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You want $66,800 that?

Good luck with that.

Here's the Arstechnica article Kelmeister's Husband just sent me.

I love the general comments too from people who are obviously not afflicted with our disease.

Are there other alternatives?


So I saw this over at Hoop's blog the other day and it pretty much is the end of eBay for most collectibles.

The loss of eBay as a auction house has been happening for the past few years as they made it plainly clear by their changes they want online stores with fixed priced shit. And now, regardless of the convenience, being forced to use Paypal and keep dumping even more fees to eBay is just not going to be happening here at

Ok kids. It will happen quite soon.

Over the next few weeks I'll be pulling out stuff from storage and preparing the sale of the The Toy Collection Formerly Known As The Attic of Love But Now Has To Be Reduced To The Crack Den Of Love.

I've got a general idea of what has to go but until I start sorting I won't know for sure.

I definitely know what won't be going.

Stay tuned.

It'll take me a while to do this since I start the garage repairs in a few days but I'll try to do a few per week.

This is inevitable here.


eBay Australia to only permit payment via PayPal (Wikinews)

I'm not much for the Ebays of the world anymore but I do understand their necessity for toy addicts.

But for Ebay, even just Ebay Australia, to basically force payment via their fully owned subsidiary Paypal seems a bit of bad form.

Of course, corporations typically can't be trusted to do anything really trustworthy when it comes to profit generation anymore.


Aussies will have to 1) pay a fee to post an auction, 2) take a % hit when it sells, 3) take a hit when the Paypal transaction occurs, and then quite possibly 4) a % for volume traders.

Now I only bring Australian Ebay up because you know damn well 'Merican Ebay would gladly force all their users to use Paypal just like this if they could.

And quite frankly, I imagine something like this will happen in the future regardless of US anti-trust laws and such.

I'm wondering how many years Ebay has left in it.

The need for greed/profit will always trump everything else in business, especially those businesses that managed to start out relatively benign on the internets and succeed.

I like when customizers take some some liberties to repaint a toy.

I noticed this "Movie" Ultra Magnus custom today

Custom Ultra Magnus

Custom Ultra Magnus

The red works as-is, and I like just the small areas of blue in the cab for the flames to contrast against.

This custom Classic Megs is great too.

Add 3 extra inches!


C'mon now.

Which one of you is gonna drop that extra $18,000 you have on stupid toys?

Your child can go without food for a few months.

They're young and resilient. They'll bounce back.

And you can have that Fortress Maximus and Monstructor you've always wanted.

I'm not one for really going to Ebay anymore. I find myself looking at links that some of you email me but on the whole, I can't remember the last thing I bid on or actually spent time looking for there.

I can't stand the keyword and category abuse that sellers do to place their shit in your face even when it has absolutely nothing related to your search term.

But I found myself there this afternoon and was both shocked and awed at some of the things I found.

Shocked - If anybody pays $800 for the 2005 Botcon "Descent Into Evil" box set then they need to seek mental help. The seller, thinking he can get $800 for that also needs to as well. This one, going for $99 is far more realistic. The set is worth at least that. $900 for that Seeker set is also frigg'n insane and totally not worth it.

Sorta Awed - This one guy who is selling his sketches to help he and his kid get to Botcon. If it is true, then I give him credit for trying something different. Hell... if his kid did the drawings, I'd commission a Shockwave done in the animated style from him. I'd probably frame it too.

Very Awed and Actually Sort of Shocked - That auction for that Jefire decoed Starscream with the huge NOT FOR SALE mark hasn't sold. Kudos to the TF fan boys out there for not buying that.

Shocked - Botcon 2005 Ratchet is still going for only the low hundreds? He's a damn fine figure and last time I saw them they were way higher. I still owe Evebird thanks for mine. He won one at the casino night thing and traded me it for one of the biker chicks (I think.) This Ratchet is one of those figures that I'll never give up.

Awe - Here's a damn fine G1 Scorponok for sale. No idea what the reserve is but I'd like to have that box and styrofoam!


There are barely any PVCs on now. I wonder if they've dried up.

Megan Fox's stinky cooch cover!?!?!


Megan Fox's stinky cooch covers!?!?!

Bruticus posted a comment about this auction, supposedly for the panties Megan Fox wore in the Transformers film.

I had to save the image for posterity.

Stretchy yet clingy. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the point of purchase guarantee that it was worn by the actor.

Should I bid?

This would be the strangest addition to The Attic of Love ever. That much IS certain!

What do you think?


So this morning I received a comment on an older entry from Zobovor, who was apparently the person who sniped an auction way back in April that I, Evebird, and obviously others were bidding on.

I don't have the links anymore and quite frankly I don't remember much more of the event other than what I posted.

Primarily he took offense at my animosity to the use of eBay sniping software and people who use it.

Now I'm opening this up to all of you out there because from previous comments and emails many of you have also implied how much you disdain sniping software as well.

For those geeks into this insane collectible crap, do you think auction sniping software is ok to use? Do you use it? If so, why? If you don't use it, why not?

I'm curious about what you all have to think on the matter.

Now starting at a lowly $99,100.


So remember that woman trying to sell off those Transformers for $1,000,000?

Well I got this email, supposedly from her today, telling me auction is back up.

Apparently, it was yanked by eBay because of Megatron and the stupid "needs the orange tip" stuff.

Anyway, it is now starting a mere lowly $99,100.

I don't think she's ever going to sell this thing as a whole collection. I don't care if half of it goes to charity or whatever.

They are just toys.

And although some of you may get all hot and bothered by them and your panties will get all moist and bunched up... at the end of the day they are just toys.

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