Not your little brother's Optimus Prime.


So a clip of decent length has popped up on YouTube of Transformers: Animated and I think I finally feel like I've seen enough to truly comment on the aesthetics of the animation model.

I mentioned before that I'm all for this new interlude of crack design. It doesn't hurt one bit that TFs should be returned to the 6-12 year-old audience and that little clip is a fine example of what that demographic will grow up considering the cartoons of their youth.

The 70s and 80s era of TV animation is long gone and some fanboys are just gonna have to live with that.

Anyway, the only thing I find unnerving, and that just goes against my personal view of what makes Prime Prime is the mouth.

I guess I'm just a face plate guy when it comes to any TF that attempts to be a G1-inspired Optimus Prime, as both this one and the movie Prime do.

The mouth just looks awkward to me.

But in 10-15 years, if this thing of ours is still trudging on as a brand, there will be people who look at old toys and say "Why doesn't Prime have a mouth?" in the same way that there are groups of guys that say "Huh? Prime as a gorilla?!?!".

At least the latter one is easier to explain.

Well... as long and you don't try to bring a lion or mastadon into it.

When you do that you need to make sure you have a case of Corona and a shitload of limes cut and several hours to waste.


what bothered me even more than the face plate was the voice. why isn't it peter cullen?? i don't other voice can be optimus to me...i am sure he would do it! why don't they ask him?

I really don't have a problem with any of this new animated aesthetic, even with the animated Prime having a mouth thing.

I've never liked Beast Wars at all, but that is really the only instance of a TF line where it was just too different from what I grew up with for me to dig it.

I'm getting more and more impressed with this upcoming line the more I see of it. I'm really looking forward to seeing my first animated clip of Soundwave with his Randy Rhodes guitar in action.

I can't wait to see Laserbeak transform!

The mouth thing doesn't bother me too much, because at least he HAS a faceplate some of the time. Remember, the MP Prime has a mouth under that faceplate too, as I recall.

Honestly, I'm kind of stoked for the new series. While I loved the G1 cartoon as a kid, its animation doesn't exactly meet today's standards. This looks like a good update, and I think that I'll enjoy sitting down with my boys to watch it.

Plus the toys look frikkin sweet!

I also like the way this series is shaping up, but I do want to respectfully disagree on one thing---of course, time will tell if I'm right or wrong, but I believe that animation styles, like fashion or car styling or music, kind of recycles in an "everything old is new again" kind of way. I'm betting that we might see something like G1 animation someday. There's something about the faces or jawlines that reminds me of...Gigantor, or something...I can't put my finger on it. But it has the same effect on me that watching the last 4 series made me feel like I was watching Speed Racer or other anime from the 70's, like a half remembered dream of something---sorry for being so vague!

I think the only thing that bothers about the new series is the supposed casting of Megatron as the voice of Optimus.

I was skeptical of the new series until they said that Blitzwing was gonna be in it. Now I'm all for it. I have a plastico-crush on Blitzwing the way Nala loves him some Shockwave.

Teresa: Gary Chalk IS Optimus Prime.

And of course, I'm partial to Neil Kaplan and his single outing in RID.


(He's kind of like the George Lazenby of Optimus Primes, huh?)

Yeah. That he is.


Gary Chalk is Primal. Different character. That said, Chalk proved to me that Cullen wasn't absolute.

That's just it. Chalk is Primal. Every time I heard him voice Prime in the last 3 series I realized I'd rather be watching Beast Wars or Beast Machines.

That's because he was allowed to have a personality in the Beast series. David Kaye got the shorter end of that stick.

I think I've figured out why I prefer Chalk over Cullen.

1) I didn't have cable as a kid, so I didn't get to watch the G1 cartoon much, maybe Cullen's Prime isn't as indelibly etched in my mind as kids who had the fortune to enjoy both the toys AND the cartoon?

2) I took my 6-year old to a convention last year where Gary Chalk was one of the guests. We walked into the room as Chalk was talking and my son looked at me with an expression that said "Holy Shit! That's Optimus Prime talking!" Maybe I'm just showing favoritism.

Or maybe I'm just like Nala and would rather be watching Beast Wars instead of Cybertron.

Galaxy Force/Cybertron was still way better than either Micron Densetsu/Armada or Superlink/Energon.

But yeah, all pale in comparison to the Beast saga.

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