Ya da da da da... dih dih dih dih dih!


I'm willing to give this a shot even though it is on NBC which means it may not survive a whole season.


Are any of you even remotely old enough to remember the original?

The best part about the show?


Katee Sackhoff will be in it!


The worst part?

So will that POS Isaiah Washington.

weird, that's twice now I've seen that "It Suspects Nothing" LOLCATS photo instead of your real image.

NBC kills great shows ... Boomtown from a few years back was friggin' amazing. Shame it got canned mid season 2 b'c of low ratings.

Oh yeah, I really dug Boomtown. . . it would have been a total shock that Donnie Wahlberg can act except I'd already seen Band of Brothers.

yeah I am looking forward to this too.

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