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Unicron can suck my balls.



Oh my god how do I hate Armada Unicron? Let me count the ways.

The thing is fine in bot mode for what it is. He meets the need of looking like the G1 Unicron but indeed, as a toy, serves the Transformers universe as the cliche boring ass plot device that he is. And in toy form, that amounts to a large paperweight!

I finally picked up one of these "stands" that makes but I can't for the life of me get the damn thing to stay on the stand.

I swear, if I was a father of a boy and had just spend $50 on Unicron and the damn thing kept falling apart I would be furious. (Was this what it was like for my dad with my Micronauts?)

Unicron. I hate you. I'm not putting you on the Christmas card this year.

Then again. I'm not doing cards this year either.

Can somebody please tell me why there needs to be 5 fucking covers for IDW's Transformers: Infiltration #3???

I just don't get it. This isn't the 90s. None of the cover art is even poster worthy so it doesn't make sense.

Hell. I actually like the humans as the focus cover the best. Almost looks like Gene Ha (of Top 10 fame) did it.

You can definitely tell which cover Wildman did. It has to be the one that looks like a coloring book illustration. I just never ever liked his art. Dreamwave altered his style so much for War Within Vol II that I was able to at least tolerate it. But man, I can't make it through any Marvel TF books he drew. Between his art and the utterly horrible coloring/flexographic newsprint press Marvel used it is amazing that the TF comic lasted as long as it did.

Binaltech Alert really is fantastic.

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Binaltech Alert

Unfortunately, my aging digital camera can't do it justice at all. But Alert is one beautiful figure if you ask me.

I had wanted a Prowl from the Subaru WRX mold (previously used for Binaltech Smokescreen and Streak). Since back in the 80s the 3 characters shared the same Datsun mold it seemed to make sense.

Instead Takara redid Red Alert and left Prowl to the new Acura Integray Type-R mold. Which is unfortunate for Prowl.

However, Red Alert is what we'd call super mega balls awesome up here in the Attic of Love.

The missile didn't shoot out though...


So I ripped out Cybertron Defense Red Alert out of his packaging but I've come to the conclusion that trying to touch him, let along transform him, is just way too disturbing!!!

Even I feel dirty trying to transform him!

I need to go wash my hands with bleach now.

Super mega bad crazyness. S'all I can say.

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All kinds of bad craziness happened while I went home for lunch today.

Sick ain't it.

November 28, 2005 - Legends of Cybertron Wave 2

I am thankful that Hasbro decided to bring over the smaller price point mini versions of the Cybertron figures.

I now have all of Legends of Cybertron Wave 2 that includes Scourge, Evac, Leobreaker, and Jetfire.

Of course, I can't find a full size Evac to save my ass.

Numbers in Collection: 1476, 1477, 1478, 1479

Cybertron Defense Red Alert

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November 28, 2005 - Cybertron Defense Red Alert

Thankfully Takara (and Hasbro) aren't just repainting the original figure and then saying "Oh... he got an upgrade!" this time around.

Cybertron Red Alert obviously gets some form of major upgrade to Cybertron Defense Red Alert and damn he's frigg'n huge!!!

Of course he's also $20 more than the older one.

Number in Collection: 1475

Galaxy Force Hop (Kabaya Micron Booster)

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November 28, 2005 - Kabaya Micron Booster Hop

He was cheap and I love Hop but I was kind of hoping he'd be repainted a bit.

Number in Collection: 1474

Binaltech Alert and Binaltech Prowl

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November 28, 2005 - Binaltech Alert and Prowl (Blue)

While I wish Prowl had been done from the Subaru mold, I'll settle for the Acura Integra Type-R.

And of course, Takara decided to use the Subara mold for Alert (aka Red Alert) and I've fine with that even though he looks more like a police car than a fire chief's vehicle. Needs more red instead of the black to get the right effect.

I assumed that Hasbro would not bother with introducing either of these stateside as Alternators so I figured I might as well add them to the collection if I could get them under $50

Numbers in Collection: 1472, 1473

It must have been a Decepticon attack.

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I swear that I had absolutely nothing to do with this

It must have been a Decepticon attack.

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I swear that I had absolutely nothing to do with this

Oh happy day.

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Finally. Yay!

A ton of shit.


So my big order from BBTS should be here today waiting for me when I get home.


And I won a huge Car Robots lot (above) on Ebay. I really only wanted the two Fire Convoys (one in each style of packaging) and the on-card Autobot brothers but and for the price I did well. I'll have to put up the God Magnus and others again for resale since I already own them but I got what I wanted.

Theoretically this would put me pretty close to 1494 or so but most of these guys will need to be resold. But hey. If I can break even on the ones I don't want then the ones I do need will have been around $5 each instead of the $40-50 they often command alone.

I'm cleaning the attic too so I've got to get all the shit that I want to get rid of finalized. Big ass pile growing and growing and growing.

November 25, 2005 - Managed to find new plastic crack

So even though Giger couldn't buy me anything earlier today, we did manage to snag some goodness at the West Broad WeBeToys.

They didn't have many of the things I wanted but something is better than nothing.

Brushguard, Spiral, Oval, Backtrack, and Wreckloose are all now part of the collection.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the Mini-con 2 packs and a damn Evac soon as well as Saidos and Terrashaver or whatever the hell they are called in English. I so wants me an Evac.

Number in Collection: 1467, 1468, 1469, 1470, 1471

All out but not in my attic.

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So Giger found all the new Transformer wave at WeBeToys but the lines were so long that he couldn't take it and left.

If I knew I could buy everything I'd get up there and do it but I myself hate crowds so I'll pass.

But hey, the shit is at least out now.



So I basically got kicked out of the kitchen and ended up on Ebay and now I find myself having bid on like 4 things.

Super mega bad craziness.

I'm giving it to Soundwave.

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Not only is Soundwave apparently christian, he's also employee of the month.

And Laserbeak does double-time as a picture frame.


Ugh! But at least I like the colors.


You know it sucks major balls when I can't find even new Transformers for the Cybertron line and already Hasbro is doing repaints.

Yeah. I knew about them. But geesh.

Repainting shelf-warming Energon Scorponok was bad enough but how about getting new product out first.

At least Cybertron Swerve has a color palette I can dig. It is better than the original version of Clocker.

A Holy Grail item...

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I must not buy this.

It would be a bad thing.

But it would make me very very happy.

Unclean! Unclean!

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Amazing how I always feel unclean after doing this.

More new crack on the way.


My plastic crack purchases!

I broke down today and bought some new plastic crack that was on sale at BBTS.

Picked up wave 2 (4 figures) of the Legends of Cybertron figures, the Cybertron Defense "reformat" of Red Alert, a Kabaya Micron Booster of Hop, the Binaltech blue version of Prowl, the Binaltech Asterisk Red Alert, and a Unicron display stand.

I've been putting a lot of these items into carts and never buying them for weeks now.

Of course, BBTS no longer really has any "deals" even with their sales since so much of what they have is already higher than retail. And the loss of flat rate shipping sucks too.

But I wanted the Binaltechs since Hasbro won't release these and I've got this other Unicron just sitting here that can be displayed in planet mode and suspending in the air with the stand.

I think this'll move the total crack figures ever purchased up to 1475 or so.

That gaping hole.

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Surprisingly, it rarely is like this for me.

Well... at least the part about finding every toy.

G1 Sideswipe Commemorative Series VIII


November 16, 2005 - Reissue G1 Sideswipe is in da haus!

So Evebird was at KB and actually found something there! Imagine KB having something that isn't overpriced? I know. Hard isn't it.

Seems like the much delayed G1 Sideswipe Reissue figure that never made it to ToysRUs here in the U.S. did indeed make its way a year late to KB for clearance. At only $14.99 this figure is so much cheaper than WeBeToys had the reissues at so I can't complain.

I do however already have the Takara reissue (in much cooler packaging) so I may just open this one.

The art on the box is really perfect and totally sums up Sideswipe's character to me, especially that smirk! Sideswipe was also voiced by one of my favorite voice actors Michael Bell.

Number in Collection: 1466

Smile. Please smile. I just want you happy.


No Post Today

Woot! Plastic Crack!!!

The kind caring folk down in the hurricane-trashing lands of Juan Ponce de Leon have scored me some plastic cracky exclusive CostCo goodness!!!

Hopefully, I won't have to pay extra for the "special love" that Riley gave the box.

Woot! Plastic Crack!!!

The kind caring folk down in the hurricane-trashing lands of Juan Ponce de Leon have scored me some plastic cracky exclusive CostCo goodness!!!

Hopefully, I won't have to pay extra for the "special love" that Riley gave the box.

Thanks M and L!

Oy jesu! I'm moist!


There's actually a Takara Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Road Fire giftset up for sale.

I've never ever seen one in my entire life.

If you could only see how my pants are sticking to the chair. Oy!

So many crack whores...

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Wow. New names. Well. Mostly.

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Interesting new names appearing in the forthcoming Transformer Cybertron Minicon Booster packs.


Kobushi? Wow! Hasbro really has gone all out here with some drastically different names. Thank the powers that be!!!


Ascentor? I can live with that.


Monocle? Monocle? What the fuck? But anyway. It is new. I'll take it.


Hey. I don't care that it is being used for a crappy minicon repaint! The Shockwave name is back in Hasbro's hands.

They must never ever lose this name. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Shockblast is just a very crappy attempt to inspire the beauty that is the name Shockwave!

Many moons ago, Mr. E., of the Clintonville Evebirds, gave me an original animation cel and matching drawing of Laserbeak from Transformers: The Movie.

November 4, 2005 - Laserbeak from Transformers: The Movie cel

It is from the opening scene where Laserbeak is spying on the Autobots on Moonbase One.

I really wish I have some vertical spaces to hang these. I may have to hang them, along with some other art, in the soon to be completed Jay Kulpa Suite™.

At least the cel and drawing, along with the my other original Transformers art (below) could hide the flaws in the walls.

September 17, 2005 - Columbus Toy Show

Ugh! Balls. They are sucked.

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So HasbroToyShop has a sale with 25% off and free shipping but not a single recent wave Transformer sold at the online store. And the one thing I do want that is listed, the G1 Astrotrain variant reissue can't be preordered or anything. Grrrr....

And Evac is at the much hated Wal-Mart website but is listed as "out of stock" which may mean he was in and sold our or he never arrived and is just a placeholder. I've seen placeholders on that site that never ever were fulfilled.


Cybertron Buzzsaw

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November 4, 2005 - Cybertron Buzzsaw

So I found Cybertron Buzzsaw. I either missed him when I found the rest of them or someone also bought every other part of the assortment and left him.

Why would you leave him?

Because he pretty much sucks.

He's pretty much the same as he was the previous 3 times. But now at least he has a better head.

He's supposed to be an homage to him. That definitely shows.

Number in Collection: 1465

WM iso CE


Cybertron Evac

I so needs me some Live Convoy... er... Evac!

Where oh where are you?

Rejected Transformers

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I came across a Rejected Transformers gallery over on

Meh. They are ok. Some more than others.

I'm thinking Bongtron would be so easy to kitbash.

And then Autobot Prime on Allspark wrote...

...It's easy to cope. RiD was just G1 as seen through G1 Beachcomber's eyes. There was, like, this flying hand that turned into a DRAGON, man.
And there you have it. One helluva way to describe one of my favorite TF series.

I... am... Snarl...

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Worlds Smallest Transformer Dinobots? Coolness.

Ok. I'm kinda ganked at the news I read on that Just It Toys, maker of everybody's favorite unofficial trailer to Masterpiece Convoy will be doing 5 Worlds Smallest Dinobots.

And from the looks of it the much lamented and often forgotten Snarl gets the initial spotlight!

Now Snarl is my favorite Dinobot. I always liked Stegosaurs and Snarl, being one, naturally became my favorite followed closely by Swoop (due to Michael Bell's providing his voice).

Of course, in both animated show and comic the always annoying Grimlock took center stage and with Slag and Sludge and then Swoop taking up Dinospace poor Snarl always was forgotten. He wasn't even in Transformers: The Movie. How shitty is that?

That said, I like the fact that this guys, will unofficial, will probably be pretty cool. And they will be larger than the WST figures so more in scale with the way they were in the G1 cartoon initially.

That's another thing that seemed to get lost in the model sheets somewhere. The Dinobots, when in robot mode, we much much larger than most of your standard Diaclone-inspired Transformers. As season 1 progressed they became more normal sized. Kinda sucked.

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