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And there shall come... a carpet!


Bingo! It is just what I wanted!

Stuff and things.


The TF Club "Brothers"?

They look pretty decent together in a way that most individual figures haven't in ages.

The generally consistent color palette at least makes them look like a team of some kind as opposed to a motley ragtag band of miscellaneous repaints.

Only 2 more years to go and I'll have the whole team!!!



Botcon Mirage has grown on me.

Botcon Mirage has really grown on me.

Now the mold I've loved since day one but the dark translucent blue was kind of meh.

Yeah yeah... I know... the clear plastic likely would have yellowed. Believe. I know. My Osaka Toysland Clear Mach Alert is yellowed.

But I think he would have looked incredibly sweet clear with this same blue as the wheels.


Headless Ratchet

Here's something that sucks the balls!

Botcon Ratchet's head refuses to pop up!!!


Buzzsaw hates you.

Optimal Optimus

Goodbye US G1 stuff?


When it comes down to it I don't have much attachment to most of this G1 stuff.

Maybe a few gestalts... Maximus... my Micromasters... but that's it.

Not like a lot of it is in any kind of perfect shape anyway.

Alternator Mirage

Alternator Wheeljack

Binaltech Sideswipe

Alternator Jazz

And my favorite...

The "I can't remember how to Transform them" shelf

"The Shelf of I Forgot How To Transform You"

I just just leave all the shelves like this.

God Magnus

You can bitch and whine all you want, but God Magnus comes down as the most-kickingest-ass-trouncing Ultra Magnus of all time.

And he's a total dick too!

Devil Gigatron

If you ignore Hasbro's forcing of "Galvatron" on his American counterpart, Car Robots' Devil Gigatron is a pretty beautiful figure.

He's busy with a lot going on color-wise but it works for me.

Masterpiece Suckitude

I don't think I'll be keeping Masterpiece Suckitude here.

He's really quite a shitty $100 figure.

I have to frigg'n lean him up against the wall just to get him to stand on those wobbly spindly legs.

Look down... and show some mercy if you can...

Yellow Fire Convoy

Sweet Sweet Robot Love


Sweet sweet robot love!

Black Fire Convoy makes his first appearance in the Plastic Crack Den.

And I ask myself... do I really need any other Transformer?

Why the hell did I buy this both in box form and in loose bag form?

This so has to go.

Anybody interested?

Moving back in as best I can.

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This'll have to do.

Well I played around with the space... what there is of it... and the shelves really need to be against all the viable walls.

That leaves a condensed version of my computer desk to go in front of the closet door.

I have another door to the closet in my bedroom so it isn't a big deal.

I suppose I can hang my Car Robots poster against the door once I get it framed or something.

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