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The greatest Christmas tree ornament ever!

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I had to buy it!!!

My memory of what exactly triggered me to go into a 10 minute Doctor Who ramble while outside of the Westin Hotel Providence is a little fuzzy. I think Tom's presence probably started this.

However, with that said, here you go, Nala in all his now-pudgy glory:

Now it is a little long (almost 10 minutes) and long-winded as well. Not to mention totally pointless.

If you don't want to have Series 3 of Doctor Who spoiled for you then don't watch it.

If you want to see me in my Jack Daniels-fueled retarded geekiness and don't give a shit about Doctor Who then by all means enjoy.


I so need to get my shit back together after today!

Botcon 2006 G-Rated Videos


So I took a lot of lame ass video at Botcon a couple of days back and I've tried to edit it into something that would be remotely coherent.

Suffice to say, there's no real "story" here.

Part I:

Part II:

I think the only guy we ended up really vocally (amongst ourselves) picking on was Melon-Eating Boy.

And anyway, Melon-Eating Boy, if you see this... what's up with the bad craziness man? Seriously.

UPDATE: Ack!!! I linked some titles in Part II and one referring to getting somebody laid accidentally switched with one about Greg's minicon collection. Do I rerender or just leave it?

Hmmm... I'm leaving it for now!

Video Blog - The Columbus Toy Show


Video Blog

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So yeah. We drove to Fort Wayne and geeked out a bit at Iacon One last Saturday.

View the video entry at You Tube of our lameness.

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