She's an extraordinary girl.


Ok. So the crack. I have to leave for Chicago on business the remainder of the week but I believe the following is where it stands.

Please correct me if I'm wrong:

DL - (1) Spinger/Huffer 2-pack
Hoop - (1) Springer
McBeardo - (1) Spring/Huffer 2-pack
Maldroth (1) Spring/Huffer 2-pack and (1) Alpha/Trion/Weird Wolf 2-pack

Does anybody want the Huffer from the 2-pack that I'm breaking for Hoop?

Once I confirm who wants what I'll email you all the prices to see if you want them. Believe me. I'm not adding much. Just enough to cover what it cost to ship the stuff to Cowtown here + whatever it is to you address via USPS.


I'll take that spare huffer. ^_^
Or a full 2-pack, if you have a spare...

Yep confirmed for me Nala you sir are awesome. If I can get to Botcon 2008 I owe you a beer, or some Jack Daniels to see if I can inspire another Dr Who ramble, that was funny.

Let me know what the damages are and how to get a payment to you and i'll get it taken care of Friday.

Yes, please consider this a confirmation for the Springer/Huffer 2-pack. Just send me a Paypal invoice to my email.

Thanks dude.

I had dibs on the Alpha Trion half of a two pack if the price isn't more than I want to pay.

Also I may go for the extra Huffer if that other guy takes a two pack.

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