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TF Animated Swindle


TF Animated Swindle

So Giga happened to be out and found an Animated Swindle. I've never seen him in the wild at all.

He's a fun little figure. And I'm surprised at how they've taken a relatively minor character from G1 and made such a massive improvement on him.

It would have been fun to have gotten an entire G1 combiner like Bruticus totally redone in Animated. If Swindle is any indication, the Combaticons could would have turned out fantastic.

And no... I don't care that none of them would have been to scale. That just would suck all the fun out of having an Animated G1ish combiner.

Well... there's no backing out now.


Regardless of all my sorry ass bitching and guilt at Botcon expense, it is now too late to back out.

The flights have been booked into Burbank and Evebird has my GRC registration to fax in for me seeing that I'm out of the office sick today.

We are gonna do that Thursday tour. Neither of us have been to LA so that may be fun. There's always a small chance that I'll meet some cool people too. Though I can count on both hands the robot people I've met that I actually enjoy being around for more than 30 minutes.

Signed up for the Saturday overpriced dinner but it supposed to be on the Paramount back lot and I'm more interested in that than the Botcon stuff.

Giga's got radio alumni stuff going on this weekend too so there will be non-robot stuff to do.

Now to find a liquor store!



I bought some expensive robots today.

The exclusive Henkei Wildrider should be showing up.

I also preordered Henkei Ghost of Starscream and Henkei Strafe.

The guilt will hit me tomorrow.

Or... more likely... when Masterpiece Grimlock ships and gets charged.

I've really liked being robot free more or less for the past few weeks.

I guess I shouldn't get mad at myself.

I mean, it is highly probable that not even a single 2nd movie figure will ever make it into the House of Love. Not a one.

And so far, I have no interest at all in the 2009 Botcon set. That's 2 sets in a row there.

I'm hoping that they'll at least unveil up to the 4th figure quickly so I can make my decision to not go Primus to the con.

Yeah. We'll be going. Even doing the full Thursday Hollywood tour and Paramount Studios Saturday party.

Still don't have airfare though.

So let me think about this...

$295 GRC entry with robots
$90 GRC minicon entry
$130 to do the Thursday event
$100 to go to the party
$620 or so for the hotel
$800 or so for airfare
$100 or so for to and from 'port

That's $2135 more or less and I haven't even bought a damn robot at the convention.

So with my GRC drinking habit, tendency to buy others drink, food, miscellaneous things, etc. I'm probably looking at $3000 to go to a fucking goddamn toy show.

Not doing anything Botcon related and only going to the show room as a walk-in puts us at $1500 or so, Figure $2100 or so total.

I just... I just don't know if I give enough fuck about this shit anymore to waste that kind of money.

They're just fucking toys.

Holy shit man!

This custon Whirl out of the craptastic Energon Bulkhead is bee-u-tee-ful.

I'd buy this crack!

I can haz kitbashr mad skillz now?


Holy shit man!

This custon Whirl out of the craptastic Energon Bulkhead is bee-u-tee-ful.

I'd buy this crack!

I can haz kitbashr mad skillz now?.

Do I even bother?


Ugh! The Transformers Collectors Club renewal thing popped up in the mail yesterday.

Do I bother renewing?

My excitement continues!

I won't be getting this or this!

I really love when a Transformers movie comes out!

I save so much money now.

So say we all.


Remember that on this fourth day of the month of purification in the year two-thousand nine, that Andres Lopez was blessed by Naladahc officially as Aendrel, The Internet's Most Beloved Mexican Transformers Blogger™ with all privileges therein implied and so forth.

So say we all?

So say we all.

If I remember right, I think you get one free handjob from that guy that runs Fun Pubs if you attend Botcon now.

I may be wrong though.

Somebody in New York must love me.

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Somebody in New York must love me.

So I walk up to the door of the House of Love IV and there's a package there with 2 little TF skateboards and TF valentine's day chocolate.

Somebody in New York obviously read this post!

Thanks to my North Coast brotha Zeta Convoy for non-robot robot crack!!!

I take it back.


Regardless of the 9th Doctor being in it, I think I may have to take back anything I said about wanting to see the Joe movie.

If the teaser trailer above is any indication, I'll find it more laughable than fun. It is highly unlikely I'll be able to suspend my filters for it.

I'm just so so so so so so over CGI people effects.

When done small and in the background they can be fine.

When part of the main action they look like total shit to me.

I really miss most pre-1995 visual effects.

For every great thing CGI has done for special effects some other thing has been lost.

TF Universe Starscream (G1 deco)


TF Universe Starscream (G1 deco)

Oh my god I have to pee.



Don't care.

But for some reason that I cannot explain the G.I. Joe movie will likely hold more geek appeal to me and I don't know shit about the Joes past 1986 or so. I suppose it because I have zero preconceptions about what it should be.

I did read a rumour somewhere that the the TF movie will feature some kind of Constructicons. There does look to be some rather "too large for normal" thing crashing through a bridge. Apparently, Hasbro is making Deluxe figures that merge.

That does kinda suck to me since I really don't want any more bug-alien TFs around the Crack Den.

It will never happen but I can always dream of a Deluxe Universe/25th Anniversary modernization of the original Combaticons that could merge.

Then again, if they are doing this for the movie, why have another Devestator. How about a 6-part Menasor or Computron. Add geek value to Motormaster by making him some kind of truck a la some of the Micromaster vehicle combiners. Scattershot could be the same.

Then again... the old 5-combiner thing would work. I don't know if the economics of 6 deluxes are better than 5 deluxes + 1 voyager in terms of development.


Here I go... getting geektarded gayrobofantasizing again. I really really really try to avoid doing that. There's no point in it.

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