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Alas, Mid-Ohio Con kinda sucked the balls for me. Matt scored on the super hero crack side so I suppose it was good for him. I even bought him his birthday presents early there since at least it was some crack he wanted and needed.

I found some TF related shit too even though I wasn't expecting much.

Scored me a Heroes of Cybertron Seeker PVC Giftset that was an OTFFC 2003 exclusive for only $10 which is about $20-$30 cheaper than the going rate on the web.

Even found an OTFCC exclusive Sunstorm PVC for only $10 too.

Picked up the Hobby Magazine exlusive 2 pack of World's Smallest Optimus Prime and Megatron for $12 which saved me about $10 or so.

And last but not least the lovely Mega PVC of the Japanese-only character Star Saber to go along with the Victory Leo I got in the mail from BBTS the other day.

Goodies galore I tell you!

my crack in M's car

Man the internet brings such wonderful service.

Just last night I emailed Laser and asked her if there was a CostCo near by and she said "yes".

I then used an acient Ohio IM mind trick tought to me by my immigrant great-grandfather to convince her husband into going to CostCo on his lunch to buy me exclusive plastic crack not found here in the Cowlands.

And not only did M do it (along with hot dog acquisition and consumption I believe)... I get to see a photo of said plastic crack in the trunk of his car!!!

Oh internet... you rock.

Except when you don't and suck.

Laser and M are in my gratitude! And I've never even met 'em!

Hopefully, Riley won't chew 'em up!


Riley and Jetfire discuss the 851 acquisition!

Thanks and a "boo ya" go out to M down in the hurricane testing grounds for helping me to acquire 2 Optimus Urines and Overloads!

Thanks a million!!!

(For some odd reason I just think Riley speaks in a 70 year-old New York Jewish accent of the Jackie Mason variety.)

Stealth crack acquisition.


CostCo exclusive Optimus Prime and Overload

M & L, my agents in the land of hanging chads and shrub siblings is seeking out the CostCo exclusive Optimus Prime and Overload plastic crack for me.


Oh Hasbro... you can hide the crack in other states and retail chains away from the Nala but you cannot keep it for hidden for long.

Even godawful crack such as this urine-inspired color palette.

My holy obscenity.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Readers of all ages.

May I present to you my fully reorganized holy obscenity.



Should we tell them he hit 840?

The Big Eight-Zero-Zero


Finally... the big 800

Well it happened.

The Big Eight-Zero-Zero was reached at approximately 7:30pm on this Thursday, November 11, 2004.

Bad craziness.

Super mega bad craziness!

And if you think I'm quite the loser then I shan't tell you about the 6 I just ordered from BBTS since they knocked down a ton of stuff 60%!!!

Does this mean I have to put out tonight?

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There's nothing quite like being at work when your partner-in-geekitude emails you from his Hiptop...

Beachcomber, grimlock/swoop, wingsaber anybody?

Omega sentinel too?

Methinks it is a cracktastic day and thanks are in order to the state government and organizations closing on Veteran's Day so he had off work and went on a crack run.

So let's see... 793 (adding the World's Smallest Thrust that I forgot about) plus 5 from the crack run puts me at 798... so close to 800!!!

As I recall Red Leader saying in Star Wars...

Almost there.

Almost there.

Woah kolendy!

Microman Comes To The United States!!!


Takara is actually going to release Microman stuff in the states!

Ya gots to understand this is cool news.

The Microman line, under the guise of Mego's Micronauts, haven't been stateside for almost 26 years. (And I don't count the half-ass shitty Palisades re-issues from 2 years ago.)

Now the original Microman line eventually evolved in the late 70s and early 80s into MicroChange and Diaclone, the source material that became everybody's favourite transforming robot brand.

The latest Microman stuff is heads and tails above the stuff from 25 years ago.

Why did I share this with you?

I have no idea.

From ye old mailbag...

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From the mailbag Katie O'Leary writes...


Should I stop loving him? People say he's not real.

I love him and think he's real.

What should I do about it?


Katie O

Katie that's a tough issue to deal with.

3 Book of Primus 15-20 says "Oh lo, though you shall love your Binaltech and therefore vicariously your Alternator Sideswipe, you shall despise your Armada Sideswipe and spit on him and cast him to the ground. But preserve he who was released in 1984 for he and his brother of yellow, mint, are rare indeed."

Perhaps therein lies your answer.

God Fire Sword... drool...


Car Robots God Fire Convoy with the Master Sword

Ack!!! In about an hour this auction for a case fresh Japanese ToysRus exclusive Car Robots God Fire Convoy Giftset will end.

It stands at $222.60 right now.

Those in the know will notice that God Fire Convoy is holding the God Fire Sword, one of the most wished for items to hopefully be added to Nala's collection some day.

Oh. To have the God Fire Sword, or a Master Sword for that matter, would be a dream come true.

Now I already have 2 Hasbro versions of God Magnus (Ultra Magnus) and Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime) BUT I WANT THAT DAMN SWORD!!!!!!!!!!

And I want the exclusive clear Car Robots Autobot Brothers!!!

Someday... you will all be mine!!!


So. I gots some new screws today to put the storm door back up.

Tommorow is projected to be in the high 50s/low 60s so hopefully I can not only get the door back up but the window seam caulked. And caulked better than the sucky ballsness of yesterday. I'll take a little Palochi advice as well as a brush technique that I read today online. Alas, here's hoping the brush technique works with this silicone based caulk.

In other news I watched that Revenge of The Sith trailer again and I really still don't care.

Energon Omega SupremeOh. Omega Supreme finally made his appearance on Transformers: My God This Series Sucks today. Let's just say that this series has not only failed to improve but that it continues to drudge along, poorly translated and dubbed into something that I think may be English by Voicebox.

Pssst... Voicebox... you don't have to translate the idiosyncrasies of Japanese with just stupid "ehs" and "ohs" and "huhs". It was horrible 20 years ago when Harmony Gold did it in Robotech and it sure as hell doesn't need to be done now. Since when have you ever seen this in actual film or television created in English-speaking countries? Grrrr...

Speaking of anime, will the gods of Nippon please please please look down on us poor North American TF geeks and release region 1 English-subtitled DVDS of Car Robots, Headmasters, Ch�jin Master Force, and Victory.

Please... Pretty please... with fresh tako on top...

Speaking of plastic crack related things (like that ever happens here), I'm 8 away from 800. Current projections based on my needs/wishes with existing or future bots project out at 906.

Galaxy Force Convoy makes me wet!!!Of course, to get to that 906 that's a whole lotta dinero.

But man oh man the Galaxy Convoy is making me all wet.

I mean look at him... all Star Convoy/Super God Ginrai-esque in his 2005 Transformers glory!!!

You cannot deny his super mega awesome transforming power!

2005 is gonna be one helluva year. Well, that is if it doesn't suck.

But Matt and I have agents placed on various isles of Japan now and I sure as hell need to start taking advantage of that for my Takara fix!

Oh yes Galaxy Convoy. You will be mine.

You will be mine!

Oh. And if you are are husband who just gave your old laptop to your wife. One word of advice from old Nala here.

Delete the pr0n man. Delete the pr0n.

Meister is in da haus!!! BooYAH!


Alternator MeisterGuess what kids?


Alternator Meister is in the house! Woohoo.

There's nothing quite as exciting as having raspy-voiced Brian D. show up knocking on your office bearing a prized Alternator Meister (he's a Mazda RX-8 ya know)!

So Meister will bring the plastic crack total to 791. I'll definitely make 800 by the end of the year now!!!

Why I remember just this past September thinking I wouldn't make it to 700 by the end of the year.

My how times have changed.

Unfortunately, I'm no farther on getting the attic cleaned up and organized so it just looks like a big mess.

And since this is probably going to be the last weekend where the temperature is above 50 during the day I have to get the back door frame primed which is the plan for tomorrow. The main window still has hours and hours of work on it so that's gonna get covered in heavy gauge plastic for the winter. Probably have to do the side window the same way and just focus on getting the back door primed (and maybe even painted) and the storm door reassembled.

S'all my fault though. I procrastinated before trying the heat gun and lost valuable autumn days because of it.

Now... I'm fighting to find a day above 50°s and this weekend will probably be the last of them.

Maybe I'll be able to get the Attic of Love cleaned by late November.

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