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Now that's a purty Primal!


Derrick Wyatt, an animator and illustrator whose blog I lurk on occasionally, seems to be working on the new Transformers: Animated series.

At least that's what I assume his last post refers to.

But what's really interesting is some drawings he just posted from way back when and his Beast Machines Optimus Primal is insanely the bomb!!!

I would love to see Beast Machines done in 2-D animation if he did the designs!

Oh. And there's these early 20-somethings in the seats across from me talking Transformers. That damn f'n movie now means I can't go anywhere without hearing TF talk.

These guys aren't geeks though. I'm assuming they go to Otterbein based on their shirts. And man oh man they are talking such shit.


So Evebird managed to acquire a really fantastic original cel and original matching background of Ultra Magnus.

It really is great.

So great that I convinced him to let me post about it as a sneak preview here before he posts it at his full gallery.

Someday I'd like to find an equivalent Shockwave cel.


I know.

Wow! It arrived.


Holy crap. My copy of the 20th Anniversary DVD of Transformers The Movie came today.

I didn't really expect one to arrive.

Emails outta the blue like that rarely pan out.

Takara? Why hast thou forsaken me?



Those UK peoples get all the good shit!

Why oh why does this stuff get regional DVD releases everywhere in the world except in the most damnable consumer-driven culture there is.


Oh. And in other news, I really really really really really want a Ratchet made from an Alternator Skids (from here).

The Transformers Cel Arkive

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Many of you probably don't know that Evebird, frequent plasticcrack visitor and personal friend of Nala, actually has a very special collection of Transformers-related items that are not toys.

And no. I'm not talking about crappy paraphenalia either.

Mr. Evebird collects rare one-of-a-kind Transformers animation cels.

Deleted Scene Cel from Transformers The Movie

You want to see some great stuff, especially cels from scenes that were deleted from the movie, stop by Evebird's The Transformers Cel Arkive.

You'll see more of cels, like the one above of Galvatron, that don't actually appear onscreen in the finished film.

All kinds of celluloid crack for your viewing enjoyment!

Well that or what have you.

Evebird even gave me a movie Laserbeak cel and original drawing as a gift 2 years ago.

And so it is over...


So there we are watching the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron that the Tivo snagged and at about 14 minutes in the goddamn Tivo seems to have recording at 2x speed and dropped the audio.

Absolutely no idea what happened but the only episode I really actually ever wanted to watch and it was ruined by evil technology!



Let's face facts here. Hasbro really really really was grasping at straws when they wanted to make Cybertron a "3rd part" connecting it to the Armada-Energon duo. There's just no connection and yet they want kids to think there is for some reason.

I don't understand Hasbro sometimes. Honestly, I think they have people with MBA's making decisions based off of "market research" or some other nonsense when honest to goodness common sense is more than adequate to base some decisions on.

Kids, the primary audience, don't give a shit if Cybertron is part of a trilogy or not.

I digress.

Ok. So thankfully the Tivo didn't mess up at the point where the most awesomest thing in the fucking world happens...


Prime's chocolate salty balls

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I found this today.


I will never be able to hear that song without thinking of The Fabulous Deb D singing "Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em" way back in the long long ago of 1999 or so.

I'm just puttting a bunch of shit I found on YouTube here.

Pretty damn awesome!


Wow! This is impressive fan CGI!

Frank Welker interview


I came across a Frank Welker interview over at Allspark that I never noticed.

There's even a "Megatron message" sound byte there.

Welker's Megatron has "shifted" a bit. I mean. The old 80s Megs is there but 20+ years, as with all voice actors, does make it a bit different.

I love Welker and am always pissed that he rarely gets the recognition for everything he's done.

Unfortunately, I just don't think that voice works for that Megatron-creature from the future film.

Perhaps they need to get Welker and have him come up with a new voice for the character. Something that isn't 80s Megatron but fits that anime-weedish Megs creature.

Now I'm going to go a bit geek fan boy here and say that I'd love to have Welker and David Kaye do a short "meeting of the Megatrons" someday. That would be really kind of cool. It'll probably never happen but with the write short script it could be fantastic!

We all know Beast Megatron, would be in awe of the original Megatron for all of 5 minutes and then would completely blow him off.

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