Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage


Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage


have you checked out Robot Master;s Ridjie(Mirage)

and i saw someone blender'ed some plastic crack on you tube _Blendtec_ search for it. smoke that crack smoke smoke smoke.

Yeah. That G2 mold used for Reije is a good mold.

In fact, the Car Robots Jusco Exclusive translucent version is more fun than this Botcon version.

how do i get my hands on these Jusco Jusco the dept Store?,we have Jusco everywhere here in Malaysia.

enlighten me

YoungAriff: Well it came out in 2000 or 2001. The character was called Indy Heat and Jusco had an exclusive done in really nice translucent plastic. It had color but had lots of detail as well.

Here's a pic I found of it bagged.

Mine is unfortunately boxed up in storage at the moment.

As I understand it, the Jusco exclusives are generally limited to their locations in a particular Japanese city on a particular day. Sometimes it's even a specific store. Like "Be at the store on the corner of 8th and Main on this date, buy a 50 dollar toy, and we'll give you this exclusive Mini-Con TOTALLY FREE."

This is why I gave up trying to chase down all the mini-cons I could. That shit is stupid. Every time I hear someone say that Hasbro should do lucky draws or anything else like that, I want to fucking slap them. It (barely) works in Japan because the entire country is the size of Rhode Island, and you can take a train down to Tokyo to pick shit up if you're a no-lifer.

It's like a BotCon exclusive but without any of the fun.


now it would be something if they made a classic Mirage all in die cast.that would be so illlllll.

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