Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase)


Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) (alt mode)

Talk about your pain in the ass figures to find.

But I've acquired him, and that completes the standard and chase Takara Super Spychangers!

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) is the 1976th Transformer that I've acquired.

Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (Chase) (bot mode)

What's funny is how I acquired him.

He was on the score list for Botcon but the few people that did have any of the chase Spychangers didn't have this Counter Arrow.

I figured I'd never find him since I've never even seen him on eBay.

Anyway, I remembered talking to someone about him there but they said they didn't have him in town.

Lo and behold, a few days after the con I got an email sent to The Crack about Counter Arrow here and Rich, who I was talking to at Botcon, had one and was willing to sell it.

So thanks Rich! You've let me complete this little insane niche set!

Now I just need to find the remaining 5 Jusco exclusive Spychangers to go with Jusco Eagle Killer. He needs his team and the non-Jusco ones won't do.

Oh. And speaking of gay robots... damn if those Jusco exclusive Spychangers aren't literally the gayest.


They are like a gay robot car rainbow flag from hell!!!

And of course, I "gotta catch 'em all"!!!

This hobby sucks balls!


C'mon, clear TFs are teh Hotness! I managed to find the Shadow Recon Team from Cybertron at a Walgreens yesterday, and that's everything I wanted from Cybertron. Shadow Reverb is great!

I wish that he was cooler.

Congrats on completing the clear spychangers set & best of luck with acquiring the "team rainbow" spychanger set.

And I agree with Frowny, the Cybertron Shadow Recon Team rocks!!

glad to be of assistance

Congrats on you acquisition in July. I have been trying to find Counter Arrow too. I am trying to complete my Indy Car set (and Mirage set at the same time).

Have you heard of anyone else who may have a counter arrow?


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