A Pixar Transformers would be phenomenal.


Well I wondered if it would happen and Transformers finally got enough negative reviews in to drop below 60% to make it "rotten" over at RottenTomatoes.com.

What's amazing is that most reviews I've gone through seem to be pretty black and white.

What is blowing my mind away is the 96% ranking for Ratatouille which I still need to see.

I've yet to see a Pixar film that I couldn't watch multiple times.

I've recently watched Cars again several times and I constantly see things that I missed previously. They just know how to craft every element of a film.

Evan Almighty has a 23%. It must be pretty bad.


We saw Ratatouille Tuesday night. It's perfect. Absolutely fantastic and deserving of 96%. You really need to seek it out in Hi-Def, though. There are parts of the film that look like they're photos, it's so crisp and life-like.

I've had my fill of Pixar for now (being a parent will do that to you) but I have to give them major kudos for producing Cars: The Only Movie That Made NASCAR Look Interesting.

Roger Ebert reviewed Transformers and summed it up best "I think Michael Bay sometimes sucks ("Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon," "Bad Boys II") but I find it possible to love him for a movie like "Transformers." It's goofy fun with a lot of stuff that blows up real good, and it has the grace not only to realize how preposterous it is, but to make that into an asset." www.rogerebert.com

Well I saw Transformers on the 2nd for the sneak peak and I will say I thought it would be worse. The visuals were good, I like the actors and even the TF fan in me could appreciate the fresh spin on the genre.

What I didn't like was the rather weak script. Seemed confused on the Autobots purpose halfway though the film. First they wanted the Allspark, then just to destroy it. Only good banter was Optimus vs Megatron. There should have been more rivalries. Just seemed like we were missing 20-30 minutes that should have made things more meaningful.

Hopefully Transformers 2 (and yes they already have a green light for it), will boast a better script and Bay would be willing to deliver again if this one is getting poor reviews.

I'd rather see John McTiernan or Paul Verhoeven do it.

I'd love to see James Cameron do it but I'd don't think he'd touch someone else's idea these days. Sure he did Aliens but that was way back in his early career.

Randy and I caught Ratatouille Tuesday morning and both loved it. The animation is nothing short of amazing, but unlike a lot of crap out there these days, there was a good story to back it up.

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