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TF Animated Ratchet (Cyrbertron Mode)

I need to find the original and compare.

TF Animated Arcee


TF Animated Arcee

Finally! Arcee is in the house!

A real Arcee and not some shitty repaint or hideous and disgusting movie-related Arcee.

Oh Happy Day!

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Animated Strika - Colored

Freed from the oppressively annoying Obsidian, Strika is now free to pursue her secret nookie-nookie crush on Blackarachnia!

Damn girl! Get out already!!! I need some more silicon double-x love on the shelf!

TF Animated Lockdown

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TF Animated Lockdown

I never had the intention of buying him but he was $7.77 so I said what the hell... he's in the show... and that's all I'm collecting for animated anyway. Don't know if I'll put him on a shelf though.

He does nothing for me.

TF Animated Lockdown is the 2111th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Blitzwing


TF Animated Blitzwing

Holy shit is he totally underwhelming.

He also gets the award for "Loosest Toy Robot Ever To Have Come Out Of A Box". He's worse than 6" Titanium G2 Megatron!

He's definitely a toy I could have left in the store.

TF Animated Blitzwing is the 2110th Transformer that I've acquired.

LugnutIs it wrong to just automatically love a figure without even owning it yet?

I ask this because it has been a rare occurrence where I actually almost feel that a frigg'n toy arouses arousement in me.

And man oh man... Lugnut arouses mega major... how does one say...amor plastico in me.

It has gotta be the purple and grey and obvious Shockwaveyness of him.

I mean sure, he looks like a typical game drone or something like the toys that were created for the movie tie-in shit.

But damn!

He's fine!

I wonder what Wave he'll be released in.

Arcee is in da haus boyee!


2008-01-19-arcee.jpgAnd there was much rejoicing for a few moments here at The Domicile when Arcee spoke today during "Thrill of the Hunt" on Transformers: Animated.

While she didn't say much, there was a certain fanwank awesomeness to the fact that Susan Blu reprised the role of Arcee she created back in 1986!

Since she's the voice director of the new series, a small part of me held hopes that when Arcee findally did appear she'd voice her.

And there was much rejoicing.

Both Giga and I were rather shocked at how melancholy and depressing this episode was. I figured that was unusual for a kid's show but then again, I really can't say I watch shows aimed at kids other than this one.

I'm hoping they do a proper Arcee finally. And by proper I just mean a non-motorcycle alt mode.

With this style, HasTak has to be able to design a decent Cybertronian car Arcee and finally give many of us the fan wank Arcee we've all wanted.

I also loved how Ratchet was rather svelte in his younger days and is now drawn with pretty much a gut.

Ratchet has fast become my favorite Autobot and I can't wait to see what his toy is like.

So far I think Bumblebee is just sort of annoying since he's aimed definitely at the kids. Prowl is too David Hyde Pierceish and I haven't quite warmed to him visually or character-wise yet. Megatron is head-tastically perfect and I loved the method of his recent christening of Grimlock last week. What little of Blitzwing I've seen is sorta fun. Bulkhead is a bit of the dumb ox stereotype that I could do without.

And Prime? Prime is quite frankly the most boring lame ass character on this show and for once I'm extremly happy with that. I hope that means more screen time for the others really.

The only thing that could possibly make Ratchet's past more Nala-fan-wanky for me would be to have him one day mention his having a co-paramedic named Minerva or maybe even mentoring a bot named First Aid.

Holy shit that would by like... like... giving me a geek handjob across the screen.

And I usually don't get that unless Battlestar Galactica is on!

Or I'm writing ancillary material for Splintered!

Still in Glass City...


Well we kinda-sorta saw Transformers: Animated last night.

I spent the last part of the afternoon/evening installing a new faucet and plumbing for the NalaParents with the assist of The Cousin.

Actually, I really only needed to borrow his tools and some supplies but he ended up doing most of the work. Of course, he's also a lot younger and shorter and fits better under a vanity so I suppose it worked out best. Last thing I need is my back getting really messed up again.

Anyway, what we saw of Transformers: Animated we liked but it is very much a kids show with fan wanks left and right.

Using the G1 footage as historical footage was amusing and quite frankly my favorite moment was the cameo by Season 3/Headmasters Spike, Carly, and Daniel.

I don't have much more I can say about it really.

What sucks is we know the Domicile Tivo ran out of programming data while we have been gone (don't ask) and it didn't snag it.

There's definitely a few toys I think I'll want from the line.

Not a lot.

But a few.

I do not believe in luck.


Holy shit!!!

Have you seen the Cartoon Network TF: Animated clip here?

Corey Burton's Megatron is... is... is... perfect!

It has so much age to it.


I am so happy to be free of David Kaye in a Megs roll.

He was the perfect Beast Megs but the past 3 series have been so retread.


Oh baby.

This is like voice pr0n to me!

Soon. Quite soon.


December 26 should be fun.

The part from the article I love best that will get some fan boys all worked up and in a tizzy?

..interacting with the natives in exciting and humorous ways...
and then...
...with kid-relatable plot lines filled with humor...
So humor mentioned twice and kid-relatable.

And even though it was never intended for males 14 to 60 some fans'll still get upset.

I may even convince myself to read some of the TF site forums after this one.

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