Prime looks like Captain America...




I want these special edition Transformers Bearbricks.

I don't normally go for these types of things, or minimates, etc. but since these are likely the only ones I might as well get them.

I actually like the Megatron one.

Of course, years from now when someone is selling this on the net they'll take a pic of him while they are undressed and the world will see all their business reflected in his shiny chromey goodness.

I love when you see inappropriate stuff reflected in eBay pics and such.

Don't get me started on amateur web cam pics/video either. I love looking into people's private lives to see that pic of grandma on the wall staring down at them while they look at pr0n online.

Yay Homo sapiens sapiens!


I dig those, and I don't generally care for the Bearbricks.

As to the other thing, my favorite are candid shots of them trying to look serious or badass or something (especially posing with a Power Rangers accessory or a plastic sword or fake guns) while there's a bottle of hand lotion visible on the desk.

Only ever had a few Kubrick figures in the past and found them lacking in comparison to Minimates. In fact, the last Kubrick figure i bought was a Professor X who ended up having his wheel/hoverchair stolen for a kitbash on the Minimates version because the Minimates wheelchair sucked balls...

Even though these are Transformer related i can't see me rushing out to buy them but if someone gives them to me then i might be tempted otherwise, not a chance...

Might paint a 3" Minimate black and then template a Decepticon insignia or sticker onto it though...

And shouldn't the title be "Prime looks like Captain Bearmerica..."

OK, OK, it wasn't funny...

OK, I just looked up the X-Men Kubricks.

Why does Wolverine have boobs, while Storm doesn't?

Believe it or not Frowny, that's supposed to be muscle...

Both the Venom and Omega Red Kubricks look like they've been injected in the chest area with super steroids...

I want.......I want........I want!

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