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Naladahc's Energon Ultra MagnusSo after almost 18 months I have finally acquired an Energon Ultra Magnus in an Ebay auction.

Now it isn't "mine" yet since I've had to resort to bidding on auctions from other countries and I managed to win this one from Australia.

I've never really considered seriously going after non-US auctions just because of the pain in the ass of currency exchange rates and all but in this instance I managed to snag this very very rare figure that was underproduced for only $41.00 total! Most of the US auctions I've bid on for this have ended up in the $70-$80 range so acquiring him, even overseas, was something I had to consider.

Of course I won't be happy with this transaction until Energon Ultra Magnus resides on the Energon shelves but hopefully this whole transaction will go smoothly.

My ones from Japan have all gone well.

The haul...


Nala's Holiday Haul

Nala's holiday haul of plastic crack goodness!

Merge to form Victory Saber!!!


So the always wonderful UPS man delivered Takara Robot Masters Star Saber and Victory Leo today.

These two Japanese-only characters from the series Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimei Tai Transformers Victory have grown on me immensley since I picked up the PVC versions of them.

Star Saber just litterly kicks a whole lot of ass around the attic of love. Perhaps I'll own the original 80s versions of them someday but 2004 toy design techniques have made the PVC and Robot Masters versions look a helluva lot more like the anime than the brick-like 80s toys.

Not a bad delivery today at all!

Hell. I may have to change my panties even.

Our own little UN...


So I had to run to get some cold meds and decided to hit BK to snag a sandwich.

I may go to BK once or twice a year and rarely do I go inside to order but for some reason I did today. Thank the gods I did!!!

Inside I noticed something remarkable, especially for a Cowlands BK.

The woman who took my order was most likely Malaysian. The woman working the drive-thru was African-American. The probable shift manager was sub-Saharan African of undeterminable origin. The one grill guy was Somali. The other grill guy appeared to be Indian or Pakistani. And there was another "floater" who looked Chinese.

The one monitor they use to prep orders was out and all of these people were arguing at each other about it in such wonderful accented English.

It was fantastic!!!

It was like a little version of the UN here in the Cowlands. And they were all yelling at each other too!!!

How cool is that?

And to top it off, while at the store, I found me an Energon Kicker/Highwire and Universe Air Raid and Windsheer taking me up to 924!!!

Cool beans on a frigidly cold Cowtown day!

Silverbolt is better than most...

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Bad Spark

Which Transformers Episode Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Well... at least I rank with an excellent Beast Wars Silverbolt appearance.

Now I'm guilty for using sniping software.

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Well I lost several much needed ebay auctions because people use sniping software.

So I decided last night, for the sake of my plastic crack addiction, to become an online auction dreg and get sniping software myself.

I really really really wanted this Micromaster Countdown set and so I used sniping software.

Now theoretically I suppose I lost because of my lack of experience with this sniping software. This sucks since the other sniper won by like $1.52 or so. (Most auctions I lose are within $.50 to $1.00 these days).

I am gonna learn to use this shit and I am going to win the things I need.

I hate that I have to resort to this but I don't have much choice anymore.

One has to react in kind.

So after Mr. Evebird and I were done with lunch I ran to the House of Love to snag some books I forgot and lo and behold the postal gods deemed me worthy to receive a package.

And let me tell you... there's nothing quite like opening up a package of 37 Micromasters and other assorted G1 bots to make your otherwise mundane Friday exciting!

So yay for the plastic crack addiction.

And in other news, I'm thinking eating Ethiopian two meals in a row may not have been a wise thing.


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