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Starscreen! That's the ticket!


Ya know, movie Starscream isn't that bad of a toy.

He's just... not Starscream.

Toywise he's pretty cool. I'm impressed.

So... I think I'll call him... Machine Wars Starscreen.

It'll make it easier to buy him.


Oh. And this is the most worthless repaint ever.

The more I look at the Energon combiners the more I realize I was stupid for ever combining them.

They really were a poor attempt to give the line a gestalt in my opinion.

And the Constructicon Maximus molds look the ugliest to me.

So. I suppose I am a hater here on these guys.

Anyone want a Japanese TRU Exclusive Buildron set for $40 + shipping?

Takara Super Link weapons give-aways

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Superlink Weapons Giveaways

I had to get rid of of some credit at a dealer's table (from the God Fire Convoy transaction) and was desperate to get some things of mild interest.

I settled for these Takara exclusive give-away weapons.

Takara Super Link Buildron Giftset

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Takara Super Link Buildron giftset

I should have gotten some e-hobby figures or something more unique in the trade. But I went for size which was wrong. And I'm not even a size queen or anything like that. Seriously. I don't even own an original Fortress Maximus or Grand Maximus. In TF terms I'm a lightweight.

These are the 1725th and 17229th Transformers I've ever bought. And these I bought reluctantly.

Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

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Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

This is the 1703rd Transformer I've ever purchased.

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