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Any of you out there far more in the depths of robogasms than I am have any idea what the hell the attendee figure will be?

Obviously it'll be a repaint of something already in the set but I haven't been paying attention enough to have caught what it could be.

So I'm interested in Gregg Berger since I've never heard him speak before.

Of course, I pretty much know how that panel will already go since most voice actor panels are the same thing over and over.

And once again, I can't see how either Stan Bush or Vince DiCola can be considered draws at all.

With less than 1 month until Botcon I'm back in a typical oh-so-great pre-Botcon "How Mediocre Is It Going To Be This Year?" mood.

Last year turned out pretty great with at least 2 new voice talents.

Plus, I had my awesome little non-TF moment with Tara Strong.

However... I was very happy to hear that Crazy Steve will be making another appearance this year.

He emailed me some info about that Convert-A-Bot Non-Shockwave I recently acquired. Apparently, it is something I should be happy to have.

Crazy Steve deserves billing on the Botcon site! I mean... his contributions to the geekery exceed just about everything out there.

Then again, the historian in me can appreciate his efforts from a perspective many probably don't see.

Now roll over.

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I was immensely happy to see that Homer's pig Plopper took the identity of Ploptimus Prime in an issue of The Simpsons comic.

Convert-A-Bots "Shockwave"

I said I only bought 1 toy at last week's Columbus Toy Show... and what a find it was.

Well... it was for me!

The other TF collector there who is also from the Central Cowlands had this.

He called it a Convert-A-Bot toy which I had never seen before.

I've seen (and almost bought) the original non-TF release and even the Shackwave figure.

But this guy?

Totally had to have him!

Thanks for the deal Phil!

He's found a home here in the Crack Den!

TF Animated Waspinator

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TF Animated Waspinator

Great sculpt.

Not much to him really though.

I guess I thought there'd be more.

Beats Beast Wars Waspinator to hell and back a thousand times.

TF Animated Samurai Prowl

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TF Animated Samurai Prowl

Of course, I opened him up, but him aside, and then somehow misplaced the instructions.

I gave up trying to fit the armor on him and need to find that damn sheet.

I think I can give away my regular Prowl now.

Masterpiece Grimlock

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Masterpiece Grimlock

He's total love.

Utter and total love.

From his cocktails to his robe to his brain cap.

Sure he's a little small. And yeah, I'd have loved for him to be about 1 or 2 inches taller than MP Convoy.

But this figure is total love.

TF Universe Hot Shot

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TF Universe Hot Shot

TF Universe Jolt

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TF Universe Jolt

TF Universe Ratchet

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TF Universe Ratchet

So sad that Ratchet has that grimace.

I've always liked my Ratchet a little more happy go lucky and not the crotchety type.

Random Stuff.


So... please save me from having to go into geek site message boards or forums.

From the few pics of the movie Mudflap and I think Skids they both look like they have the Cybertronian equivalent of Down's Syndrome.

Does anybody know if these are going to be Bay's attempt at childish humor bots?

The (so-called) heads and faces just look awful... like they are intentionally designed to be dumb or retarded.

I wouldn't put it past this film to have them like this.

- - -

Not sure I can justify dropping money down on the Fans Project G3 Trailer.

I really like it and all... but the Crack Den shelves can't have wasted space like a trailer would take up. (Hell... I have no idea where my knock-off Masterpiece trailer even is any more. I haven't seen that since the old Attic of Love days.) Hell... I doubt I'll ever open the TFCon Powered Armor set I've got coming from FPT.

I wonder if they'll do the now-almost-standard Ultra Magnus and Shadow Commander repaints.

- - -

I was wondering when we'd start seeing leaked pics of the other Botcon shit.

Surprised to see an Energon Mirage repaint. While looking absolutely nothing like a Transformer, I've been a fan of this mold just because it was so different. Lame that they had Laserwave devolve into this though.

- - -

Oh. I'm almost done with the last of my 2nd floor house projects for the season. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off from house work to try and get the toys in the basement sorted finally.

I'll be setting up my studio for photography so that I can finally have things ready and organized for sale.

Giga's still working on developing our online store. He's been bogged down with grad school shit though.

I may put a few up on that TFieds.com site.

Ok. I'm done. I gotta run and pee.

Just an FYI... I'm not going to be buying toys at Botcon for people this year.

Having to ship my own stuff back is already a pain in the ass with all the additional cost and having to add other peoples' stuff to it is just more hassle than I want to take on this year.

In fact, I'm going to try and dump my Botcon toys with dealers as soon as possible this year. I should have got the toyless package.

Of course, the big problem is that there is absolutely nothing I want to buy so even that possible credit won't do me much good.

I can't say that those 2 Energon Starscream repaints are something to get excited about. And I'm wondering what the hell the attendee figure will be. Have they even shown that yet?

I figure there's regurgitate more of their Scourge figures as "Sweeps" too and I can't really see buying those.

Why am I going to Botcon again?

Stuff and things.


Masterpiece Grimlock arrived this morning.

I still need to open my Universe Ratchet and Hotspot.

And I've yet to post my incredibly bad crazy cheezy find from the toy show.

Oh. And Jin Saotome's custom Payload kicks ass!

Maybe it is time to just not buy Hasbro / Takara toys and just buy some customs. I get more excited about those anyway.

Apr 09 Columbus Toy Show

Apr 09 Columbus Toy Show -

Another Spring in Cowtown... another Columbus Toy Show.

Giga was very sucessful... in the sense that he got rid of a ton of stuff. Alas, most of it way below what he paid for it.

As usual, I barely made anything. I lost so much money on what I did sell that I don't even know why I bother going to these. From brief conversations, this will likely be our last one. At least for a few years.

Met another TF collector who was selling stuff at the show.

Was also next to a newbie Star Wars/Star Trek collector selling off his stuff.

- - -

Columbus Toy Show - April 2009 Setup


So I randomly grabbed stuff from the basement bins and added that to my unsold toy store stuff from previous shows.

Set up

I'm glad somebody on Flickr tipped me off to the fact that Energon Beachcomber actually has some value behind him.

Set up

With the comics gone and with Giga's superhero stuff slowly disappearing, we'll have to determine if doing all this setup to eventually not sell TFs is worth it. Probably not.

My Plastic Crack.

I was talking to this one collector/deal from Cleveland who is only into TFs. When he admitted to me he actually loves Car Robots/RID I decided to do something I normally wouldn't.

Yup. Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy is coming down to the show for him to see!

I mean... I would have loved if someone had shown me theirs. So... maybe taking my holy grail out of the House of Love will be therapeutic.

Oh. I bought a knock-off "Change-A-Robot" G1 Shockwave from him for $10. Never been opened. Definitely worth the novelty of it for the Shockwave collection.

He has a Henkei Thundercrack and Skywarp for sale. He basically wants street value. I'm tempted. I mean... I want to actually own those. If I can sell some toys to sink into their purchase I may just do it.

He's got a Classics Nemesis Prime and Shadow Commander Armor set for $150 too. I'm not sure if I want that though. I already have the figure and the armor is... well... obviously a bit derivative. Who knows. I may end up buying it.

I'm really on the look out for Micronauts... though that is always very hit or miss.

Maybe some die-cast Shogun Warriors.

Anyway... It is almost 6am. Time to get my shit in order.

I'll post pictures later of some of the crazy ass shit that is up for sale.

Giga already made $100 last night. Unfortunately, that was $100 for what he paid $300 for. But such is life and especially when you just want the stuff our of your life.

The weird places you'll find shit.


I actually found a Universe Ratchet and Universe Hot Shot/Jolt at Kroger's of all places!

Yeah, I'm not getting the Henkei one. At least not yet.

I already have 2 other Henkei ones coming and that's way too much moolah.

Has anyone seen a TFA Waspinator?

This is Arjun. I'm Tunky.

He's slowly getting addicted. Thankfully... not too much.

Random stuff for the Columbus Toy Show


So the Columbus Toy and Comic show is tomorrow.

We'll be set up again trying to sell the same stuff we've had at past shows. I've also randomly opened up TF boxes in the basement and grabbed things I knew I could immediately have leave without really caring about them.

Random stuff for the toy show.

Mostly Energon and Cybertron stuff with a little Armada thrown in here and there.

I know none of this will sell. TFs rarely do.

Movie toys to sell or give away to kids.

I grabbed what movie shit I could find.

Maybe I can give this crap away.

Then again... if I was a kid... wouldn't even want this shit.


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I had completely forgotten about my preorders at TF Source!

Masterpiece Grimlock shipped and should be here Tuesday.

Henkei Smokescreen and Alert are still on order.

Imagine! Toys I want to have!



I haven't been paying any attention to Movie 2 toys or the like but why would Hasbro make Constructicons that can combine and then some that can't?

So yeah.



I'm not exactly in love with robots at the moment.

But I'm about 95% done on my last bedroom refresh!

I wanted this figure several years ago.

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If this is indeed correct... there's a Botcon figure I actually want!

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