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The Last Little Sontoran in Texas

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Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures started last night.

Why didn't the BBC personally inform me?

Must... find it... out there... to watch...

Oh internets... help me...

Now some of you may have heard that Sci-fi actually got their asses out of their heads this time around and will be airing the new season of Doctor Who starting in April which will only be a week or two off from the BBC1 debut.

However, and this is the balls shocker... they picked up The Sarah Jane Adventures too!

The Sarah Jane Adventures

I just didn't think it would happen at all.

The Sarah Jane Adventures, even aimed at a younger audience, is a thousand times better than the balls sucking stink pile that is Torchwood.

So Battlestar Galactica starts up again April 4. Sarah Jane starts April 11 and I believe that new Who will begin on April 18.

I think those'll fill my Futurama emptiness.

S'gonna be one helluva spring time on the tellie!

Sarah Jane sans The Doctor

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So I caught the premiere episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures last night.

Yeah. It is aimed at a teen audience for the most part, but on the whole, I kind of liked it.

Definitely more light-hearted than Doctor Who and a helluva lot different from Torchwood.

The K-9 appearance is pretty lame. They make up a lame excuse that he's off sealing off some black hole or some shit for a year and only can contact Sarah Jane every few months. Pretty lame.

He won't be on the regular series and I definitely think that's a crime. Just because he's getting his own totally unrelated cartoon series shouldn't mean he can't appear here as her companion.

I definitely think I'll give this a chance.

Oh. And she's got a Sonic Lipstick instead of a Sonic Screwdriver! Kick ass!

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