Rev's custom Breakdown


Breakdown progress
Originally uploaded by revlimit
I was happy to see Rev posted some progress shots of his custom Alternator Breakdwown.

I kind of of wish Takara had finished their plans on these guys.

If I recall right BT-16 was supposed to be Wildrider.

Alas, the line when to Binaltech Asterisk and then morphed into Vagina Players.

I may been to buy some people's custom Alts just to keep that part of the collection interesting.


Wildrider or Black Widow. I heard both. As it stands, considering the color scheme I had seen I'm glad they didn't.

Yay!!! I'm always happy to see one of my customs up here. Even if it is a crappy, top-of-the-tv shot. I posted some darkly lit shots of his alt mode today. I'm holding off the final photoshoot until I get my damn faction symbols from reprolabels. Last time I ordered from them it took a MONTH. Not expecting that any. time. soon.

BT-16 as Wildrider? Dude. I'd love to have seen that.

The grey/silver S2000 was one I wished had come out, and might be what you're referring to... a fuzzy memory stirs. I remember the bot mode was crap. But who gives a fuck? That's why they invented paint. That sweet, sweet silver Stook woulda been worth a shit brown bot.

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