"Huge black tits" for Cybertron Galvatron

Posted on October 8, 2006 6:27 PM | Permalink

So plasticcrack.net gets about 100 spam comments every day. That's why some of you have to be authenticated every post and such.

Moveable Type is great and none of the dreg spam can get through so you'll never see them.

Every now and then I delete them and check to make sure no new legit commenters were caught (it has happened) and I just noticed some funny shit on today's spam.

A few of the spams (below image) just happen to have attacked some very appropriate entry titles.


The "large pussy lips" spam attacked a post entitled "Unclean! Unclean!".

"big cock cadden" spam (what's cadden?) attacked "Arghhhh!:

The "girls having sex with horse" attacked "*yawn*".

"Horse having sex with woman" even posted to "Patience".

I don't know. I just found it funny.

Hey. There's only so much geek crap I can blog about in a given week!

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