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Plus Three

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Of course, while I was away in Dallas, the always lucky Giger scored me some Transformers goodness too. This time in the form of basics Brakedown, Armorhide, and Undermine.

September 27, 2005 - New Additions

Cool little bots. Armorhide is fantastic.

Yes. More Transformers. Sue me. That's all I got to talk about right now.

In which Nala actually appears in a photo.

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Ya know something. I think I look almost excited as Greg in this photo of Kristin's.

Yes. The awards dinner was so cool I almost crapped my pants.

Thank Shai-Hulud that I met these guys (and gal)!

Cybertron Brakedown, Cybertron Armorhide, and Cybertron Undermine

So my roommate found me a Cybertron Brakedown, Cybertron Armorhide, and Cybertron Undermine while I was away at Botcon 2005.

What is incredibily funny is that these toys didn't even appear at any vendor booths at the con at all. They just don't seem to be in any heavy retail rotation yet as all the stores are still chock full of the same crap from Wave 1 and 1.5.

Brakedown isn't bad but I think he should have been the next size up instead of a basic. Armorhide rocks the total balls here. He's fantastic and if you are into homages then he'd make a good base for a G1 Huffer or Pipes retool. Undermine, as far are beasts go, is much better than Energon's Cruellock but I just hate the name. Hasbro should have stuck with his name in Galaxy Force which in Dinoshout.

Numbers in Collection: 1428, 1429, 1430.

Botcon 2005 Ratchet and Flareup

During Friday night's Casino Night at Botcon I won the exclusive Ratchet and Flareup figures.

Well. Scratch that. E. won Ratchet and Flareup. When I won immediately after him all that was left was some Alternators I already had and a set of the Virulous Insecticon exclusives. I opted for the latter.

Now E. already had a Ratchet/Flareup set that he bought and he knew I wanted one so he traded me for the Insecticons.

This definitely made my evening and helped me to get over much of the anger I was having over Botcon.

Numbers in Collection: 1426, 1427.

Botcon 2005 Flamewar

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Flamewar is the extremely disappointing figure that was the "Botcon Attendee" exclusive.

Now for weeks I was speculating that the logical thing for Master Collector to do would be to make this Attendee-exclusive something really special since if it was for those who spent all the time and money to make it to the con.

Wrong! Flamewar is just another Energon Arcee repaint in from a Botcon that seems to be the "Home of the Arcee Repaints" this year.

Numbers in Collection: 1425.

Botcon 2005 Descent Into Evil Exclusive Set

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Botcon 2005Exclusive Set

Behold! The Master Collector Botcon 2005 Super Balls Mega Expensive 7 Figure Exclusive Set with Box. It too could have been yours for only $265!!!

Alas, it is mine after much grumbling and anger over buying it without knowing how lame the figures would be and then getting more angry for not cancelling it.

Master Collector was nice enough to let me cancel the $140 loose versions I had ordered (with a restocking fee...ugh!) so that was one plus to the weekend (though the things probably would bring more than the $140 price on Ebay and I could have recouped some of the cost.)

The set includes the following:

Deathsaurus (a repaint of Car Robots Gigatron)
Ironhide (a repaint/minor retool of Energon Tow-line)
Chromia (a repaint/minor retool of Energon Arcee)
Fallback (a repaint of Energon Strongarm)
Richochet (a repaint of a G2 Jetfire)
2 Dirges (a repaint of Beast Wars Buzzclaw)

This set really irked me and it was basically because of the fact that I didn't want anything other than the Ironhide. And then for Master Collector to throw in 2 repaints of the same damn ugly insect/lizard Beast Wars fuzor was just too much.

I'm very happy I got a refund on the loose set.

Numbers in Collection: 1418, 1419, 1420, 1421, 1422, 1423, 1424.

Robot Masters Thundercracker and Skywarp

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With the acquisition of 2-pack RobotMasters Thundercracker and Skywarp for $40 at Botcon I now have every figure in the Takara RobotMasters line.

The are repaints of RobotMasters Starscream but the 3 Decepticons were all from the same mold back in 1984 anyway.

Numbers in Collection: 1416, 1417.

I held off buying this exclusive black repaint of the RobotMasters Victory Saber set for some time but for $40 I didn't think I'd be finding it any cheaper.

Victory Saber is one of my all-time favorite transformers and I really like the black/grey repaint of both Star Saber and Victory Leo a lot.

Of course, since he's an import, and an exlusive, he'd be breaking 2 rules by opening him. I may need for someone to clearance him to get one to open like I did the regular versions.

Numbers in Collection: 1414, 1415.

Car Robots Gushar

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I'm a total whore for decent packing and package art and the Takara Robots line really does fit the bill for me. I snagged Car Robots Gushar (Slapper for Robots In Disguise) for super cheap.

Number in Collection: 1413.

My haul


Botcon 2005 - My Haul

You know I'm a loser, right?

Of course you did.

Botcon 2005 Recap


Botcon 2005 - Big Ass Optimus

Good morning kids.

I am so damn tired today that I just decided to skip work. I had it scheduled off just in case and I'm glad I did. Feet hurt. Shoulder is still killing me from Thursday night. All in all. I'm a mess.

So. Botcon? You are wondering how was it perhaps?

Sunday Morning Sunday Morning


Ok. It is the morning and I've had another measley 5 hours or so of sleep.

But man I had fun last night.

There's something to be said about being 5 states and 1200 miles away from Cowtown and yet ending up at a Wal-Mart at 11pm looking for both toys and alcohol.

Good times. Definite good times.

I'll be leaving this afternoon and arriving in the greater Cowlands sometime around 9pm. As always, most of the day will be ruined by travel and such.

But I gotta say this: I did meet some great people and had a very fun time this weekend.

(And I only spilled my drinks twice!)

Can I go home now?

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The awards dinner just let out and it is time to start drinking again. Heavily.

Been a good day and I've only spent about $380 so far. Unfortunately, the large suitcase I brought is already full so I can't really buy much more than PVCs and such.

So far I've gotten the Masterpiece Convoy trailer ($45... great deal), Robot Masters Thundercracker and Skywarp (only $40), Reissue Perceptor, the Jusco Exclusive Indy Heat and Wrecker Hook I came for, Botcon 2003's Sunstreaker, a ton of PVCs I needed, and the e-Hobby Black Victory Saber.

The dinner was fine but the "fandom" part sucked.

Met some really cool people from California and Buffalo that I've been hanging with.

We'll be leaving for the airport around 1:30 tomorrow.

And yes. I'm pretty sick of Botcon.


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This is Nala with your "Botcon 2005 I'm Not As Pissed As When I Left" update.

Well there were no real delays with getting here and other than Evebird getting mad at Super Shuttle taking us like 90 minutes to the hotel everything was pretty easy.

The hurricane is definitely not something to worry about. Maybe some rain but it is no big deal here in Dallas.

The con? That's what you want to know about anyway so let me shoot the shit.

My attitude changed when I got here and was still able to cancel the loose set of exclusives. That was like $125 saved so it really made me happy that they allowed me to avoid buying it.

I've spent quite a bit of cash but I got some great deals and have filled a lot of my wish list, especially with PVCs and some Japanese exclusives.

I spent the night totally drunk with some guys down the hall but more on that later.

Anyway, I'll update later.

I just lost over 10 paragraphs or so of me ranting due to anger at myself for falling under the expectation that I would enjoy myself this weekend. The obscene amount of money I spent on toys that I don't even want is an abomination and I think that this is a lesson to me that has been a long time coming.

I could have taken this money and gone to San Francisco and spent quality time with friends and new acquaintances and come back to Cowtown with memories for more valuable than useless toys that go on a shelf that I beat myself over buying anyway.

Alex B.? Remember what you said last Saturday night in the Attic about me one day just wanting to chuck it all?

Well. I think that day is coming sooner than I, or anyone else for that matter, ever expected.

I am so utterly angry at myself for allowing my values to become so corrupted by objects both real and imaginary.

This weekend will see exactly what kind of hypocrite I am.

I really need to get my priorities in order. They are so out of whack with reality.


Yes. I'm flying to Dallas, Texas in little over 3 hours.

Yes. I know there's a hurricane that is probably going to come on shore in Texas and pound the eastern part and eastern coast of the state hard.

Yes. I know it will probably turn into torrential downpours in Dallas.

But I intend to make the best of this.

If I can find web access I'll blog and stuff. If I can find web access and USB access I'll upload pictures to my Flickr space for you all to stare at in awe of the plastic crackiness.

If something horrible happens and I die then just know that such an event would make me the ultimate loser. I mean really... going to the Transformers convention during a hurricane. How fuck'd up is that!?!?!

And I'm already fucking pissed that the "attendee exclusive" is another fucking repaint of Arcee!!! FUCK THAT SHIT MASTER COLLECTOR!

I will have a good time at Botcon.


I will have a good time at Botcon.

I will have a good time at Botcon.

I will have a good time at Botcon.

Rita won't piss me off.

Rita won't piss me off.

Rita won't piss me off.

The 8th exclusive figure won't be a 3rd Buzzclaw repaint.

The 8th exclusive figure won't be a 3rd Buzzclaw repaint.

The 8th exclusive figure won't be a 3rd Buzzclaw repaint.

I keep telling myself these things repeating them over and over and over hoping that this is true.

About 25 hours until Evebird and I board our jet to Dallas by way of a stop in Detroit. (Yeah. That's a great one if you ask me.)

Still gotta run to Target, snag some fruit for the flight, burn some music CDs (I still have no mp3 player), show Giga how to feed the Fishes of Love™, and pack.

Since I'll probably be up late tomorrow for the oh-so exciting Botcon Casino Night I'm thinking of maybe just sleeping in tomorrow. Would do my knee good too since I've been in pain all week.

Anybody want to take bets on how much weight I'll gain over the weekend? I'm at 240 or so right now.

I ain't got nothin'n!

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To all you people that think The Attic of Love is insane I think you need to see this collection.

Shockwave... not frigg'n Shockblast!

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Arghhhhh!!! Of course, Hasbro must have gotten back the Shockwave name since it now adorns a future mini-con repaint release.

That is like balls sucky since they named Alternator Shockwave frigg'n Alternator Shockblast due to the trademark having been lost. The trademarks of many many Transformer names from the 80s are now lost so we end up with the constant regurgitation of a select few over and over and over.

Balls! Balls! Balls!

But at least the main man's name is back where it belongs! Shockwave being my favoritest Transformer makes this good news for me.

I never called him Alternator Shockblast anyway. And oh.. he's Alternator Dragstrip too not that silly Decepticharge name. Bah!

I swear the apocalypse is upon me.


Of course, in my previous post, when I posted Hurricane Rita's path through Texas I failed to notice that it will be going right over Dallas!!!!

This trip just keeps getting more disappointing as the days go by.

No. I'm serious. What the hell is that?


What the hell is this?

Oh cracky day! Oh cracky day!


Giga, Evebird, Kelmeister, Kelmeister's Brother, Mr. and Mrs. B. and I went to the Columbus Toy Show today. All in all I didn't spend all of the cash I took. I did spend a lot of it but not all of it.

So the mildly-not-as-annoying-as-the-previous-two-series Transformers Cybertron has been removed from Cartoon Network and will be going to Kids WB!. And of course, Cowtown doesn't get Kids WB! even though we are a a major 'Merican market.

And guess what? They are actually going to run the show starting with episode 1 instead of episode 4 like the fuck-ups at Cartoon Network. I still can't figure out why CN started in the middle of a story that needed to roll out as intended or else it wouldn't make any sense. Not that the previous Transformers Energon made a lick of sense anyway.

And to think I was kind of enjoying this not so shitty series.

Oh well.

New plastic crack for Nala.


09-10-05-ginrai.jpgMy Takara PVC Ginrai arrived today from Great Britain.

You know it is kinda funny and kinda sad that I've had a hard time acquiring one of these and ended up finally winning one from a Great Britain ebay auction of all places. And it was even cheaper than he typicall goes for here in the colonies. Hell. Remember when I finally had to resort to getting an Energon Ultra Magnus from Australia? Bad craziness.

And no. Ginrai is not Optimus Prime. Yes. He looks like Optimus Prime but he isn't. He's actually a human with the cybertronic cock ring wrist bracelets that he bangs together and then he can merge with a transtector (Cybertronian spark-less body) that happens to have been a replacement body for Optimus Prime. Confusing yes. But not really if you are familiar with Transformer Masterforce's different direction for TFs in the 80s.

Of course, Ginrai merges with his trailer to become Super Ginrai and then mergers with God Bomber to become God Ginrai, my favorite PVC.

taken from botcon.comThis is Michael Chain. He was the voice actor for Red Alert, Powerglide, Hoist, and Skids (for his only appearance) back in the 80s.

He'll be a guest panelist at Botcon 2005 where I'm headed at the end of September.

I am hoping that his jacket will also make a guest appearance.

In fact, I'm hoping that his jacket gets a panel all of its own.

All bow down before Michael Chain's jacket of eternal doom.

All hail Michael Chain's jacket of eternal doom.

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