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Convert-A-Bots "Shockwave"

I said I only bought 1 toy at last week's Columbus Toy Show... and what a find it was.

Well... it was for me!

The other TF collector there who is also from the Central Cowlands had this.

He called it a Convert-A-Bot toy which I had never seen before.

I've seen (and almost bought) the original non-TF release and even the Shackwave figure.

But this guy?

Totally had to have him!

Thanks for the deal Phil!

He's found a home here in the Crack Den!

Apr 09 Columbus Toy Show

Apr 09 Columbus Toy Show -

Another Spring in Cowtown... another Columbus Toy Show.

Giga was very sucessful... in the sense that he got rid of a ton of stuff. Alas, most of it way below what he paid for it.

As usual, I barely made anything. I lost so much money on what I did sell that I don't even know why I bother going to these. From brief conversations, this will likely be our last one. At least for a few years.

Met another TF collector who was selling stuff at the show.

Was also next to a newbie Star Wars/Star Trek collector selling off his stuff.

- - -

Columbus Toy Show - April 2009 Setup


So I randomly grabbed stuff from the basement bins and added that to my unsold toy store stuff from previous shows.

Set up

I'm glad somebody on Flickr tipped me off to the fact that Energon Beachcomber actually has some value behind him.

Set up

With the comics gone and with Giga's superhero stuff slowly disappearing, we'll have to determine if doing all this setup to eventually not sell TFs is worth it. Probably not.

My Plastic Crack.

I was talking to this one collector/deal from Cleveland who is only into TFs. When he admitted to me he actually loves Car Robots/RID I decided to do something I normally wouldn't.

Yup. Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy is coming down to the show for him to see!

I mean... I would have loved if someone had shown me theirs. So... maybe taking my holy grail out of the House of Love will be therapeutic.

Oh. I bought a knock-off "Change-A-Robot" G1 Shockwave from him for $10. Never been opened. Definitely worth the novelty of it for the Shockwave collection.

He has a Henkei Thundercrack and Skywarp for sale. He basically wants street value. I'm tempted. I mean... I want to actually own those. If I can sell some toys to sink into their purchase I may just do it.

He's got a Classics Nemesis Prime and Shadow Commander Armor set for $150 too. I'm not sure if I want that though. I already have the figure and the armor is... well... obviously a bit derivative. Who knows. I may end up buying it.

I'm really on the look out for Micronauts... though that is always very hit or miss.

Maybe some die-cast Shogun Warriors.

Anyway... It is almost 6am. Time to get my shit in order.

I'll post pictures later of some of the crazy ass shit that is up for sale.

Giga already made $100 last night. Unfortunately, that was $100 for what he paid $300 for. But such is life and especially when you just want the stuff our of your life.

Columbus Toy Show Aftermath


So it is now day 3 without any power at the old House of Love IV but work is back online so here I am.

Setup went really fast on Saturday evening. They opened earlier this time so that helped a lot.

They also opened to the public earlier on Sunday and that meant we needed to be at the show at least an hour earlier.

I rummaged around the basement for 30 minutes looking for other boxed and easily purgeable items and grabbed a few things.

Toy Show

We were a table or so off from the prime spot we had last show. There's just something about people walking down the one aisle and your tables being at the dead end of it that worked so well.

But we seemed to have a lot more space in the back to walk this time which was nice.

I had most of my stuff on the shelves and Giga took most of the tables and under table space.

Toy Show: B! My best customer.

Within seconds of opening for the early-bird attendees I was immediately accosted by Kid B.! Kid B's my hands down best customer for crack and I happily work within his budget, discounting things way beyond what I'd do for an adult collector.

He grabbed me and wanted to know where my stuff was so I headed back to the tables.

Within 30 secods he had purchased Energon Unicron and was insanely happy!

Now I've mentioned it on posts about previous shows and I'll say it again: making the kids happy far outweighs any other reason to do this. Honestly! It really is fun when a kid gets excited about a silly old toy!

Kid B's currently in the early stages of Articulated Reconfigurable Paperweightophilia and unfortunately, that puts me in the role of "drug dealer" at this show. I call this thing of ours plastic crack for a reason don't I?

I can't remember everything he ended up buying but it was mostly Energon stuff and Minicons. He left happy!

Toy Show: My favorite part of the day.

Giga finally got this Tweet from Skippy and that had to be the funniest thing I've read in a while.

Yes. Adult toy collects exist to be mocked. Such is our fate in life.

However, adult toy collectors who take themselves way too seriously exist to be mocked twice as hard.

Toy Show

Toy Show

The cosplay people were out. I guess you can call them cosplay. If you dress up in anything I guess you'd be cosplaying.

The Predator and Star Wars trooper outfits are pretty well done. RamenJunkie commented that the above trooper guy is this guy. His blog content pretty much confirmed it! I think his wife is the stroller-wielding Jedi.

Toy Show" Jason

Jason was doing his thing too.


Eventually I ended up walking around a lot since Kid B. and one other guy were the only ones really interested in my TFs. (It just isn't really a TF show at all.)

I walked around quite a bit with Kid B's uncle D.

Toy Show: I love the intestines accessory.

Tauntaun intestines are the greatest Star Wars accessory ever!

A Bea Arthur figure from the Star Wars Holiday Special would be the only thing that could beat it! Srsly!

Toy Show: Who stuff.

Lots of new Who stuff out too. The Sarah Jane line is also appearing.

But honestly, why would a kid buy the faceless old woman figure from the episode "The Idiot's Lantern"?

I don't get that one.

(Now if she had intestines...)

Toy Show: Rather worn Micronauts

The only Micronauts to be found were some very worn figures.

My rule with Micronauts is that I'll drop down major dollars but it has to be in good shape, complete, and at least have the box/card.

Honestly. For every 1 Micronaut I find I come across 5 MIB G1 Jetfires! That's how rare this shit is!

Toy Show

One thing that sucks about Transformers but totally rocks about the 3 1/4 action figures is how easy it is to display the action figures.

You can put up a lot of stuff in a small amount of space whereas Transformers, even in a bin, take up way too much.

Toy Show

I love coming across 70s stuff that I remember on toy shelves. Yes. I'm a billion f'n years old!

I loved me some Colorforms and had a Superfriends set and a few others.

I didn't see any Shrinky Dinks around. I don't think they make those anymore.

Toy Show

I was suprised to see the very rare Lucky Draw Nucleon Fire Annette Funicello figure for sale.

Toy Show: Poor Cliffjumper. Alone amongst Star Wars crap.

This poor lonely Cliffjumper was surrounded by Star Wars crap.

(I constantly had to remind JackOfAllGeeks that Star Wars was crap and that Transformers could totally kick the ass of Star Wars! Yelling that out around Star Wars fans if always fun.)

Toy Show

The one gaming dealer had all kinds of kickass handhelds from the 70s and 80s.

I still have a few of these around somewhere in a box.

All in all, I ended up selling from the purge collection:

  • Energon Unicron
  • Energon Insecticon
  • The full set of Cybertron 2-pack Minicons
  • Some other Energon Basic that Kid B. got.
  • Binaltech Zoom-Zoom (Red Meister)

And that was it.

The fun really started though when we started packing up around 3.

I didn't believe it when Giga and MrsJackOfAllGeeks said that it was getting windy and 4-5 bins flew off the cart into the parking lot.

And thus....another Columbus Toy Show ended. Not much of a bang but a whimper.

Toy Show: Alas, the unwanted.

But the fun was yet to come!

Oh yes! The Massively Insane Cowlands Windstorm of September 2008 was only just starting!

Columbus Toy Show

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Since I had some battery left in the laptop, I managed to get the photos off the camera.

I don't know how much longer I can stand being here in the library so you'll have to look at the toy show photos at my Flicker gallery.

They pretty much look like every other toy show we've done.

Not much new happens there.

Columbus Toy Show - Saturday Night Setup


So they started letting dealers setup earlier this year and we got everything done fairly quickly.

Columbus Toy Show - A different setup this year.

We have a long straight setup this time. A lot different than last time but there's no comic this time.

Columbus Toy Show - Some of my crack.

I brought what didn't sell last time and I raided some boxed things in the basement that I know I can live without.

I'll do another pass tonight.

The loose stuff will just take so much organizing and bagging so that'll stay binned for now.

IMG_0958Columbus Toy Show - Setup

We're setup with Mrs. and JackOfAllGeeks again.

I love doing the toy shows with them.

So hopefully, I'll find some Micronauts tomorrow. I'll try and get photos of funky rare shit too.

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