An Instrument of Non-Appearance?

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So if what I'm reading is in fact correct, that Ernie Peytrangelo guy never even showed up for Botcon.

When your 17th tier barely-tied-to-your-event guest doesn't even bother to show up then you know your already pretty lame guest list totally sucks.

How is it that these smaller cons, especially the Canadian ones, seem to always get multiple guests and voice actors but the official Botcon seems to get lackluster ones?

Now mind you, I still think last year's voice actors were fantastic since two of them were brand new for me to listen to.

And new voice actors that have never done the con circuit will always be A-list for me, regardless of which shows they worked on.

But when all is said and done I still think last year's con had a helluva lot more to offer than this year's con did.

And yes, I know having the movie showing and the Hasbro tour were great but those things are not likely to happen again so I've got to compare the cons to previous years.

Hell. Iaconone's guest list from last year was more impressive.

Oh well.

I really only go for the physical crack anyway.

Hey. Does anybody know if there will ever be an IaconTwo???

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