Titanium Movie Optimus Prime (vehicle)


Titanium Movie Optimus Prime (vehicle)

This is a sharp little Prime in vehicle mode.

It is probably the best of the Titanium movie 3-pack.

3" Titanium Movie Optimus Prime (vehicle) is the 1972nd Transformer that I've acquired.


On sale at the Target that I visit

Yeah. They've gone onto the clearance end cap here too.

3' titaniums ... mega meh.

These POS are what killed the awesome 6' line.

Yeah, I'm calling shenanigans on the statement "the awesome 6' line." Having picked up about 7 of them, only two are really decent, and one of those (Scourge) is the laziest goddamn transformation since Thunderblast. At least she had an awesome gun. I liked having TFs made of metal again, I just didn't dig the fact that it meant they were barely posable and easily fell apart.

Now that they're phasing out both lines, they should (pipe dream time!) replace them with Revoltechs of various G1 characters. Like the sought after Shockwave.

Frowny - I love the 6' Titanium line: Scourge, Rodimus, Cheetor, RID Prime - they are all sweet! Love the die-cast and transformations. I need me a G1 Ultra Magnus & one of the seekers though ...

Frowny hates everything.

He's a horribly awful evil person.

I've heard he also hates puppies and kittens too and has enjoyed putting baby heads on spikes.

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