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I'm pretty happy that I'm really losing interest in Transformers.

Sure. I'll no doubt pick them up here and there. I may even attend the con again since it is a good excuse for me to do a quick vacation.

I rarely frequent the fan sites anymore. There's not much point in commenting on any of the message boards since, like all geek things, the same shit is talked about over and over and over again.

And since I've always been into TFs for the toys, with the release of the new club figure (image) above, I can truthfully say I don't see much point in renewing my membership.

I really disliked the Energon combiners (and their generally poor combined modes) and having repaints of the damn things doesn't really interest me. Taking 5 years to get a complete combiner is also now worth it.

The new Master Collector arrived and there is absolutely no point in me getting that since it goes right into the trash.

The TF newsletter inside is pointless since it has now been 5 months since the con and that's all they pretty much can write about still. Any other "news" is so outdated that it is plainly apparent that the internet as an info vehicle trumps any kind of printed newsletter a thousand-fold.

And while I'd love to kitbash/custom stuff, devoting pages of the newsletter to repainting a Cybertron basic to make an "exclusive" reeks of "we really have no content here guys".

Why did I write about this?

I'm becoming a hater.

I don't want to be.


Cybertron Crosswise


Cybertron Downshift

Giga found me a Cybertron Crosswise today.

Wow! The last figures I got were back on January 7.

I suppose that is healthy.

Numbers in Collection: 1536

Old crappy box design with cool rear art?


So I'm over at Remy's TFKenon.com site and he's got some good pics of Galaxy Force Primus but I can't figure out why Takara is releasing this in a G1-ish ugly ass box.

I'm not a fan of the black and red grid (with mild neon glow) that was most of the 80s packaging. It is so dated and it is definitely one thing I have zero nostalgia for.

That being said, they seem to be making Primus more of a "Primus for all eras" kind of figure and hence, that seems to be why they went with the "vintage" box design.


I do like the image on the back of the box (above).

It includes every Autobot leader from every version of Transformers. (Well. I don't see Alpha Trion but he never had a toy.)

All Beast Convoys, Fortress Maximus, Rodimus Prime, Super God Ginrai, Dai Atlas, and Victory Saber are there and so's my favorite Car Robots' God Fire Convoy.

That's kind of cool.

I'll take one Victory Saber as leader to a thousand Energon Primes, Armada Primes, and Galaxy Force Primes any day though.

Just look at him up in the right corner exhibiting all his Victory Saber goodness. Woot!

You know... he's not that bad.


Cybertron Metroplex

Tformers.com has some decent higher-res pics of Cybertron Metroplex and at least in his default bot mode he's not bad.

I'm thankful for a consistent color palette with fewer than more colors.

I can't say I like his "extended bot mode" much since he looks like his pert shiny metal ass sticks out too much.

And his alt mode? Total "what the fuck were you smoking when you designed this" alt mode.

It is another "ish-mode" since it is sorta construction vehicle-ish. Ugh.

It actually reminds me of the steam shovel from one of my favorite books as a kid, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Come to think of it. A small toy of that steam shovel would actually be really cool.


I'm not a fan of Transformer-tchotchkes. I loves me some PVCs and all but the peripheral crap such as busts and statues serve no purpose in my loser life.

That being said, the Diamond Select Autobot Motion Globe, while a useless tchotchke, has enough detail in the design to be above average.


The inclusion of Omega Supreme on the left-side in his base/rocket mode is really the nicest touch this thing could have ever had.

Would I pay $100 for it?

Fuck no.

Transformers? What's that?


I wish I had something to write but I don't.

At the moment, I just don't care about Transformers in any shape, way, or form.

In a way, I suppose I hope it stays this way so that I can sell off the Attic of Love and have no remorse about it.

Well. I've got grown-up things to do this month.


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Since there is nothing of importance in my world of Transformers I figured I'd just say that this seller is smoking crack.

$95 buy it now for these PVCs, with most of them the crappy non-colored ones, is insane.

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