Goddamn sumbitch cats!


While I was in Boston and Rhode Island one of the goddamn cats decided to use my gym bag as a fucking litter box!!!

I went to go pack my shoes and stuff up so I could run in Chicago and everything is ruined!

The gym clothes and my gloves totally smell like cat piss.

My shoes totally smell like cat piss!

My MP3 player totally smells like cat piss!!!

The clothes are in the laundry and I'll imagine they'll clean up but the shoes are probably a lost cause.


Goddamn sumbitch cats!


Well you can run the shoes in the wash but they are the only thing you put in there. Also would be a good idea to do a warm wash. If the smell doesn't go away you can get a spray to remove it and its not really that costly.

I have cats so know what a pain that can be.

also once you wash the shows if the smell doesnt completely go away you can freeze the shoes. I know it sounds weird but take the advice of a fitness instructor who runs 5 miles everyday.lol

Freeze them overnight and that will kill any scent sustaining baterias.

I'll vouch for n10zguy. Had a guy tell me to freeze my judo gi to keep the funky sweaty smell out of it. Must have wiped all the little buggers out because it doesn't smell anymore. Of course, had to answer the inevitable "Why are your Japanese pajamas in the freezer?" posed by the missus...

I'll be taking all your recommendations (and then some) as I clean this all up while Mr. Nala is away. I've got plenty to do in the next 4 days, so I might as well do a thorough cleaning of the shoes while I'm at it.

[from airport] My bag was over by the litter container by my dresser. I don't think it really soaked through but I could be wrong. I put it outside on the back deck but it is probably totally soaked with water. The gym bag may be a goner. The shoes are in a Target or Giant Eagle bag inside my closet or near it.

I did the gym clothes already. They were in the dryer when you picked me up to take me to the airport.

Note: Why am I telling you all this instead of emailing him directly!?!?

Because now we're invested in the status of your shoes as you are.

What's sad is that they are like $20 Meijers sneakers too.

I rarely spend much on sneakers because I only wear them to the gym.

man I spend $150 each on my gym sneakers and usually go through 2 pair of them a year lol. BUt then again if I didnt my feet would be in pretty bad shape.

remember when Megatron was thrown out of astrotrain in Transformers the Movie and total anarchy erupted? Thats what happened when you left. The critters probably took you for dead and were trying to figure out who was next in command.

And the shoes were all "I. . . still. . . function" before the last spray?

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