Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Springer


Botcon 2007 Springer (face close-up)

Botcon 2007 Springer (alt mode)

Botcon 2007 Springer (bot mode)

Botcon 2007 Springer (secret squat attack)


God, that's nice.


I liked the Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, but something about the Green and Grey on that I really like...if you're unimpressed, I'll be more than happy to take him off your hands. :D

Well I like it, I just can't get excited. Don't get me wrong.

In fact, this is probably one of the best repainted figures to ever come out of a Botcon. A lot of effort went into him.

But for me Springer is summed up as a helicopter with the sword being his blades. That kind of always remains the visual for me.

I had hoped for an Evac retool as Springer actually since I totally love that mold.

Oh. And I'm holding a set for someone until August. If they don't want them then I will have a set for sale.

Oh I'll still follow though car repairs are done now its just a matter of the end of month to roll around.

I'm with Nala though. Its a really great repaint and the head DOES look like Springer however he will always be a triplechanger for me. Perhaps they may make him in Universe.

Hasbro said at Botcon that they intend to try and complete the triple-changers in the Classics 2.0/Universe line.

I'm hoping we end up with a modern Broadside that doesn't suck and a Sandstorm that doesn't suck either.

Never really got into Broadside, probably because he wasn't in the show much if at all. Sandstorm would be interesting but I'm really waiting for Blitzwing, probably will be a while since he will be in the animated show and they also said they didn't want to repeat characters from show to universe line.

I would really like to see a new version of Kup. I really like the 1986 Movie cast but the toys were a let down. Make me some posable ones and I'll be a happy camper.

Would also be interesting to see they try to do the Headmaster/Targetmaster/Powermaster concepts in Universe with the improvement we've seen with the minicons as of late. Still would like just a few more joints in the little guys so they can pose, what's the point of having tons of gay robots on display if they can't pose.

His squat attack pose looks a lot like the pose of movie Dreadwing..although at least you can change the Springer.

Just wanted to publicly thank Nala "DA MAN" for getting me a BotCon Springer - what a great guy and overall awesome fellow TF fan!!

Nala - you rock mate!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ....


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