In which I am once again falsely told I'm wrong.


Pssst...Mr Awesome...

Normally I would have just deleted your comment but since this is the 5th one like it this week I'll leave it for posterity. Plus, you totally had to go ahead and trigger my annoyance clit didn't you? Just had to rub it this morning didn't you?

I have almost 2000 fucking toys from Japan and the US and I've been into this geek ass shit for a long fucking time.

Do you think I don't know that Blackarachnia's Japanese name is Black Widow?!?!?

And while we're at it, Cheetor is known as Cheetas and Rattrap is known as Rattle. Tarantuala is Tarans and Ravage is X-9 Jaguar!

Dude! If you are going to waste time telling me I'm wrong about something at least bring your A-game! I'd have even settled for your C-game if you hadn't included the "nice try though" line.

Even the ambiguous references for Black Widow on Wikipedia would have provided you with the info you need.

Or if you wish to take your geek to 11, this will help you.


Professor Yana



I'm being a total dick today instead of overlooking the 5th factually incorrect comment like this that has been posted this week.

If I have mistakenly labeled something please reference your sources in your comment. I will accept MLA style references and citations and go so far as to accept the styles of the American Chemical Society and The Royal Society of Chemistry.

And while I may be a dick at this moment, I will gladly acknowledge my mistakes if factually incorrect so don't take it personally. When it comes down to it we all know they're just fucking toys.


Wait, is the guy actually calling himself "Mr. Awesome"?

He is so ripping me off.

Well, while were at it, you did call it Revoltech Optimus Prime once when TECHNICALLY it is Revoltech CONVOY, Mr. has-more-toy-robots-than-I-can-ever-dream-of-owning-unless-I-win-the-lottery-and-start-giving-hand-jobs-for-money.

Oh, wait, I'M the one that calls him Revoltech Optimus Prime. Nevermind.

I'm so jealous that points to you. That's awesome.

It is incredibly important that we never forget the fact that these are just toys.

And speaking of Revoltechs, I completely forgot to snag a Revoltech Megs at the con. One dealer had him down to $22 by Sunday.


It was classy that you didn't even point out that Blackarachnia is all one name. Of course, that would probably be taking the geek to 12. So he's double wrong.

Well I'm probably guilty of splitting that from time to time.

I am also guilty of Tigertron instead of Tigatron too though I'm not sure why.

Heavyarms: Actually, I really try to nail all Takara versions of the figure under the proper Convoy (Ginrai where appropriate) or Beast Convoy names. That's the only way that I can keep track of the shit in the database I have.

Worst internet drama ever.

I'm sure you could find far higher quality drama on MySpace.

I steer clear of drama on myspace ever since I pissed off the local goths.

Now deviantart's resident lipophiles...

lipophile... *snicker*

The thicker the waistband, the deeper the quicksand.

Or so I have read.

This goes beyond mere quicksand.

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