a "Internet Radio Is Temporarily Unavailable"!!!

I left my receiver at home too since I've just been using the online version at work.


I need my Howard in the morning.

What to do what to do.


Ok. For some reason the flip-flop of my TF love-hate relationship has been triggered. I'd imagine it has to do with the fact I'm approaching Day 13 of my cleansing fast and my head is really clear and my depression has gone the way of Arianism.

I am having a surprisingly excited train of thought about Botcon and even this week's Barnesville Pumpkin Festival to some extent.

I can't begin eating again until Monday at the earliest but hey, I'm finished with some major concrete work and definitely am looking at a few days of rest.

Botcon being the closest thing I'll have to a vacation this year is scary in and of itself so I might as well have as much fun and I possibly can.

If there's room in the Element I'm wondering if I dare tread into that scary realm of "room-to-room" trading. Last year was the first time I actually experienced it and while I met some reallly fun people on the whole I don't think I'd handle opening my room to strangers well.

What to do what to do.

(I probably should have put all the Botcon cash into a trip to the Bay Area. I so needs me some Christine and Deb goodness.)

The Hyatt...


How many months has it been since it was announced and I've finally gotten around to looking at the Hyatt Regency Lexington where Botcon will be held.

There's free wireless internet in the public areas so that means I'll take "Ye Old Powerbook G3 Pismo" and do Botcon blog updates throughout the days we are there... all 4 of them!!! Or maybe we can take Giga's smaller iBook and just use that for both of our high quality blogging/photo posting needs.

I'm also happy that the hotel has a complimentary gym since I'm usually up around 4:30am and I'll be happy to find a treadmill or cross-trainer to spend 90 minutes on. I did this last year in Dallas and just having access to some cardio makes me feel far less guilty about eating and drinking while I'm at the con.

I'm kind of scared to say that I'm actually getting excited to go.

While I'm more of a major lurker and not a die-hard message board poster (since I have this here site for that kind of thing) I'll probably be at the hotel bar Friday night for the slowly gaining steam Allspark bar gathering.

With the exception of Jeremy, I really don't know anyone from the various boards.

Wow! Pcrack got mentioned in a podcast!

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Wow. Brief mention of this here plastic crack addict blog over on the recent Geek Acres podcast.

Kinda cool!

I think that's a first.

Video Blog - The Columbus Toy Show


How hard would it be?

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Ok. I saw this image today of the forthcoming Classics Optimus Prime and unfortunately, the sick disease that is my plastic crack addiction kicked in and I saw so much potential in it.

I'm wondering how hard it would be to find pieces/parts to customize ones of these into a modern equivalent of Super God Ginrai from Transformers: Masterforce.


New LOCs.

| 1 Comment has posted some images of new Legends of Cybertron redecos and it seems to be a veritable "We can't ever escape G1" fest.

Fireflight, a repaint of LOC Jetfire, is ok. I suppose it supposed to be a color homage to G1 Aerialbot Fireflight but it goes the cream route instead of white.

Perceptor, a repaint of LOC Red Alert, is pretty much all inspired by G1 Perceptor.

Trypticon, a repaint of LOC Scourge, is colored like G1 Trypticon.

I'm glad they've kept the Trypticon name at least.

Now I really can never knock sub-$6.00 figures. You'll rarely see me bad mouth a basic or non-main line figure like a PVC or "Legends" figures unless they are really garishly decoed. These are pretty cool.

I'm all for Hasbro using these small figures to keep the names alive too.

Never ever ever ever lose the name Shockwave again!!!

Shockblast just never cuts it.

Columbus Toy Show


CTS- Giga's mad section.

To say that the Columbus Toy Show was bad for me would be an understatement. I barely moved anything and what I did sell was because I had to really discount it.

Giga on the other hand (pic above) kicked major ass. His old Pokemon toys were super hot, as well as his Teen Titans and other stuff.

I mean he totally rocked.

I'd say he had 10 buying customers for ever 1 who showed interest in my Transformers stuff.

There was just barely any interest in TFs period. There were a few other dealers but most of them had the usual old G1 stuff either in 1) excellent shape with boxes, 2) in mediocre shape missing tons of stuff, or 3) in $1 bins.

I seemed to be the only one with with more or less Hasbro stuff from the past few lines.

I did meet one seller, Will, a local Cowtowner, who I snagged a Car Robots Baldigus off of and a few of the missing Takara PVCs I needed. His friend (whose name escapes me) had some really interesting Takara super deformed PVCs that I'd never seen. Had much fine conversation with them and a many other people I met which really made the show worthwhile. We'll probably run into him in 2 weeks at Botcon.

Overall, it was a fun show and a learning experience. I know what I need to do for the next show in April. I know I probably won't sell too much TF stuff, but really, as long as I don't buy anything, and as long as I can at least sell $40 (table rate) I break even.

Anyway, I'm dead tired.

I'll post later what I bought and I've got some really stupid video to edit and post when I find the time.

The toy show approacheth.

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I know I promised you all that I'd get my toys that I want to get rid of listed and all but alas, real life has intruded and I've not been able to spend much time in the attic at all.

I apologize but I pulled some of the stuff out of the piles that I had photographed before since I didn't want to sell it and just binned most of it up.

Most of what you all were interested in didn't end up being sold this time around.

We're new to this. We didn't know people covered up their tables.

We got 80% of it up at the show and I'll be there bright and early at 7am to clean up and organize. It is all haphazardly covered up (above) at the convention hall.

Hopefully, after this weekend, some more concrete work, a weekend out of town the following week, and then after several days at Botcon, I'll find some time to actually get the toy sales stuff up.

Of course, right after Botcon I have to start of the final part of my basement walls so who knows what'll happen.

Real life is proving to be far more important than toys.



I've been seriously thinking of renaming the "Attic of Love" to the "Attic of The Damned".

I'm sorta getting moist about TFs? *sigh*


Classics Ramjet via TformersTformers has some great pics of unpainted Classics Ramjet and Classics Jetfire.

Ya know... outside of Classics Mirage... I'm feeling the love.

I've extremely happy Ramjet keeps the "conehead" style. I'm hoping they've designed him to be easily repainted/retooled into the other conehead seekers since all they really need is easily exchangeable wings. Hasbro has to know that collectors worldwide would scarf that shit up.

I'm all moist for Ramjet.

Classics Jetfire? Hmmmm...

Obviously this Jetfire is the first attempt ever to incorporate aspects of the 80s animation's "Skyfire" into a toy and that's kinda of cool.

I especially love the chest since it is so Skyfire.

Too much crack. Too too much crack.



I want to rid my life of all but the most essential plastic baggage.

Convince Giga that he needs to free himself and find plastic crack-less enlightenment too.

And I mean more than a dozen figures or so! :-)

Horribly utterly wrong.

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So... boring... want... new... job...

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I am so bored of this XML project I'm working on.


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Awesome new pics of KISS Hot Rod up at e-Hobby.


Really good entry over at Dave's Long Box about "Fandamentalism" generated out of a Transformers Movie comment.

Always a good time over at Dave's Long Box.

Who you be?


So I know Jeremy and Evebird are going to Botcon since I'm in the same vehicle with them but I'm curious if any other visitors to this here plastic crack website are heading to Lexington at the end of the month?

Of course there'd be a UM version. Duh!


Well I think we can now officially say that there's a 75% chance that if a smaller Optimus Prime figure is released it'll eventually be done in white as Ultra Magnus.

For example, the not-even-released Classics Optimus Prime is already getting redone as Ultra Magnus in a UM versus Skwarp 2-pack.

I like these a lot.

UM looks really good. And of course, they'd redo the not-even-released Classics Starscream as Skywarp too. Hopefully we'll get a Thundercracker out of it to complete the original seeker trio.

Now will Hasbro repaint this Prime as a black Nemesis Prime?

Hmmmm... must consult the magic 8-ball.

I've passed the point of no return.


My Botcon 2006 materials arrived today.

I guess that means there's no turning back.

Lexington here I come.

Alternators Mirage

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Alternators Mirage

Well it took forever. I never did find one here in Cowtown but Jeremy up in Cleveburg found me one.

Mirage is mine!!!

Number in Collection: 1672



So you know what's cool?

Today was my annual Labor Day cookout and we have about 50 or so people come through our house to share in food and grilled stuff.

Of course, inevitably people who have heard or or know of my addiction want to see the Attic of Love™ and all of the horrors it contains.

So I took many people on many tours of the Attic and as usual, watch their jaws kind of drop when they find themselves surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of toys.

However, the best comment came from Dave D.'s little daughter who completely ignored every single toy in the entire Attic and said "Look Daddy! A real goldfish!" as she became enamoured of Number Six, The World's Most Beloved Goldfish™.

And honestly, Number Six, swimming around in his tank, is far more interesting than a bunch of plastic sitting on shelves or in boxes.

Someone wasted their time for this?


So way back on July 17, someone, apparently in the Netherlands, took the time to leave the following comment that got filtered into the junk folder:

I would like to stick all these useless pieces of crappy plastic and metal up your ass, one by one, slowly. LOL How old are you? Aren't you ashamed of this useless hobby?
I cannot believe this person felt the time and effort was necessary to declare that they'd like to stick my toys up my ass.

Regardless of how utterly useless my toy collection is, which I totally agree with you on, the mere fact you felt it necessary to fill out the comment form to declare your intentions to put toys in my ass indicates you have some bizarre gay anal fascination with toys and violence. Yes?

Thank you Takara.

It appears you'll be releasing a standard size Autorooper in the KISS line along with the stupid little version.

Keep the Binaltechs coming in some shape and form please and Nala will be happy.

TFU Spychanger Prowl (Family Dollar

Number in Collection: 1671

TFU Spychangers Hoise and Camshaft (Family Dollar

Numbers in Collection: 1669-1670

TFU Spychangers Optimus Prime and Jazz (Family Dollar

Number in Collection: 1667-1668

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