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Pulling out more Micronauts.

Pulling out more Micronauts

While I was doing laundry yesterday I pulled out some more Micronauts.

The 7-year old in me came back out and got excited as I brought them up from the basement... far more excited than any car robot has ever made me.

While I may have spent 9 years actively collecting Transformers... they will never appease my inner child. Only Micronauts can do that!

Little. Purple. Hateful.

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A collection of purple hate.
I need to open up the purple Animated Shockwave, unpack Energon Shockblast, and find the currently AWOL Actionmaster Shockwave.
WST Shockwave (Gun Mode)
While the blog is not exactly customized like it used to be, long time robotards know that I loves me some Shockwave. Hell... he's probably my single favorite character of all time in the Transformers continuities. And this little version is amazingly awesome!!!

Justitoys WST Shockwave

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Justioys Worlds Smallest Shockwave

When I saw him today I just had to have him.

Not sure if I'll end up getting the grey version.

Bearbrick Tron (SDCC Exclusive)

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Bearbrick Tron (SDCC)
I got pretty excited when I found this today. I didn't even know they made one in Tron form!

Masterpiece Starscream (Ghost Version)

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TakaraTomy Masterpiece Starscream (Ghost Version)

In keeping with my narrowing of my collecting niche to more "odd" things I have added the ghost version of Masterpiece Starscream to the translucent collection.

2010 Columbus Toy Show


I ended up going down to Vets Memorial to the toy show.

As usual, there wasn't all much in the Transformers department. However there were 2 people there selling I had never seen there before.

I finally got to see the add-ons for Energon Bruticus.

2010 Columbus Toy Show

It really is one hell of a figure with the add ons.

I was almost ready to drop down money on a ton of stuff that I didn't need.

Thankfully I didn't spend too much and got what I actually planned on buying sometime in the next couple of months anyway.

Best costume was this kid in Ghostbuster attire.

I2010 Columbus Toy Show

It is all about the jar of slime!

Maybe I'll go...

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Today is another Columbus Toy Show.

Two years ago today we had that awful wind storm right as the show closed down that left most of the city without power for a week.

Giga is setting up with a friend to try and get rid of the last of his 7 bins of toys.

I've given up bothering to try and sell robots there. Not worth all the effort.

I may go down though just to see what is around.

No doubt the same old shit.

Uncle Milty's Antagonizer

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Uncle Milty's Antagonizer!

Image by V&A Steamworks via Flickr

So I was putzing around with this Zemanta thing and saw this come up...

Maybe I'll get back into this...

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I figured that I may as well update the blog software since I'm dealing with all the problems of being hacked so I upgraded to the latest Movable Type. Looks like there is some Twitter and Facebook stuff I could activate too.

Too bad I'm not a regular toy blogger any more. That could have really come in handy several years ago.

Of course...neither Facebook or Twitter were really used back then.



Several long forgotten Word Press installations apparently had been hacked and various pages were serving phishing sites. My host killed the various sites and I finally got around to deleting things and restoring some stuff.


I'm back.

For what it is worth...

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