Finally! I get to see pics!


So Hasbro wouldn't let pictures be taken at the TF-centric Botcon panel last month but there's all kinds of pics coming out of the TF panel at SDCC?

That's some bullshit there oh crack dealers 'o Rhode Island! I'm tempted to declare shenanigans!

Thanks to TFormers there I can finally see some of the stuff that I missed because I was stuck in line trying to ship my toys.

The Transformers: Animated toys are going to be awesome fun. I'm totally loving reading the fanboys out there whining and bitching about this whole new series.

Yup! Hasbro totally hates you and purposefully create this new line and show just to piss you all off!

TF:A Bumblebee is awesome!

I'm hoping that this is Power Glide.

Oh. And Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker?

Damn! Fill up my syringe there baby. Daddy needs another hit of that love!

OK. I'm late for a party.


I would like it recorded for posterity that i think the new TF cartoon is gonna kick arse...

The clip over at EnewsI looks pretty good to be honest even with the usual dodgy filming angles we've grown used to...

I like the new movie figures, repaints well not as much.

The new classics guys rock can't wait to see the concepts for the other characters figure we'll see what six total for the first wave?

Animated figures. I'm going to try and pass judgement when we see the figures posed and see the new series, but my first impression is I'm not crazy about the art. I don't think its any sort of conspiracy of hate to the fans, i've just never been a fan of the disproportianate art.

Showed my son the new bumblebee and he said "Daddy what's wrong with bumblebee?" But I'm pretty sure he'll like the series its his demographic they are targeting. Probably end up getting them for him mostly.

the powerglide look-alike seems to be called lugnut,and the TF:A bumblebee looks like a big headed cat.

In the animated TF series, Soundwave appears to be a Scion car and his robot mode has a guitar ... WTF??

I don't know about that Bumblebee toy.

I am so stoked that Classics will continue.

I'll post more thoughts on my own blog though instead of cluttering the comments here. Not now though. The laptop is hard to cut and past on the touch pad and my hands are sore from woodworking.

I am drooling over that Starscream and Prowl toy ^^

If there making a Sunstreaker they sure as hell better be doing a Sideswipe

I'm just trying to figure out how Animated Prowl looks so sleek in both modes.

Thanks Nala but how long must one wait for the classics 2 to be out and hopfully they use that cosmos mold they made

No idea on either question.

I imagine they'll want to the movie shit off the shelves before they start releasing this stuff.

Heard that Universe (Classics 2.0) Will be Fall of 2008.

There was talk of a non repaint Galvatron, Unique Ultra Magnus mold. Can't wait for more leaked designs

No love for combiners in the near future?

I'm going back to Big Lots to get more $6 KO combiners to play with.

I really like what I'm seeing so far from these TF Animated figures. It'll be great to see just how pissed some G1 purists will be when they actually hit store shelves. I'll take whatever they don't want. I dig that Animated Starscream.

agentmorris: G1 ended in 1991. It amazes me that people get all bent out of shape about these characters when any specific version of a character in both toy form and fiction is finite.

To keep trudging out certain "G1 things" every line just keeps getting more ridiculous.

It'll never ever happen again but I would so love Hasbro to do an entire TF line that does not include an Optimus, Megs, Starscream, Bumblebee/Hot Shot/Hot Rod, or any other direct G1-descendent characters.

Nala: You are absolutely correct. There will ALWAYS be G1 characters endlessly re-hashed in every TF line from here until the end of Hasbro.

And I don't care about that, really, as long as the designs look good. The name of a character is meaningless--I just like a kick-ass transforming robot. That's it.

I love just about everything coming out in the next year +, including the animated stuff---I've always liked select CN stuff, like Justice League, Dexter's lab, and the PPGs. However, am I dreaming, or is there a Cheetor/Hotrod vibe coming off of Bumblebee? In fact, I'm kind of seeing Beast Wars/Machines here in vehicle forms and 2d. . .music's awesome to it, due to a couple unexpected chord changes in the theme and then what little incidental stuff I heard in the clips!

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