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Car Robots W.A.R.S (Jusco Exclusive)


Car Robots W.A.R.S  (Jusco Exclusive)

Car Robots X-Car (Jusco Exclusive)

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Car Robots X-Car  (Jusco Exclusive)

X marks the robot moistness!

Car Robots Ox (Jusco Exclusive)

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Car Robots Ox (Jusco Exclusive)

Damn! You could just lick this shit!!!

Candy-colored goodness!!!

Car Robots Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)

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Car Robots Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)

Yay! The holy grails keep dwindling down!

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) (alt mode)

Talk about your pain in the ass figures to find.

But I've acquired him, and that completes the standard and chase Takara Super Spychangers!

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) is the 1976th Transformer that I've acquired.

Behold! The Master Sword!


Stampy basks in the awesomness of the Master Sword

I broke down today and opened my God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword Giftset to take out the Master Sword.

I mean, there's swords and all and then there's the incredibly insane awesomeness that is the God Master Sword!!!

Making its only reappearance since Transformers Headmasters, the Master Sword is summoned by God Fire Convoy in the last moments of Car Robots/Robots In Disguise to defeat Devil Gigatron/Galvatron.

Car Robots Super God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword GiftsetTakara only released it in the special translucent Toys R Us Japan giftset and they even retooled the original Fortress Maximus Master Sword so that it has a long handle that allows more normal bots to wield it.

Of course, Stampy has a problem holding it up.

Then again, the sword is also about 7 times his height!!!

Car Robots Spychangers Giftset


Car Robots Spychangers Giftset

Yeah yeah yeah! I know. You're saying "What the fuck!?! More goddamn spychangers!?!?! You are sucka f'n loser!!!"

The Spychangers became sort of a niche for me and I've been trying to track down every single iteration of them.

Yes. It is lame. But then again how many years past 10 are you and you are reading this goddamn post!

When one has too many f'n toys one starts these stupid niche collections within the greater lamer collection!

This giftset has been a major pain in the ass to acquire. It is only the 5th I've seen and I've lost every ebay auction by less than $1 for the previous ones! Sniper bullshit!

The Car Robots Spychangers Giftset bots are the 1946th, 1947th, 1948th, 1949th, 1950th, and 1952st Transformers that I've acquired.

Car Robots Super Spychanger X-Car (Chase)

My god he and Ox (in chase form) have been a real pain in the ass to track down.

I still can't find a Counter Arrow chase figure!!!

Car Robots Super Spychanger X-Car (Chase) is the 1940th Transformer that I've acquired.

Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox (Chase)

Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox (Chase) is the 1939th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Super Spychangers (unopened box)

I may open them. I can at least "feel up" the black inner blind packed figures for Counter Arrow. He's an easy shape to feel out.

These unopened Super Spychangers are the 1921st through 1932nd Transformers that I've acquired.

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