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Yes. I talked about crack. Sue me!


So I've rethought the attic based on setting the filter in the tank and so forth.

I shall not destroy the G1 shelf but destroy the Energon shelf instead! See. It fits well with bots on each side. When the light is on it'll fill the entire attic with warming love too.

Now Number 6 will be incredibly jealous since I've decided to go with a small tropical community environment instead of goldfish. I'll probably start out and cycle the tank with 3 small long fin zebra danios, then after a few weeks add a small pleco or 2 small grey corydoras or other bottom scavengers. Then probably finish it off with some other hardy basic fish like Tetras or guppies (though they could get out of hand). Well, maybe a couple of ghost shrimp. We'll see how the tank and bio bed handles it once everthing is established. Who knows what'll change my mind between now and then.

But... I could go completely horridly unreal and go with black mollies with the black gravel with black everything else then put in some of those albino corydoras. That'd be practically an abonimation against nature.

And I learned something very important while cleaning up the attic shelves. I can no longer have the "buy one to open, buy one to save" mentality that often plagues toy collectors. There's just not enough room here. I separated out an entire pile of duplicate TF Energon figures. Thank god most of these were bought on clearance or substantially reduced prices. This'd even make a pretty decent lot on Ebay if one needed a wide range of Energon shit. Perhaps. It'd help pay for the aquarium stuff.

I'll probably be fairly picky with my Transformers Cybertron purchases too. There's just not a whole helluva lot of the Galaxy Force stuff that I like so I don't see bothering buying the domestic releases. I'll probably snag a few and the bots always get better as a line matures. Then again, I could probably part with much of my Armada and Energon line to make room for new things.

Collecting-wise I'm pretty much going to focus on Takara G1 releases from Masterforce and Victory and the ever fun to track down Micromasters stuff.

And I've decided to be picky too. I'd rather spend $300 for a mint figure with all accessories and box than spend $100 on 3 figures that may be rare but are missing pieces. You just can't find accessories to figures that were never released in the US. It is just too much of a pain in the ass. Poor Robowang's drama over a domestic released accessory is nothing compared to what it'd be like to track down a piece of a Japanese only figure. Not too mention if it never arrived once you bought it.

Anyway. Life goes on in the world of fishes and plastic crack and attics with too much shit in them.

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