Sector 7 Skyblast


Sector 7 Skyblast (close-up)

There comes a time in a man's geek life when he sees his cracky hopes and dreams are shattered into a thousand fragments.

This is not one of those times.

I cannot convey to you all the intense joy I had in finally finding this new iteration of Skyblast. It helps that I was heading my way out of Chicago when I found him too so I had the time to appreciate the awesomeness that he is.

Sector 7 Skyblast is the 1966th Transformer that I've acquired.


Just been wondering, where d you get these? Are they official, or repainted by someone?

Trevor: This Skyblast is currently at Targets exclusively for around $8 I think.

They are totally official.

Oh, thank you. I never go to Target, really, so now I should.

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