Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion


Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion (Botcon Exclusive)

He really is love.

Anybody who disagrees has got to be a total wanker.

After 20+ years we finally got him!

Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion is the 1936th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion (close-up)

Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion (Botcon Exclusive)


It can't be better than this.

He's frackin cool. I wish something like this wasn't a con exclusive. I would have bought one in the stores. I decided to find him on Ebay and the price was too out there for me. Which makes me sad. :(

wow total star wars episode 1 or 2 looking alt

There was some inspiration from the prequels in the original mold for Vector Prime that was used for this.

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