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Soon... Bender's Game will be out!

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Only a week or so to go and Bender's Game will be out. November 4 to be exact!

All I can say right now is Futurama Opening + Yellow Submarine + Hypnotoad = Nala's totally running to buy it on November 4!!!

Much better way to spend that night instead of suffering from Democrats and Repulicans.

Look Michael... a fjord!


So right before I decided to call it a night I was flipping through channels and came across the new Knight Rider show.

I was an avid fan of the original show when I was 11 or so but trying to bring this show back seems a little far-fetched.

It amazes me that Hollywood just sort of regurgitates over and over again but I don't think that's ever going to stop.

In fact, while I can only say one "re-magining", namely Battlestar Galactica, has been a success, I suspect we'll see more remakes.

I could only watch this new show for about 3 minutes before I realized it would not hold my interest at all.

KITT now apparently transforms from one vehicle mode to another and is extremely boringly voiced by Val Kilmer. The car, from what little I watched, has zero personality and is all about gimmick transformations.

Sure. I didn't watch much but I can tell right off the bat that it wasn't for me. (But I'll start watching it if he transforms into a speed boat a la KnightBoat on a regular basis.)

I can't recall in the pilot if it transformed or not. Did anybody watch that?

I'm just wondering if the transformy nature was there before Transformers came out or not.

Will they pull KARR out of the mothballs and have Peter Cullen reprise the character? No doubt he'd be as static and CGIy as he was in the Transformers movie.

I think that this new Knight Rider, once the few people watching it for some nostalgia purposes leave, will go the way of that Bionic Woman remake last year.

Though I bet Giga will start Tivo'n it! :-)

Movable Type... crush!


So everything, other than design, should be back to some semblance of normality. Only took another 3 hours to rebuild the entire archives this morning after deleting everything and starting from scratch. Randomly poking around throughout the years gives me some confidence that everything built right. I still need to find the rest of 2004 and 2003 and get those imported. I hope those text archives aren't on my old Mac. That'd suck.

For the time being, I've decided to stick with MovableType for all my blogs and explore Wordpress on one of my less read venues. Still want to make serious changes to the way the content is presented here though. Not as drastic as my split of plasticcrack off from the other site but there has to be an easy... and I stress easy... way to separate the 4 main areas I want to break up here yet have them aggregate from one main page.

Oh. Got a doctor's appointment today. I'll find out if surgery is in the cards or something more conservative for the knee. All I ask is that I can walk around San Francisco for a week in October. That trip's paid for dammit!

Went a little batshit crazy on Amazon today too. Gots some Who on DVD coming that I already own on poor VHS or have seen before. But my goal to get every Hartnell and Troughton appearance as the Doctor on DVD is still there. Plus, I'm hoping that the restoration they did on the DVD version of Tomb of the Cybermen improves over the VHS release.

Bought a quality Canon macro lense for my XSi too. That's where most of the cash went.

I'm done with lenses now. I've got a telephoto, a macro, and a standard walk-around lens. I'd like to get a wide-angle but it can wait.

[Grrr! Tomb was released prior to the BBC's going with the VidFIRE restoration process. Oh well. I'd still rather have it on DVD. Klieg demands it!]

May not be as fun as I thought...

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So moving to WordPress, while fairly simple on the back end, will be a major pain in the ass for a blog such as ye olde and or .net.

I've used Movable Type since version 1 way back...I think... in 1999 or so. Maybe it was 2000.

Anyway, Plasticcrack split out of my personal blog and so kept what I suppose you could say is "baggage" from the architecture choices I made back a billion years ago... namely in how my archives are named and organized.

Google has always been a friend to the 'crack and loved the structure and no doubt that's how many of you readers ended up here over the years.

Well... there's a lot of investment in those archive files since those are the pages that are hit the most according to my logs.

Of course, WordPress out-of-the-box cannot duplicate my structure without some major tweaking, pluginage, and it looks like sql query tweaking or some shit.

What to do...

Perhaps I should just commit to WordPress' methodology and rebuild the archives from scratch with the new naming and hope that Google reindexes everything quickly. I could always keep the old archives up too... though there may be conflict.

Giga mentioned that a lot of may previous/next links have been broken since I moved to MT 4 way back when. I never noticed since I rarely go into my past here except to occasionally comment on Sunshyne's commenting on ancient posts.

So many decisions to make.

What would Jesus do?


Not much really go'n on in the world of the roboplasticos is there?

The FansProject Ultra Magnus kit keeps looking better and better.

I'm actually kind of liking the repaint Binaltech Arcee.

I had a request from Brunei to try and snag one of the SDCC Nemesis Prime Scourge exclusives so I'll probably get one myself.

I don't think it is possible for me to care less than I already do about Transformers 2.

And I need Robot Heroes Cheetor badly.

How's your world?

Poking a badger with a spoon.

So Giga and I spent the evening with Eddie Izzard yesterday for his Stripped tour.

On the whole I really loved it. So far, none of his tours has topped Dress To Kill for me though. That entire routine is gold through and through no matter how many times I see it.

Stripped is very heavy on the religion and god stuff which was actually quite unexpected.

Obviously, if you are paying to go see Eddie Izzard you have to have some knowledge of his work and general style so getting offended at this material would be your own fault.

It seemed to play well to the Palace Theatre crowd. A Tennessee crowd? Probably not so much.

And how often can I get comedy about paleontologists and geologists arguing and fighting?

Not often I tell you!

I'll take every comedy bit about archæology I can find too!

Ok. This photo of Earth-3 Convoy definitely makes the figure look like it is lickable and less than sellable.

I mean... s'kinda sad with FP can't do "make your panties moist" photos of their own stuff to get the conventioneer rabble truly excited.


Speaking of FP. Did you read the news about their threatening legal action against Chinese ebay sellers with all the stolen toys?

If you really want something funny, try rereading the supposed letter but think of the voice in the video here.

They just not better pull this shit on the toys I wanted to dump out of the box! Not that they are likely to get much out of me in the next year anyway.


Just give the old darkside a try

So. While there's something photoshoppy about this, the smaller Energon Galvatron mold that was barely released in 'Murica is a likely Botcon add-on.

If this is real, the head retool works, but the blue translucent parts would have worked so much better for me if they were tranlsucent red.

Calling all geeks...


Is this different???

There I was walking through Target yesterday and I found these totally different packages on the Deluxe Movie figures.

The cylinder packaging, with the figure in bot mode, is really fantastic. I love it.

However, can anybody tell me if it is different from the previous mainstream release?

He looks a lot bluer but I never opened that one so I can't tell.

If you know... tell me.

I'll take this back if it is the same. I do not have a package variant fetish.

Of course, you probably know that I'm an enormous Howard Stern Show fan.

I listen to the show daily on Sirius and also subscribe to Howard TV where I often get my fix of what I miss when I can't hear the show.

Well... the one day (Thursday) when I don't listen some of the most crazy bad shit goes down between Artie Lange and his assistant Teddy.

A verbal tiff becomes an on air fist fight, then Artie accused Howard of being the trigger, and then Artie quits!

Bad craziness!

That explains why when I tuned in after work on Thursday there was a slightly unusual replay of Monday's show and not the Thursday one. Howard apparently won't let the show be heard again and obviously we'll never see the televised footage.

But... thankfully... I got to hear the blow up on YouTube.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Artie's become a vital part of the show for the past 7 years. I can't imagine the show without him.


So much crap.


So while I spent the day priming and painting, Giga unloaded our offsite storage unit of all of the toys and comics.

Mind you... the garage is already packed with Transformers and the basement has many boxes too.

Toys from Storage, Part 1

Toys from Storage, Part 3

Somehow he got it all locked up in the garage.

Someday, I hope to actually be able to use that garage to park the car in.

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