Geeking with Chuck


So Chuck posted some photos from San Diego and I'm blatantly hotlinking to them and posting them here, even though they are too wide for my template!

Here's Chuck getting David Prowse's autograph in front of the Hasbro booth when he should be flexing those lawyer's build cobras and beating down all those bitches to buy me con toys all while screaming at the top of his lungs "Nala needs a new Hot Rod!!!". :-)

Proof that there is at least one thing in the universe that has been repainted and sold more times than the G2 Spychangers.

What's crazy? I would totally buy this Carmen Mirandarth, put it on a pedestal with a diffused spotlight shing down on it, and put it in its own room.

That is some f'd up shit there but I find I'm strangely drawn to it.


You'll have to outbid me if you want the Carmen Mirandarth going to the next House of Love. It was a great concept, but the subtlety of Starry Knight has a certain attraction too.

The whole convention is acres and acres of f'ed up shit. It's an amazing event, and you need to get out here for it next year.

Unrelated, but I didn't see you geekgasm over this:

Jeremy Lee: I've never been a fan of Transformers or Doctor Who comic book fiction.

The art for both has always been a big turn off for me, even though I liked some of the artists involved (Dave Gibbons) from of other comic genres.

Hell... while I've talked comics here before I don't think I've really ever talked too much about TF comics at all. They just bored me... especially the Marvel ones.

I knew how much you loved the Transformers comics, just never seen anything about Doctor Who comics. Now I know, and knowing...ugh, can't bring myself to type that out.

Your comment triggered some discussions here between Giga and I on it.

If someone like Bill Sienkiewicz or Teddy Kristiansen illustrated some Doctor Who stories I could totally get into it.

I just can't into the standard "superhero artist" look for these genres.

And I'd probably be all over a non-Simon Furman scripted book that Figueroa illustrated. I just don't find Furman all that appealing as a comic writer.

The G1 comics were a thousand times less dumb than the cartoon, but for some reason I'm still fond of the cartoon, while the comics I could take or leave.

I'm not entirely sure why that is. Although the issue where Megatron loses his memory and becomes the stooge of a bank robber was pretty good.

Shade era Chris Bachalo on the Doctor and I'd be even more stoked.

I liked his Death books. He'd do.

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