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I. Am. Stupid.


And I got the Primus Package again for what reason?

This is why there's a con in the con.

You end up having to register early without seeing what you are getting.

Once again, I've been burned with shit I could care less about.

Of course, you can tell by my oh so frequent posting how much I care about these robots anymore.

October 16 is a long ways off.


Must... see... this... movie.

October 16 is a long ways off. :-(

More birthday goodness...

More of my awesome birthday presents!

They arrived late but I got some more birthday awesomeness in the form of Who dvds.

First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet goodness with The War Machines which I'm currently watching.

Also Four To Doomsday, The Leisure Hive, and Destiny of The Daleks.

I also hear I have the always trippy serial The Web Planet coming on DVD too. My VHS is really sorta crappy. I'm hoping they've restored it.

C'mon BBC.... get The War Games out on DVD!!!

Best Birthday Present Ever!


Best Birthday Present Ever!

Giga got me the best birthday present ever!


Screw that robot shit!

Henkei Wildrider (Char Hobby Exclusive)

Look what showed up today!


I really love the greyscale packaging for these exclusives.

TF Animated Shockwave (Target Exclusive)

Yeah. I know. I was less than thrilled a couple of days ago with the original mainstream release.

Not sure if he'll go back or not.

TF Animated Sunstorm

TF Animated Sunstorm (Target Exclusive)

I've never been into the endless repaints of the Seekers.

Sure... in my completest days, I'd buy up whatever was out but outside of Starscream, the others rarely came out of the package.

But the insanely colored Sunstorm has always appealed to me.

I suppose because there aren't a whole lot of bright yellow robots out there.

I'd buy the chick Starscream if they ever made her but this is it for me on Starscream animated repaints.

TF Universe Legends Brawn

TF Classics Legends Brawn

A great little bot.

A thousand times better than the original because he actually has a recognizable face now!

TF Animated Shockwave

TF Animated Shockwave

To state the my favorite Transformer of all time has been given a grave injustice by Hasbro in the Animated line would be putting it mildly.

The Micro-NOTS.

A depressing bag of Micronauts parts

In attempting to not slack off the whole day, I went through some boxes of shit in the basement and uncovered a baggie of what remains from my original Micronauts from the 70s.

Micro-nots aren't they?




I've never finished the redesign and page implementation of Plastic Crack.

I haven't even scratched the surface on designs and content for,, or even the years behind Paper Crack.

The south bedroom renovation ground to a halt when my knee started hurting again a few weeks back.

I still haven't touched the toy sorting for the Great Robot Purge and we have another Vets' Memorial Toy Show coming up that I need to get ready for.

My life has literally come to a complete standstill.

And to top it off... the inevitable birthday is 6 days away!!!

What the phrock happened to me?!?!!?

There was a time in my life just a few years ago that I did a remarkable job at multitasking and completing projects.


I'm a slacker that even slacker's would look up to.



Henkei Cyclonus and Nightstick

TF Henkei Cyclonus

It is really hard for me to say if the Henkei version here is better than the Hasbro release.

It was round and fully packed.


Well Botcon proper is paid off. No point in having the guilt anymore.

That can come when the airline tickets and hotel have to be paid.


Looks like Henkei Cyclonus should be on his way.

And Hydra in Japan says my Henkei Wildrider should be here soon.





Reviewing all the crack I'm either expecting within a few days or have on order.

Alas, a lot of robot crap in my queue:

Henkei Wildrider
Henkei Ghost Starscream
Henkei Strafe
Henkei Alert
Henkei Ratchet
Henkei Smokescreen
Henkei Cyclonus
Henkei Electro Disruptor Mirage
MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock
Gear of War Accessory Kit

Um... I see a definite trend there.

Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Ya gotta love an ebay win that was only $8 for a complete 30 year old toy with box and instructions!

Sure... it isn't quite like this mint rare find but $8 vs $75? I can handle $8.

My Micronauts collections grows... alas... still with no Biotron.

TF Universe Legends Wheelie

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TF Universe Legends Wheelie

I'm glad they revamped him.

TF Universe Legends Rodimus

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TF Universe Legends Rodimus

TF Universe Legends Warpath

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TF Universe Legends Warpath

TF Universe Legends Cosmos

TF Universe Legends Cosmos

Yo! Geeks!


One of you either emailed me or commented here over the past 6 weeks about looking for an Animated Ultra Magnus in the original colors.

I found one and bought it!

If you still need him let me know and you can have it. Otherwise, I'll be taking him back in a week or so.

Oh... and Mr. Terrific... no luck on the TRU War Within Titaniums. Sorry.

Some new crack coming up soon.

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