The Doo Dah


2007 Doo Dah Parade - Columbus Ohio -

What a crappy holiday.

It was really overcast all morning and at least we made it through the Doo Dah Parade and most of the cook out before the torrential downpour began.

And man oh man did it rain.

Super mega bad craziness.

Anyway, Doo Dah was fun!

Nala's 2007 Doo Dah Flickr Gallery


You wanna try living in England the past month... Wettest June in history. 150mm of rain fell in a month...

Bloody La Nina...

Where do you guys stand on the climate thing that Mr Bush seems to deny everytime on BBC News?


What climate change? Everything is perfectly fine. Go back to eating your bangers and mash. There's nothing here to see.

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