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E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

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E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

I love that Takara, for the most part, always tries to come up with a logical explanation of their repaints.

While yes, they may be thin explanations, they at least aren't usually obscene repaints like Hasbro often does.

Doing a redeco of Hot Rod in the energy in-between state after he grabbed the Matrix of Leadership and before he became Rodimus Prime is great.

E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

The detail of the mold itself really shines through, especially inside the car itself.

E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

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E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

I have yet to come across an $11 Generations Wreck-Gar but I've now got a $40 resculpt/redeco. Funny how that works.

Takara TF Animated Wingblade Convoy

I love how he looks like like a modern Ginrai with bits of Victory Leo there in the forward facing dual cannons.

I mean...the wings and forearns are all Ginrai...

Hasbro Super God Ginrai PVC

I was also surprised at how translucent he is. I didn't expect that at all when I opened up the box from BBTS.

Ahhh. One day I'll have to explain to my sons that Ginrai is not Optimus Prime. That will be a glorious day!

I just soooooo love her!

The Siblings

The siblings three. Yup! Love them!

2 Pink Swords are a Girl's Best Friend

It is true what they say too.

2 pick swords ARE a girl's best friend!

Perfection in transforming robot form.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Every now and then a Transformer comes along that is in this humble geeks opinion is perfection personified.

And that figure is most definitely now found in the recently released and generally expensive Henkei Ligier Electro Disruptor redeco.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I am a total whore for monochrome color palettes. And this version gives me that with more love than I ever could have hoped for.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

The tiny splashes of red here and there over a generally translucent figure is just f'n amazing.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

He is totally worth the $100 I spent on him.

He's better than all those ugly ass movie robots that have been released this past few months.

$100 for this version is better than dropping $100 for that ugly ass movie Devastator trash monster.

The land of race car yah yahs!

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Micromaster Countdown Test Shot 1

Not that you care or anything but I'm gonna throw up all my stupid ass test photography up on my Flickr galleries in a new set.

The more and more I dig into this EOS XSi and all the bad crazy lenses I've bought the more I realize I have to really put the camera and lenses through the ringer, especially for gay macro toy photography.

Flickr stuff.

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Flickr has recently changed their info, now showing you aggregate stats and external links back to one's Flickr photos.

My Transformers stuff is interesting.

The most popular TF Photos I've taken?

They all seem to be of movie figures and then the Sam's Club RID Prime.

However, at #9 my most popular photo is when I came down with the awful horrible shingles. (Actually, one part of my current health problem can be directly traced to that shingles outbreak!)

My #1 TF Photo though?

Transformers Movie Brawl (bot mode)

This deluxe Movie Brawl photo.

RID Skid-Z

I've always been a fan of little Robots In Disguise Skid-Z, even with the lame Hasbroey name to keep it like Skids.

He's a repaint of Machine Wars Mirage that Takara redid and included in Car Robots as Indy Heat. He even made it into the Car Robots anime with a whole episode devoted to him.

Botcon Darksyde Waspinator

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Botcon Darksyde Waspinator

Botcon Darksyde Waspinator

Botcon Darksyde Waspinator
When it comes down to it, my $350 Canon Powershot A620 does indeed take better plastic robot pictures than the $800 Canon Rebel EOS XSi.

I really thought there's be a general quality improvement between cameras but quite frankly, the prosumer camera, with the an incredible range of options and better lenses, really doesn't seem to offer me much more.

Window Revoltech Megatron hates you.

What's funny is that a part of me wants to always think of Megatron as this penultimate, and relatively honorable, emperor of (moderate) destruction and then I make the mistake of putting in the G1 DVDs and I'm once again reduced to thinking of his weekly "scheme to steal earth's energy" ploys.

Screw you and your ruby crystals!

If you really look at the true canon of G1 cartoon characterization there ain't a whole lot to appreciate about the guy.

However, with that said, he sure as hell had a lot more to do in any single minute than that lame ass other version. Hell... I'll take a whining psychotic Galvatron over that even!

Can someone remind me why Frank Welker couldn't have been hired to provide those 10 lines of dialogue again?

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