Botcon 2007 Mirage (Attendee Exclusive)


Botcon 2007 Mirage (Botcon Attendee Exclusive)

If he had been done clear with just maybe translucent blue wheels and some minor translucent paint apps like the two chase Super Spychangers I would totally love him

But really, he's rather lame.

Botcon 2007 Mirage is the 1963rd Transformer that I've acquired.


yea I agree ... he doesn't look too exciting.

maybe he'll look better if you remove the blue paint with some brasso.

I agree that he should be clear and translucent...Mirage is supposed to be invisible:)

If they'd done him in plastic that was analogous to the color scheme of the regular figure, he'd be incredibly hard to not want.

As it is, I'll agree with the general consensus of "meh."

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