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Where's the spotlight on Billy!



I don't read the IDW comics but damn, that cover (above) to their Blaster issue has to be the best Blaster & Company have looked on the comics page ever.

Apparently, he's going to have a new personality that blends the Marvel comics one with the animated one which I suppose is a good thing.

My question is... non-comic reader that I am... who the hell are those 2 cassette bots on either side of Slamdance uptop on guitar?

Creations of the new comic? I don't recall Blaster ever having any other distinct "bot" cassettes other than Eject, Rewind, and the combiner Slamdance.

Was that the year I was on heroin and missed something?

Nala's excited about a TF comic?


Yeah. It is true.

I'm actually excited about the forthcoming Beast Wars Sourcebook.

I have found the Dreamwave profile books, as well as other books in this vein, to be the best toilet reading material out there.

Just leave the books in the bathroom and when the White Castle is running through you at 3am you can enjoy the cheestastic and illogical Transformers universe!

What more is there to love in a comic?

Stuff. With drawings and text.


Since those of you who comment here are pretty much the only TF geeks I communicate with I'm curious about something.

Am I unusual in the fact that I just don't give a shit about TF comics?

Do any of you read them?

Am I?


Am I the only fan of Transformers who would be perfectly happy with Simon Furman not writing any more Transformers stories?

I'm just wondering.


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Very soon. In fact, hopefully by the end of the year.

Soon. Quite soon. Paper Crack will be born!

PaperCrack will be born!

And still goes on...


You didn't think I spent the last 8 months slaving away rebuilding my basement walls to actually clean up the space did you?

Hell no!

I did it so I could move comics down there!!!

All the comics have been moved to the basement.

...except break my heart!


And it goes on...


So I continue to sort tons of paper crack down in the dining room. There's no place to even put up holiday ornaments since I've pretty much taken over the whole room.

Yay! I found them!

El McBeardo will be happy to know I found the trades of Alan Moore's Supreme he lent me (above).

The tackling of the paper crack!


Let me change topics for a post or two.

If you read this here pointless blog or any of my other sites you'll know that I'm currently in the process of purging myself of thousands of comic books from the past 30 years.

I've read comics since I was about 6-years-old and unfortunately, the paper crack really accumulated over the years. It didn't help that I worked in a comic store in Toledo back in the 80s and I also frequently did comic conventions and crap like that.

After all these years the comics have just become a massive burden that takes up space in my life, not to mention valuable storage space in the Attic of Love.

Well I started pulling them out of the boxes and trying to sort them at least into some larger groups by company and or "family".

So much paper crack!

Let me just say... what a pain in the ass it is sorting 30 years of comics!!!

The great comic book purge begins...


The great comic book purge begins!

It has started.

With the help of Jay and Giga the comic boxes have all been brought down to the dining room.

And thankfully, my memory has been way faulty on how many comics I still had.

I did a purge back in 87 and then again around 94 and I had pretty much forgot how many I had gotten rid. Back in my teens and during the Dark Ages I needed quick cash and selling off the comics was a way to get it.

Still. This is way too much baggage to have in my life.

The great comic book purge begins!

The goal here will be to reduce this by 95%, with only graphic novels, trades, and very specials individual issues or series kept.

I think I can manage that.

Of course, some of the stuff from the past 9 years is just as much of Giga's as it is mine. But I think he'll want to thin out the baggage as much as I do.

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